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  1. Champion and Myrms are at a huge disadvantage right now.

    1- Buggy dps skills (rend, zerk, net etc)

    2- Pure melee stuck at only one skill tray vs classes with duel range or range/melee trays 

    3- FoTM easy bow kiting very mobile with lots of cc classes 

    4- Somewhat gear dependent 

    Anyway take your lumps now and learn from it is my suggestion. Leap is your friend, always be hitting your ultimate warrior, and find a pocket healer is my advice.  

  2. I was telling Obs back when we were forming up as an alliance for Albion Online how much LoD and himself meant to us Dwarves from our two month non stop fight back on Death Server in Shadowbane. Our entire hold sends our condolences.

    Obs was always there to speak up for the Mithril Warhammers in support over the years and games when he didnt have to and when other guild leaders, especially enemies in the past, would have never bothered.

    We will meet again in Valhalla Lord Obs. 



  3. I thought Albion Online's system of combining in game experience with passive training worked well. Basically a skill would need 50% of it's bar filled with in game experience then the last 50% could be filled with the timed passive experience earned at a set rate per hour. If you had non used timed experience saved once you hit the 50% mark on the skill you could unlock it immediately.

  4. 18 minutes ago, coolster50 said:

    Chaos knocked the Tree off, so they won the siege. Order just came back and replanted it :P


    After Chaos wiped Order the siege was officially called by the devs. Lag spikes kept Chaos from reaching the TOL. Once people started logging the few of us left started spirit banking items. The spike dropped to normal so whoever was left of Chaos, mostly weaponless, went onto the TOL room we were slayed the Order guards and the Order TOL as the reaming Order attempted to defend. 

  5. Order, we are aware of your underground resistance. You
    are fallen let do not recognize the shadows infinitely choking your lifeforce. Let us cleanse this world
    of the lies that infest it and your Gods. We will march upon the skulls of your dead.

    Cast aside your mask and see yourself for what you really are, a life
    full of Spectors, lies, falsehoods and transparencies. Take the knee to your new Chaos Overlords.
    if you survive you will live under the star of the new shadow lords.


  6. On ‎12‎/‎31‎/‎2017 at 4:49 PM, Jjohnsin said:

    I got my massive cleave to hit for 2.2k, plus 350-450 hits on whirlwind, plus a 1.3k C power. Quick maths puts that output to about 6800. Realistically I'd be hitting for like closer to 5000 in the combo but still really nice damage output solo buffed. I never use Rend, too buggy. 

    Getting someone in a C power and hurlbat makes it really hard to run away actually, unless its wood-elf/nethari. 

    And iirc at least massive cleave and whirlwind are AoE still. At least they can AoE the target dummies, but there are only 3 of them so idk? 

    I'm by far not dominant at champion lol. just theorycraft builds for fun and this one seems to be able to output a large amount of damage...assuming you can connect with it of course! I'll look for some clips of mine!

    EK target dummies don't count buddie. Looking forward to seeing those clips of you dropping someone in a real fight with a rotation of 6,800 damage in 5.3+ Pre Alpha. 

  7. 3 hours ago, Drakonil said:

    I don't have anything against the suggestion ... but have you actually read the lore of the ranger:

    "[...]A few of them, we save. Most we put to the sword, or feed to the fire. If that’s the only way to save them from the Hunger, we burn them and shed not one tear of regret. To be blunt, most men haven’t the stones for it.  [...]"

    In comparison:

    As far as I see they have nothing to do with protecting mother nature or have a link with it... they rather are the people who do have to do the dirty work, those who clean up after a world dies... :D

    I can gaurentee the Stoneborn have the stones "for it".

  8. If a giant cow can be a ranger let's throw us Stoneborn a bone. A range scout with limited stealth would complete our racial Stoneborn guild's handicap vs range and more importantly stealth. 

    The oldest race made of raw earth and living tree, with skin of living stone and beards of twisted vines and earthen roots has more in tuned with the earth and forest than any other current race able to play as a ranger.

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