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  1. Champion and Myrms are at a huge disadvantage right now. 1- Buggy dps skills (rend, zerk, net etc) 2- Pure melee stuck at only one skill tray vs classes with duel range or range/melee trays 3- FoTM easy bow kiting very mobile with lots of cc classes 4- Somewhat gear dependent Anyway take your lumps now and learn from it is my suggestion. Leap is your friend, always be hitting your ultimate warrior, and find a pocket healer is my advice.
  2. I was telling Obs back when we were forming up as an alliance for Albion Online how much LoD and himself meant to us Dwarves from our two month non stop fight back on Death Server in Shadowbane. Our entire hold sends our condolences. Obs was always there to speak up for the Mithril Warhammers in support over the years and games when he didnt have to and when other guild leaders, especially enemies in the past, would have never bothered. We will meet again in Valhalla Lord Obs.
  3. I thought Albion Online's system of combining in game experience with passive training worked well. Basically a skill would need 50% of it's bar filled with in game experience then the last 50% could be filled with the timed passive experience earned at a set rate per hour. If you had non used timed experience saved once you hit the 50% mark on the skill you could unlock it immediately.
  4. Also maybe allow us to have a debuff widget we can move around the UI ?
  5. I would be fine with the shadowbane arrow on bounty hunter minus the names/guild list box popping up.
  6. EK target dummies don't count buddie. Looking forward to seeing those clips of you dropping someone in a real fight with a rotation of 6,800 damage in 5.3+ Pre Alpha.
  7. We will get a few more thousand variants of elf classes, elf skills, elf equipment, and elf lore releases before we get to test the Stoneborn. Pretty beardless soft hand pew pewing elf archetypes sell better to the masses than hardened gritty bearded hammer wielding six pack abs of stone Dwarves.
  8. Where are people asking for hard core friendly fire ? I would like to test at least limited friendly fire. Things I would like to test 1. FF on AEs 2. FF outside group 3. FF on some cc, be it range, ae, or all forms My biggest concern, besides larger group fighting being a slide show, is the range turtle cc fights we are seeing now becoming the norm.
  9. I can gaurentee the Stoneborn have the stones "for it".
  10. If a giant cow can be a ranger let's throw us Stoneborn a bone. A range scout with limited stealth would complete our racial Stoneborn guild's handicap vs range and more importantly stealth. The oldest race made of raw earth and living tree, with skin of living stone and beards of twisted vines and earthen roots has more in tuned with the earth and forest than any other current race able to play as a ranger.
  11. only date I care about is the date we will be able to test stoneborn crushing the poorly made socks out everything that moves...
  12. Slay anything without a beard, to the death !!
  13. proximity chat in a mmorpg would kill me
  14. Shorten the arms, lower the height to what we expect Dwarves to be. If Crowfall is going to have 1 zillion legolas elves running around then at least do this right. Love the beard though cant wait to see it in amination
  15. when can see the new races in testing @jtoddcoleman ?
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