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  1. Woo, Eclipse represent! I still kinda miss my Zabrak bounty hunter, a decade and a half later. Edit: I started a tiny guild on Eclipse called the Rorian Corsair Alliance, originally based west of the Rebel Outpost. Moved to Dantooine when cities were introduced, making the guild name kind of... out of place. Always really liked Rori for some odd reason though.
  2. I would be greatly amused if a medieval-style banking guild emerged in-game in order to help people avoid the problem of transporting large amounts of currency over contested ground. Doubly amused if [...when] it implodes in an EVE-style mass scam.
  3. Seems like the kind of thing that shouldn't need to be fixed on an individual basis. Have the Q&A reward, have never had access to the Ace Dev Q&A forum.
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