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  1. You really don't need that failure 2-5% to exist for crafting to be high stakes. The discrepancy in value between a top tier high experiment roll weapon and a successfully crafted low tier weapon is still a real thing, and there's really no reason to even add the failure chance on final product assembly. I don't mind failures as far as upgrades go, as they devalue the item, but wasting all the materials without even seeing the final product is merely depressing and demotivating.
  2. Yeah, it's one of the most wonderful testing environments for any Alpha state game I've ever been in, and I've tested my fair share of MMOs at this point in their development. I'm just mind-blown.
  3. The mildly annoying part of this post is the assumption that I don't want the game's premise to be realized: a pure PvP experience in an ever-evolving MMORPG setting. I'm not asking for a grace period on release, we just need one for the sake of this testing if we're to even touch on crafting. I have no doubts that on the game's release it'll be easy to come by other people to group with in order to gather resources; whether we're talking EVE-like strategies where you swarm the better geared players with a ton of lesser geared ones, or established guilds vying for control of strategic spots I
  4. All the "THIS IS A PURE PVP GAME GTFO" crowd needs to take a step back and get the point people are trying to get across: it may be a PvP game, but most people getting into it right now try to mess around with the crafting system to understand some of the basic UI. As they learn how gathering/crafting works, LeetskillMinotaur883 accompanied by MegaproCaptain001 killing them and resetting all their character progress. People aren't saying they don't want PvP, they just want the option in this pre-Alpha testing phase to disable PvP to explore the environment and the world until they're rea
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