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  1. Been testing crafting weapons. Is Weapon Weights broken ? I crafted a common throwing hammer that ended up with a 40 weight ? Not even usable....just a waste.
  2. Barab

    Trade Forum

    Hi Now that we have a full loop in terms of materials being harvested, crafted, and so on could we get a trade forum added as well as trade chat in game?
  3. 1. Why were the racial passive trees removed from way back when ? They aided in a racial commitment and made racial choice more significant. 2. Infected needs to have inventory drop on pvp if your going to have r6+ nodes. No one should be able to farm green+ mats and access harvest souls without risk. Remove motherlodes from any realm without risk. 3. Leveling green+ vessels in God's reach/infected. Similar to my #2 groups mass level their advance vessels going afk with no risk of being rolled. Gods Reach/Infected is for new players to learn the ropes not for advanced guilds to carebear farm and level crafted vessels in peace.
  4. We have been working on non traditional Stoneborn classes. Here McTan (Radical Cleric) and I (Arbiter Cleric) run into a 2v2 in the infected vs a Confessor and Myrm. I totally spaced casting Purgative to purge bleeds and missed with holy symbol knock down a few times but if Hands of the Gods root was working none of my mistakes would have mattered in the outcome. If anyone is solo out there looking to explore unique Stoneborn builds (Archer Knights/Myrms/Champs, DPS Clerics, Healing/Support Knights) or just has general interest in playing Stoneborn please reach out to Mctan or I.
  5. It's a flaw in discipline design if a large majority of dps classes all chose the same one discipline.
  6. AS well as Clerics Hand of God not rooting players Freeze Recruit Freeze rooting players off the Knight's Noble Blood is not rooting players either.
  7. Hand of God's root isnt working currently on test.
  8. Cleric's Hand of God is not rooting players
  9. Thegn Haggstrom What you are seeking, fairness, will never exist in Crowfall. Smaller guilds need to be smarter, better organized, and set clear objectives that can be met in game. Any cap on guild size will always be gamed by larger guilds. Stay strong, make friends, and take your victories where you can and for every time you get knocked down by a larger forces of players dust yourself off and get back into the arena. The average gamer will always seek out larger guilds because they feel it makes them safer in the game world whereas in realty it only masks their own individual weakness. Remember we fight, that is how we win, and that is how we die. Lo, There do I see my Father Lo, There do I see my Mother and My Brothers and my Sisters Lo, There do I see the line of my people back to the begining Lo, They do call to me They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla Where thine enemies have been vanquished Where the brave shall live Forever Nor shall we mourn but rejoice for those that have died the glorious death
  10. we have been asking for a while....
  11. Barab

    I've been thinking...

    Still wondering why the CC tree doesn't gain access to the tower shield.
  12. How hard and/or time spent would it be to add some QoL testing mechanics such as 1. Shared banks between accounts / guilds ? 2. Alliance mechanic - caps are fine, friendly fire in the dregs between guilds sure leave it in, but something that would allow allied guilds to enter the host guilds fort / keep. Also regarding the cards would love to see some alliance card objectives. Especially with the player population per guild/alliance mechanic having weighted scores.
  13. Could we get a friendly guild / individual list added to forts, keeps etc for the owning guild so as not be blasted by our friend's fort guards ?
  14. Not being able to free build is a huge downer, it's a shallow system, and sucks.
  15. Would love to see the stats on the number of stealthers being played in the dregs. I just took a Dregs DNA test , turns out's it's 100% stealthfall (still).
  16. Barab

    I've been thinking...

    You must be new around here white boy.
  17. Barab

    I've been thinking...

    I would love to see a heal spec knight or a cc/heal hybrid spec.
  18. Why is cleric damage fire and not holy ? Can we change it to holy ?
  19. We have been producing regular articles on game play from AD&D to past MMOs. Our most current one is on what we liked and didnt like on Shadowbane http://mithrilwarhammers.com/2020/04/01/nostalgia-train-shadowbane/?unapproved=13280&moderation-hash=c73733f24de9e3cc4896138cd7b0e14c#comment-13280
  20. Cleric res is acting weird 1. Res characters are invisible to recent res'd player sometimes 2. If a mob corpse is on dead player res doesnt activate on player 3. Sometimes res doesnt go off....not sure if there is an invisible timer on player dead or not.
  21. Is Illusionist Invisibility suppose to like like this after moving in stealth ? What is invisibility drain ?
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