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    Celebrochan got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Crafting Master List   
    And My Axe!
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    Celebrochan reacted to Gaulwa in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    This has me very worried.
    VIP still need to login at odds hours to change skills once they complete or face gaps without progression. And this is even worse for non-VIP.
    I hate that system, and this is not what I signed for if you pardon the expression. I thought this offline progression system was to allow casual players to remain competitive and to have the whole playerbase progress as a similar pace.
    Forcing players to log it at 6am then 3pm while we need sleep, have jobs, or familly is rubbish.
    In comparison, EvE online, considered a very hardcore game, introduced since 2009 a 24-hours queue system (any skill can be queued after another skill, as long as the second one starts within 24 hours.) For subscribers, the queue is limited to 50 skills, which can go up to 10 years. (the queue will be cancelled if subscription runs out.)
    It seemed to me that Crowfall wanted to cater to many audiences, and not purely extreme hardcore players. When I saw that Campaign worlds had faction PvP, Guild PvP, FFA and other rulesets, I thought this was developped with the mindset of allowing all sorts of players to enjoy parts of the game.
    What I expect from Crowfall, is to allow free players to fully train current skill and queue 1 extra skill. Having the 24 hours limit like EvE is annoying but acceptable if I can plan my holidays carefully and have at least one long skill in training.
    For VIP, I expect a full queue system where I can plan all my skills. Could be something as simple as pointing one skill in the tree and let the game automatically find the shortest way to that skill, or a full system like EvE where people can select each skill and each pip they want to queue.
    I understand you want to encourage everyone to pay for VIP by making this system as annoying as possible for free players, and it might work... yes... but I feel this is also a big risk to alienate your playerbase.

    Have you considered a companion app to train and switch skills?
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    Celebrochan reacted to Duffy in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    Then just admit it's really a sub game with 'purchased' base gimped accounts ala EVE's current scheme. I don't care I'll still pay a sub, but it'll head off the all the flak and hate your going to get when players realize you tried to bait and switch them. The majority that will one day start playing this game do not follow all this as closely as the people hanging out on this forum and they will not like it.
    If it's trivial then why force it? What is gained from making the player login every X hours? The answer is nothing, but you can charge them so they only have to login X/2 hours and that's value!
    There's better philosophies for adding positive convenience value to VIP. While maybe not applicable something like adding extra 'character' slots (essentially the equivalent of a whole new account) to an existing account a bit cheaper than buying a new account is convenience with some trade off (can't log both in at the same time). That's the sort of philosophy to aim for, making it easier to do things people were already going to do anyways with some room for trade offs for the value.
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    Celebrochan reacted to Svenn in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    As someone who plans to always have VIP active as long as I'm playing and won't even be negatively affected by it... I think this queuing idea is awful. Don't do this to the non-subscriber players. It will only push people away.
    I like the ideas of giving non-VIP players some queuing (even if it's only a pip or two) and giving VIP players MORE queuing. But forcing people to have to log in every 14 hours to keep up unless they pay is only going to make people angry. 
    As someone else pointed out... the whole point of the passive training system was so people wouldn't fall behind or have to play a certain amount to keep up. Making it so they have to log in every 14 hours or whatever just to queue up the next skill or fall behind goes completely against this system.
    It very much feels like a punishment instead of a convenience thing.
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    Celebrochan reacted to Destrin in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    To echo pretty much everyone in this thread....
    Having non-vip log in 5 times to cap one node is pretty annoying IMO. No it is not a major nerf to people with multiple accounts, just annoying. I thought the whole point of having the passive skill training was so that we didn't need to log on twice a day to stay competitive in the power curve?  IMO the non-vip system should work the way it does now.  The node will cap (all 5 pips) but will not queue the next skill in the tree that you want.  VIP should be able to chose the next skill you want to train in the tree after the current one has been capped.
    ACE you once again took something that could be super simple and made it hassle and far more complicated than it needs to be. 
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    Celebrochan reacted to BarriaKarl in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    I dont think it is a smart move to force players to get VIP to avoid being punished. That is the kind of thing that kill games.
    Non-VIPs should be considered the target audience while VIPs are those that cough some money for convenience. If you are gonna gimp all non-VIPs they should just go Premium and use a subscription model instead of mistreating non-VIPs.
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    Celebrochan reacted to Duffy in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    If it's trivial or unimportant then why bother doing it or forcing it in the first place? Clearly they think it has significant added value otherwise they wouldn't charge for it, but in the end it's nickel and diming players to avoid 'wasting' their time. Not respecting players time is a huge red flag to lots of players out there. That's a very bad place to start your business logic from. But if you're trying to get the 'buy once' crowd this is defiantly going to drive some portion of them away and for what tangible gain to the game or the devs?
    Transparency: I personally have something like 10 years of VIP so it's not going to affect me at all.
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    Celebrochan reacted to jokeassjason in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    I really think non vip should be 4-5 pips and vip should be 10. 
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    Celebrochan reacted to Anthrage in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    It's clear, blatant and blind greed, pure and simple. It does absolutely nothing but drive VIP sales.
    As I said, I will have VIP, but imagine those who don't, or if I did not. I work 10 hour shifts, I spent 3 to 4 hours a day traveling. I sleep, I have a life outside Crowfall. Sometimes I go away for a couple days...anyone who does those things is going to retard the so-called passive training system (it is no longer passive BTW with this requirement) considerably. With all of the different 14-hour cycle offsets, over all of the skills, this is a considerable amount of having to micro-manage the queuing. Forget real life, you're going to need to do this in game, on campaign, in combat, at 5 times the frequency you do now. Again, I am honestly shocked and flabbergasted - as I was reading the News item my mouth dropped open.
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    Celebrochan reacted to Anthrage in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    I'm just going to come out and say it - the lack of non-VIP queuing, forcing people to log in every 14 hours or waste training time, is quite possibly one of the most vile, disgusting and disappointing things I've seen in over 40 years of gaming and software use, and this in a universe where Microsoft exists. It won't impact me at all as I will have VIP, but the fact this is being done to anyone who buys this game almost makes we want to boycott it. Absolutely gross decision on ACE's part, I'm quite simply astonished.
    "For non-VIP players, there is no “queueing system”, so you’ll want to log into the lobby and adjust your skill trains between “dings”.
    For VIP members, skills will continue to train after earning any pip, up to the maximum of five pips for the selected skill.
    Example: A VIP player can start a skill training at zero pips and three days later it will hit five pips automatically. A non-VIP player can achieve the exact same result in the same period of time, but they will need to login five times during that period – once every 14 hours"
    As for the pip system in general, like many of CF's mechanics, it artificially introduces PITA complexity for dubious reasons and minimal payoff. The idea that this is being done so people can better feel their advancement is ludicrous, given the consequences. Stunning really.
    Last bit of criticism on these revelations - those not criticized are positive by default - the iconography for the skill nodes does not, in my opinion, do what it is intended to do. The difference between a horizontal hexagon and a vertical hexagon is one that will for those who require the indicator mostly likely also require checking a reference for recalling the difference between the two. My genuine feeling here from a design and goal-meeting perspective is that it would be much more effective to use different shapes entirely.
    Sorry to sound harsh and overly negative, but damn, these are some questionable decisions and without honest feedback, I'm not sure you'll know it.
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    Celebrochan reacted to Duffy in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    The idea that forcing people to login on some designed schedule to adjust skills has some sort of value besides purposely wasting a player's time is pretty ridiculous. Punitive design almost always fail to curb a behavior or generate a positive outcome, it just creates animosity. 
    Worrying about trying to hamper multi account people is pointless. It's a much more inefficient version of just straight up having more people. If your not concerned about hampering groups working together you shouldn't worry about a single player trying to use multiple accounts. It's a waste of energy and good will.
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    Celebrochan reacted to srathor in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    The Vip to advance to 5 thing is asinine. The rest of the info is fine. Skill queuing should be a convenience item, not something to avoid a stupid time wasting punishment.
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    Celebrochan reacted to Grimmel in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    Sincere feedback - I absolutely hate the requirement to log in immediately after each "ding" to get the training clock going again.  
    This system is one of "punishment avoidance" not "achievement celebration."
    A specific problem is that if you are away from your computer for a few days at a time now and then (vacation, business trip), and not around for the "ding", you have to wait days to get the training ticker going again.
    And any "dings" that occur during the workday or in the middle of the night mean no forward progress for numerous hours at a stretch.
    Yes, you can do the "start longer training cycle and then swap back trick" to mitigate the losses somewhat.
    I find it to be a frustrating game play mechanic.
    Provide the ability to queue up training tasks and my issue is resolved.  
    It seems weak to be pushing VIP to make the game experience less painful as opposed to more fun.
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    Celebrochan reacted to BarriaKarl in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    For non-VIP players, there is no “queueing system”, so you’ll want to log into the lobby and adjust your skill trains between “dings”.
    ^This seems like a pain for non-VIPs. Like a really big PITA.
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    Celebrochan reacted to Durenthal in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    I have VIP on all my accounts, so this doesn't affect me, but making non-VIP login 5 times per skill to keep up training is pretty evil.  For low tier skills, that's an awful lot of micromanagement.  I was hoping to see VIP have benefits (like queuing up the next skill, and an offline phone app to set training) rather than seeing non-VIP punished.
    The skill wipe coming with race/class changes "in a few months" is disappointing on two fronts.  I was hoping for no skill wipe until the one that marks soft-launch.  And I was thinking we'd see the race/class changes sooner than "in a few months."  I am very much looking forward to the revamped skill system for classes, at least.
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    Celebrochan reacted to Duffy in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    That tidbit about the difference between VIP and non VIP is incredibly disappointing and meh, I hope whatever else they have in store for VIP isn't as casual a slap to non-VIP and is seen as a useful perk to VIP.
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    Celebrochan reacted to Teufel in Skill mechanics - Official discussion thread   
    Oh good the Pips are part of the passive skill training design, not more Pips for actual in game skills.  I was worried all classes went to Pips.
    When we log in every day, but have spans of 2+ days where we never see a skill increase on even 1 Pip, do you feel the system is working as intended.  Personally I think the scale should be 2/3 of the current training time for rank 1-5 skills.
    This has me concerned, but I will hold off on judging it until actually playing around with it.  Currently you can let a 30 day skill run its course, under the new skill system I would have to login 4 additional times over 30 days in order to complete the skill.  This is NOT the type of skill queuing most of us were looking for (well at least not me).  I would like to see a skill queuing where you can train 1 skill to 5 Pips and then queue an additional skill to pick up after the original skill is finished.  This helps us not have those midnight wake ups just to change a skill.
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    Celebrochan got a reaction from Ozark in How do you plan on playing this game?   
    Step 1: train skills and never actually log in
    Step 2: wait until all the hunter killers leave due to lack of prey
    Step 3: CRAFTING!
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    Celebrochan reacted to mivius in Playtest feedback for Fri, April 14 – Mon, April 17   
    I get a persistent login credentials overlay when doing everything.  I have tried relogging, rebooting, and repairing.  I have tried putting the credentials in, I have tried using the settings and skill trees, all of them have some form of the login still present.  As the video will show, it also does not allow play if I try to log into a CW/
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    Celebrochan reacted to Wyatt in Playtest feedback for Fri, April 14 – Mon, April 17   
    Unable to do much, can't remove that login area or even use it to log in. (again)

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    Celebrochan reacted to Tinnis in Playtest feedback for Fri, April 14 – Mon, April 17   
    More detail needed about what is going on here
    @thomasblair I get that these skill nodes don't work as they dont have the tech...but why did we lose the capacity to equip these when we previously could? Why not reactivate until the tech is ready? Would also love fire arrows back from hunger dome....
    when launching via the patcher = when i log on the game loads but with the log in screen still covering everything
    also the colours of the spinning animation of the archetypes from launcher is all messed up and white instead of coloured
    looked ok and could launch game okay if i loaded client directly instead of launcher
    i also saw two crows on the sword at login after getting logged out / failed to load
    even when the animated spinning archetype in the menu colours worked - their FX effects were getting stuck while rotating e.g. the champions earth effects and confessor's fire and the duelist blast got 'stuck' on the sides
    e.g. https://youtu.be/w9xU2tZU4Y8
    we can no longer even see how many players are on a server? (and lack the messages saying type, like PvE, faction pvp, or FFA pvp etc
    new power screen - can drag but unable to see any tooltip text of the powers

    some players aren't seeing the retaliate icon near their power bar to show availablity and cooldown

    riochet shot is bouncing multiple times to single targets e.g.
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    Celebrochan reacted to srathor in Experimentation Nerf   
    Spend a year and a half training, gathering, avoiding ganks. 
    A perfect orange tool, yay..

    10 minutes later. Broke tool. But you did get 20 more swings out of it than normal. 

    FFFFfffffff (sound of a table flipping)

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    Celebrochan reacted to srathor in Does anyone have Durability versus (harvest skill) broken down?   
    Since durability from subcombines is acknowledged as broken, no I don't think folks have tested it much. 

    And if launch is truly wiped and vanilla then every single advantage will have to be used until skill can overcome the absolute drudgery that the game will be for gatherers.

    I fully expect that for gatherers 75% quit rate will happen if not higher. Because unpotted, unskilled gathering in Crowfall is just simply anti-fun.
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    Celebrochan got a reaction from Supanoob in How do you plan on playing this game?   
    Step 1: train skills and never actually log in
    Step 2: wait until all the hunter killers leave due to lack of prey
    Step 3: CRAFTING!
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    Celebrochan reacted to ringhloth in Thoughts or ideas on skill training "catch up" system   
    The catch-up mechanic shouldn't be something you buy in the store. Hell, it shouldn't be something you buy in the game. That's not making the game less daunting for new players, that's letting whales, even late-coming whales, get a bigger advantage.
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