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  1. 3 hours ago, Drakonil said:

    I don't have anything against the suggestion ... but have you actually read the lore of the ranger:

    "[...]A few of them, we save. Most we put to the sword, or feed to the fire. If that’s the only way to save them from the Hunger, we burn them and shed not one tear of regret. To be blunt, most men haven’t the stones for it.  [...]"

    In comparison:

    As far as I see they have nothing to do with protecting mother nature or have a link with it... they rather are the people who do have to do the dirty work, those who clean up after a world dies... :D

    I can gaurentee the Stoneborn have the stones "for it".

  2. If a giant cow can be a ranger let's throw us Stoneborn a bone. A range scout with limited stealth would complete our racial Stoneborn guild's handicap vs range and more importantly stealth. 

    The oldest race made of raw earth and living tree, with skin of living stone and beards of twisted vines and earthen roots has more in tuned with the earth and forest than any other current race able to play as a ranger.

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