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  1. Who is with me !! Our wrath upon bastard sons of the wretched god unnamed.
  2. Barab


    I have a feeling there will be smaller races. Wasnt there a badger type creature ?
  3. Game on as Dwarves are confirmed. Feel free to look us up come beta or release if you are looking to join a Dwarf based pvp guild My Shadowbane Dwarf
  4. Same as in Shadowbane no biggy love the beard
  5. Barab


    What we dont know yet is if a all Dwarf guild will be viable.
  6. Good points but should ARAC guilds be rewarded more so over guilds operating within the lore of the game ? I guess I just never understood all the time and resources spent creating the lore for a mmorpg yet none of the game mechanics reinforced the lore. What good is the lore, the back story that binds the world created to the gameplay, if it is simple ignored ? Shadowbane moved the needle with the loreplay server and in particular the loreplay server charters I felt. I dont think anyone here is seeking an advantage for lore based guilds and players but in no way should they be punished or at a disadvantage for existing within the paradigm of the lore of the world they play in.
  7. Barab


    Shirt off with chiseled pecs ? Check
  8. Barab


    There was also this quote from a week or so ago from the Raph kostner video "
  9. only thing not accurate here is at the battle of cyrena 300 Dwarven stonemen gave their last breaths to defend the right to be free to ride our machines without being hassled by the Man, and to get loaded and have a good time !!!
  10. Cant sell that my man, Meeting Wolfpack at Gencon that year, entering alpha when trebs were still being dragged around like pets, carving up a small little Dwarven area of influence up in the northern mountains during beta followed by the epic total war on release Death server bought holds the best mmorpg memories I have other than some early EQ Talon Zek days. That shirt represents a time in my gaming life that will never be replicated, the legendary experiences we small band of brethren Dwarves experienced on Aerynth, and is beyond in cost any earthly currency could afford.
  11. My Shadowbane T-Shirt given to me by Wolfpack at the 2001 Gencon in Milwaukee. That evening a few of us were invited by Wolfpack out for pizza, blunts, and some play to bowl. Some dude from Ubi Soft was there as well. Good times and I will never forget how laid back the WP guys were...I like to wear this pantless when I play to crush.
  12. Sinbad where art thou ? The greatest story never told ....
  13. I hope that's a Dwarf on the bottom far right !!!
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