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  1. I love the Winter Night (and all of them). It's the wrenched and yielding nature speaking. The scale of events is leaving the vessels as they are: mere tools for crows to steal and scavenge and for the hunger to harvest.
  2. Using tech made by others (Vivox) while making tech for others to use (ArtCraft Technologies). So, I think this update was more than just about "better chat window". And perfectly in line with other updates this week.
  3. Like building with LEGOs or in Minecraft, in the sense that some people will be spending endless hours to customize and polish. Would it be possible to implement land shaping of some level?
  4. I'm sure this dynamic will be a wonderful narrative force for the world and the game. Great job! Can't wait!
  5. 5.6 (Vassals) will soon hit LIVE! Want to be a part of something eternal from the beginning? Come to BM discord and say hi.
  6. Just come to our Discord and hang out with us to see if Black Market is what you have been looking for.
  7. Joined this small but friendly and growing guild. Worth checking out!
  8. Already got enough contacts and got many great guilds to choose from! Thank you all! Hello everyone and greetings from snowy Finland. I've been following the development of Crowfall 1,5 years. Now looking for a casual but mature EU-guild with interest in learning and enjoying the game without strict activity requirements. Region: EU Casual/Hardcore?: Casual (with some interest in deeper understanding) Size: Not too "industrial" Play-Style: I will focus on crafting Faction: Balance (really no preference) Commitment: 2-4 days a week (my IRL work takes al
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