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  1. What am I missing ? Combat has come a long way since the fall. When I log into test I have fun. I know its not where it needs to be yet but its fun now. I only see it getting better.
  2. Good work tinnis, in the heat of battle, I didnt notice anything. Whatever was happening it was interesting but I think your on to something with the immune CC theory.
  3. It's interesting, I am wondering if last word and ironwood absorb the hunger damage. Is hunger damage physical ? I feel that after the last death in hunger dome, as the match ends, hunger damage stops perhaps ? I don't know ...regardless of outcome the large middle fight was a good time.
  4. https://youtu.be/XrS11QNcICc Neat fight to watch on 6/24/16 PM hunger dome. Had a three to four group fight there outside the keep. I was told I was glitched at the end with hunger. Someone take a look and see at what point the glitch started or what skill may have glitched it. Maybe it had something to do with the buff last words. I know I was taking hunger damage up till close to the very end. Perhaps Ironwood Body aids vs hunger, or something with natures grace / natures bond glitched hunger right at the very very end. /shrug...either way it was a very fun fight.
  5. Forgemaster, give us something , anything, dying over here,
  6. If you see the minos go into berserk mode wouldnt it just be best to avoid damaging him and just flee ?
  7. You think the tears are flowing from the knights now just want for when the mobile pew pew legolas want to be sniping and kiting rangers get a glimpse of this.
  8. Nod, I thought they said somewhere no pet classes but could be wrong. From the early KS vids of the Forgemaster it seem to be a melee with short range ae dps / knockdown with medium to short range attack with the hammer but I know were a long away off from those days.
  9. You jerks had me excited as in there was new info. Whatever the forgemaster becomes it better be bad ass or there will be grudges written in blood.
  10. Barab

    SB lorematers

    I thought I smelt some sand elf Orc lovers around here. Jha, bho sutat Nhara Nkoth Virakt!
  11. another 28 to 30 m hurlbat death http://youtu.be/sqBn2s3VFDA
  12. The danger here is turning Crowfall into Rangefall where everyone plays the mobile range dps with snare and hide because playing anything else is just too gimp. Everyone knows the Ranger range tray needs love.
  13. The mass generalization that shadowbane players are anti-twitch is ridiculous. Please link the quotes form the so called legion of shadowbane vets complaining during the KS vids that the game appeared too twitchy. The #1 complaint I read was removing that telegraph Wildstar style crap.
  14. Dwarves vs elfs would be great. Dwarves vs everyone would be even better.
  15. If Rangers and Confessors become mobile range dps then tone down their escape abilities.
  16. Not as impressive but I had a solid Tornado kill last night as well https://youtu.be/J26_w8LtnmA
  17. Barab

    Gloria Victis

    thanks Courant I couldnt find anything like a list of skills or abilities. Are there any ? Also can small group own territory and build ?
  18. Barab

    Gloria Victis

    so this is releasing on steam tomorrow, any opinions from those testing it ?
  19. I remember my first time being an alpha tester in a mmorpg
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