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  1. Reminds me of the time we sacked to the ground a city in Shadowbane only to have a GM restore the city claiming a bug had created a glitch causing it's destruction to occur unnaturally by game mechanics.
  2. Race wars worked on Tallon Zek.. As a long time member of a single player race guild I would love nothing more than to have any game mechanic that allowed us to finally not be penalized for preferring to play as a single race rp/pvp guild that actually followed the lore rules.
  3. remove the telegraphs...it's a crutch not needed
  4. Better buff the Elfs they are going to need it.
  5. If anyone is interested we rebooted our Planetside 2 outfit as it offers some fun epic pvp fighting as well as small skirmishing. We are playing casually on the Server: Emerald - Faction: TR. Stop by our forum and/or seek us out on our steam https://steamcommunity.com/groups/mwh group PS2 is free to play as well as can be found on steam.
  6. Well well look what we have here laddies. If it ain't the ole' beardless pointy ear oath breaking King of the Elfs himself. We would have thought our beards would of fell off before seeing your milk drinking mouth again. If one is planning to play as a pompous pretty pixie waisted elf and in a guild of this sort look no further than the House Lok-ri. By far the most noble and cunning of all the Elf lords and Elf houses to grace any realm.
  7. We've known the ole lad's over at Stone and Steel since Shadowbane Alpha when they were the Champions of Thurin. Last I heard their hold had dug deep under the mountains.
  8. So will this be a rotating series of campaign or pvp rule sets or will multiple different campaigns exist at one time ? Basically will we be going from 3 way (Daoc/GW2) to land control guild pvp (Shadowbane) to FFA (AC Darktide, Darkfall) to God Faction based (EQ Sullen Zek) to Racial Based (EQ Tallon Zek) pvp ? or will there be campaign options such as we can choose between 3 way and FFA ?
  9. From the lore it seems Stoneborn are creations of the earth / mountains as well as wielders of fire and master of forges. I could see it within the range of the lore for a Forgemaster>Mage>Earth-Fire Channeler/Elementalist class to exist. It would be a class based upon support/defensive earth skills along side offensive/support fire skills. It always bothered me in Shadowbane where Dwarfs were born from the earth and made to tend the great fires yet were not masters of either element in game. thoughts ?
  10. Nod, Stoneborn / Dwarf guild. We are still waiting upon the full details of the game world and mechanics to discuss how we are moving forward. We typically average ten to thirty members upon a game's release but have hit sixty plus in some games. In Shadowbane our guild proper was all Dwarf but we had a sub-guild of non Dwarf players so we could compete with the ARACS (All Races All Classes). We are really really hoping a Stoneborn only guild will be viable in Crowfall. In Shadowbane, as we entered beta, we formed the Mithril Alliance with other Dwarf guilds such as Champions of Thurin/Stone and Steel, The Grudge Bearers, The Heavy Foot , and a few others. But as in all things our Dwarf holds and alliance collapsed by the time of release with really only The Mithril Warhammers still standing. Eventually we ended up pairing with an all Centaur guild. Not much more earth shaking the a score of Dwarves and Centaurs descending upon you.
  11. Raph Koaster in that interview "I like the idea of a Smith's Hammer that has the trapped soul of a Dwarven Forgemaster bound within it," made it seem as the if they are.
  12. An earth and fire caster type option would be interesting
  13. Who is with me !! Our wrath upon bastard sons of the wretched god unnamed.
  14. Barab


    I have a feeling there will be smaller races. Wasnt there a badger type creature ?
  15. Game on as Dwarves are confirmed. Feel free to look us up come beta or release if you are looking to join a Dwarf based pvp guild My Shadowbane Dwarf
  16. Same as in Shadowbane no biggy love the beard
  17. Barab


    What we dont know yet is if a all Dwarf guild will be viable.
  18. Good points but should ARAC guilds be rewarded more so over guilds operating within the lore of the game ? I guess I just never understood all the time and resources spent creating the lore for a mmorpg yet none of the game mechanics reinforced the lore. What good is the lore, the back story that binds the world created to the gameplay, if it is simple ignored ? Shadowbane moved the needle with the loreplay server and in particular the loreplay server charters I felt. I dont think anyone here is seeking an advantage for lore based guilds and players but in no way should they be punished or at a disadvantage for existing within the paradigm of the lore of the world they play in.
  19. Barab


    Shirt off with chiseled pecs ? Check
  20. Barab


    There was also this quote from a week or so ago from the Raph kostner video "
  21. only thing not accurate here is at the battle of cyrena 300 Dwarven stonemen gave their last breaths to defend the right to be free to ride our machines without being hassled by the Man, and to get loaded and have a good time !!!
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