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  1. Spot on .. I test the Myrm, without bow, because it's a challenge as reflected in Makkon's descriptions of the Myrm's limitations. My suggestions - Berzerker- increase the timer to really reflect eight seconds plus add in the juggernauts anti cc mechanic during the zerk timer. Myrm's already have to react to the crash as well as making sure taste of blood etc has procced. With opponent cc, which is endless, interrupting the crash as well as the Myrm's multiple other requirements to break the crash something has to give. As it is now Myrm's are forced to take juggernaut disc just to be able to use a core mechanic. Not sure any other class is so major disc dependent. - LMB is the prime dps as Making describes. Berzerker should have an increase dps component. This would also need to be balance vs the half Giants Blood of the giant skill. When I think of zerkers I see slayers who not only soak damage but also increase their damage output. - Bloodied Swipe and it's follow ups feel the weakest on the tray. To aid mobility I would suggest the Bloodied Swipe provide a speed movement buff applied to Myrm. At the very least at a snare component to the gore follow up. - Not sure how I feel on the all the other tanks having heals. Perhaps a disc for Myrm only, a passive, that allows for applied bleeds to proc a small self heal dot. As a side note, without changes, the vast majority of Myrm's will be Half Giants due to the advantage of blood of the giant being able to prevent crashing as well. Kinda like everyone playing centaur champs ?
  2. Barab

    Noob Myrm

    This is what I run, needle in a haystack can drop an Archer to 50% quickly
  3. I just checked on a brand new myrm, my bull rush is at a 30 second cool down. Good chance a skill you had passively trained is increasing, not decreasing, certain cool downs.
  4. How long must my brothers wait to start testing the Stoneborn @jtoddcoleman ? Whatever price or cost to speed our production up name it and it shall be met. There is nothing more loyal nor unforgiving as the Son's of Gaea. Our slumber among the rocks and earth have been long and ever relentless.
  5. its the you run away and hide build once big bad champions come near
  6. is there any point of using higher t5 to t9 mats for armor or weapons ?
  7. Because of the fail rate, amount of time gathering etc,,,,I was stock piling till 5.4 and when my crafting skils were unlocked to build via bar stats.
  8. Barab

    Crossbows ?

    Makes you think they may have been created already. I just have a hard time using an elf toothpick with yarn to launch arrows.
  9. Barab

    Crossbows ?

    Are we getting crossbows or no ? I will throw down thousands of bones or clams or whatever you call them to get my hands on a nice big crossbow.
  10. Thing is, one would hope you would see 15 or 20 or even 3 enemies coming. Ive always felt WoW stealth is a broken mechanic in pvp. There should be a huge costs to be able "turn invisible". Albion Online had stealth in pvp right. Short range stealth on a limited timer. Regardless we are mentally prepared for stealthfall.
  11. I know one race with an active power that would counter all this toxic poison assassin chitty chat.
  12. Stealth is worse than CC in a pvp mmorpg in terms of balancing. No way a stealther should be as fast as their out of stealth targets. Just my opinion is all....and right now in my limited time testing the assassin's movement under stealth feels too fast.
  13. slow down that stealth, movement feels too fast in stealth
  14. @Yumx No looting during combat brah !!
  15. Pure melee with only one tray should be buffed, either increase dps, extra ability slots, or just give everyone access to a 2nd try beyond survival. Other than what few skills I can slot in survival the majority of other classes with dual trays, in addition to survival, have access to far more abilities.
  16. Champion and Myrms are at a huge disadvantage right now. 1- Buggy dps skills (rend, zerk, net etc) 2- Pure melee stuck at only one skill tray vs classes with duel range or range/melee trays 3- FoTM easy bow kiting very mobile with lots of cc classes 4- Somewhat gear dependent Anyway take your lumps now and learn from it is my suggestion. Leap is your friend, always be hitting your ultimate warrior, and find a pocket healer is my advice.
  17. I was telling Obs back when we were forming up as an alliance for Albion Online how much LoD and himself meant to us Dwarves from our two month non stop fight back on Death Server in Shadowbane. Our entire hold sends our condolences. Obs was always there to speak up for the Mithril Warhammers in support over the years and games when he didnt have to and when other guild leaders, especially enemies in the past, would have never bothered. We will meet again in Valhalla Lord Obs.
  18. I thought Albion Online's system of combining in game experience with passive training worked well. Basically a skill would need 50% of it's bar filled with in game experience then the last 50% could be filled with the timed passive experience earned at a set rate per hour. If you had non used timed experience saved once you hit the 50% mark on the skill you could unlock it immediately.
  19. Also maybe allow us to have a debuff widget we can move around the UI ?
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