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  1. Visual only clues are great , works the same in Albion online with little complaint s...not like you can't view name of mat in inventory.
  2. Ah your all cool with us as well just cant say I wont stab you in the crotch though.
  3. Just curious what games have you played that had FF ? Not saying what you described doesnt occur but from my experience it isnt the norm. Especially so in a guild based game.
  4. You must of not played Darkfall which had full friendly fire. Just have some aspect of FF in the Dregs at least please.
  5. ya that fight in the courtyard was fun
  6. You guys said since its 50 / 50 it's acceptable to end up one way or the other on combo cost but why can't we have both ? Such as some combos are up front cost and others as you activate pay ? Why does it have to be all or nothing ? Edit - just to state it , we as well prefer cost per activate on skill not front loaded. In fact I don't know one tester who prefers this front loaded mechanic. But if there can be a compromise let's hear it. Any chance of a toggle to give players choice ?
  7. Like your guys style and good so see some fresh names in here.
  8. Barab

    Mr Robot

    best show on TV
  9. I think we can do better than some pet siege based support class.
  10. ya the one map I played most of my deaths were to tanks
  11. Someone remind me why I would want a stronghold again ? i havent paid any attention to EK's as I only really care about the pvp.
  12. if anyone is looking for people to play with Mithril Warhammrs have a small band going. McTan, Miraluna, and I so far and a few others. Just pm me if interested.
  13. Anyone have a free key they are not usuaing ? I wouldnt mind checking out the beta coming up.
  14. I am down for a lore based faction server where players can keep their vessels on said server even after destruction or perhaps keep the server perminant.
  15. One solutuion, since Artcraft stated they can make any rule system per server if there is a demand, is to create a faction lore base server, say three factions, where players do not lose their vessels either by by being looted or destruction nor lose the vessel on the servers destruction or perhaps just have a sever that doesnt end.
  16. Shadowbane gave players and guilds the ability to forge the game world with freedom, repercussions for behavior, reasons to fight, and a sense of purpose with self owned cities that could be sacked. There was true loss, great character building, and resources worth dying over. The history of nation / guild warfare, per server, all player made would have made a good book or movie.
  17. Had fun testing it this weekend, come find me and try to pvp me on pompero server
  18. Yes lets add mobility to a range dps that can pop off 16k to 20k long range snipes.
  19. I lightly sprint and sometimes run at full speed with a few back flips drawing back 50 lbs on my bow all the time in real life all the while with perfect aim. .
  20. I am a little surprised by the misunderstandings of the newer pledgers. More than once I've seen new players log in to hunger dome for the first time believing this is "the game"
  21. Ya not sure how I feel about an "Engineer" "defensive" "pet" class for an archetype I am really excited about. The WAR Engineer class was a great class just not my style of play.
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