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  1. only date I care about is the date we will be able to test stoneborn crushing the poorly made socks out everything that moves...
  2. Slay anything without a beard, to the death !!
  3. proximity chat in a mmorpg would kill me
  4. Shorten the arms, lower the height to what we expect Dwarves to be. If Crowfall is going to have 1 zillion legolas elves running around then at least do this right. Love the beard though cant wait to see it in amination
  5. when can see the new races in testing @jtoddcoleman ?
  6. Gearing up for Albion Online fine beta wipe and test on March 13th. If anyone needs a guild holler as we are heading to the full pvp black zone.
  7. If that's your love then I want no part No but for reals from the outside Sugoi has been nothing short of impressive going back to the beginning of pre alpha. Looking forward to fighting against you in the future and release.
  8. I hear ya, this concern is not new to us. Typically our organization, experience of doing this for 20 years, and not fearing defeat overcomes most obstacles ARAC guilds do not have to confront. One of the most disappointing aspects in mmorpgs over the years is that the games are based upon the lore of the game world yet rarely if ever enforced or provide rule sets to encourage players and guilds to exists within said game lore. Why spend money, time, and create the belief in a lore system for your game if you do nothing to bring it to life within the rules of the game universe for which
  9. Brother McTan mentioned he reached out to you. Just wanting to say hello and thank you for showing interest in fighting with us.
  10. Bunch of us playing playing under a Dwarf charter on the new lore shadowbane emu server magicbane.com PM me if interested. Server runs smooth with constant pvp. We are the only Dwarf charter in the world. Tree of life just hit 5 in our city.
  11. Two questions, pfo has meaningful PvP ? And why would you sub to another guild when were just in pre alpha ?
  12. Brethren were laying low as we dont want to burn out, having been in alpha well over a year, we may show back up with the Templar. PM me for our discord info. Dotfix were are 100% going to be hitting up Albion with the next version with the wipe, you are welcome to join us, I will reach out to the other guilds we fight with or against closer to next version release in beta.
  13. I still have nightmares on being caught solo out in the frozen tundra sandwiched between DOM sisters killing me by 1000 cuts. Some of the best fighting in a pvp mmorpg over those few months we have ever had.
  14. how do you seperate yourself from the real FoE ? http://www.fistoftheempire.org/
  15. Fist in the air to all the future Forge Masters waiting for our awakening. To all those self proclaimed hard core elite guild members out there hard crashing to avoid losing your precious pixels I am not going to name you out but you know who you are. Cowards..... Big shout out to that five duelist unguided gank squad roaming around last night. Had some fun fights with y'alls.
  16. Ah your all cool with us as well just cant say I wont stab you in the crotch though.
  17. I am confused here. LoD started at release on Death as did we. I know because we fought for two months straight 24/7 on that small little land mass of ice to the bloody end. Are you counting SB beta or is there something I am missing ?
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