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  1. I've been thinking about it and I guess I've come up with the following things about variable-strength spells: I'd rather the hold time be much, much shorter. This would require a lot more responsiveness than we have now. Right now it seems like if I do something it'll happen on screen a quarter second or more later. So obviously if hold to charge had a half second or 750ms charge time, it'd be really hard to charge to taste even though humans are more than capable of it, because when you release the button you have no idea how much further it's going to charge before it's released. Even if the actual charge time for a skill needs to be much slower than the shorter human charge time, you can have a "fast" charge bar that is based on how long I'm pressing the button and a "slow" charge that is based on the cast time for the ability. So I can hold and release very quickly and then my character will finish doing what I told it to do. This would make hold to charge skills feel MUCH better. Most hold to charge abilities probably shouldn't be hold to charge abilities. Like I can understand the ranger basic attack because both fast taps and long presses have cases in combat. But does anyone really need a hold to cast ricochet shot? Is that something people were crying out for? If you want ricochet shot to take 2 seconds to cast, make ricochet shot take 2 seconds to cast. Don't make me, personally, hold my mouse button for two seconds. I think that crowfall combat is infected with and has been infected with since the very beginning, a "dark souls" sensibility that artcraft has been totally unable to deliver ong, and has been negotiating down since day 1. I think the combat you guys imagined would be great, and if you had the people and tech in place to make it happen, it'd be a lot of fun. But there's a reason that in everything from root motion to dodge/sprint mechanics, the game has been more fun the more you've set aside those ambitions: you don't have what you need to make that game at this time. That's not a knock on you guys, it's just how things went down. Crowfall is not going to be that game, and the experience needs to be cleaned up to remove the remaining gestures toward that vision. Hold to cast is one of those. Uncancellable animations, animations used in place of like, a cast bar. All that stuff. If I spend 1.5s dropping an archer stake and then have to stop and run away, I'm already being punished: I spent 1.5s doing nothing and then didn't get an archer stake. The idea that I also have to like, get murdered, is silly. Just make this a regular hotbar MMO with some aim, dodge, counter action elements. If you make a version of that that feels good, it will be a fun game, and people will like it. You don't have to take MMO combat to the next level, especially when you don't really have the raw materials in place to deliver something like that & it's clearly not the focus of crowfall's development and never has been.
  2. I think focusing on BDO is setting up a false dilemma. I'm not asking that the combat be as fast-paced and responsive as BDO, or that it be distinct from a hotbar MMO like destiny or tabula rasa were/are. What I'm asking is that it be vaguely in the same ballpark as other hotbar MMOs. WoW classic is the example I gave. Wildstar is below that in terms of responsiveness/feel, and I think I'd be satisfied with that. TERA would be a nice stretch goal but that's probably too much. So talking about security trade-offs is I think a red herring. The problem is not that crowfall combat isn't up to the standard of hyper-modern fighting MMOs, the problem is that crowfall controls/UI aren't up to any real standard at all.
  3. I used to test a lot, but then I got a little burnt out and stopped coming around as much. Just started a new character a couple weeks ago and did a little bit of leveling. The game is much slicker than when I left, and the NPE is tight. I think leveling a character to 30 feels relatively fast, and I was able to get the hang of everything quickly. I got cool drops, I was able to interact iwth the crafting system. I had only two complaints, and one of them is kind of trivial: I don't think I really understand the spirit bank/embargo system still, and the NPE didn't really clue me in at all. Even just a static image explanation when I open up the world bank in town would be helpful. The bigger one is this though: Combat still feels pretty bad. The buttons aren't as responsive as I expect from a hotbar MMO, there doesn't seem to be any action queueing or lag compensation, it doesn't even check held buttons when CD's clear. So I frequently find myself having to hit a button a couple times to get it to "take" because I accidentally hit it during the last 100ms of the cooldown. This can be a playstyle, just spamming buttons until they activate. And that doesn't even feel that bad. But when you have "hold to cast" buttons, that's not really an option. I actually think hold to cast feels bad generally, I'd rather you guys did almost anything else for variable-strength spells. I'm coming off classic wow now, so the massive difference in how things feel during combat really sticks out. In classic wow, hitting the same 3 or 4 buttons over and over again feels really good and I can do it for hours. In crowfall, I get tired of it after 30 minutes or so. I don't think I have the chops to spot and point out everything that frustrates me with this to give you a full list of the issues, I just have a general constant feeling of struggling with the controls. I still have the same issue I did a year or two ago where my character will stop responding a second or more in advance of anything visually happening to them that would cause them to stop responding. I'll still have issues where my shots vanish instead of hitting my target on the regular. It sucks because you guys have put a lot of work into making the macro of this game fun, but until the micro is also fun, I can't play it long enough to enjoy it.
  4. I know this sounds stupid, but I honestly believe one of the biggest problems with the game right now is how long the map takes to open. It also needs to not deactivate autorun when it opens. Navigating the world is 10x worse than it has to be because checking I'm going in the right direction (something I do compulsively in other MMOs) stops my movement for 5-10s easy.
  5. Couple things: - This game is insanely unfun solo. It's not just about getting ganked. I WISH I'd get ganked. The game is just insanely slow paced. - As a result, I feel like linking up with players is something that should be facilitated better than it is. I'm not talking about a groupfinder, but there's no worldwide faction-only chat, so players are not always forthcoming about where they are when you're trying to find the party. This is something that ought to exist. Lastly, what's the best way to rapidly get a mount? Skinning pigs without training was VERY slow, and I couldn't find any players selling saddles or anything.
  6. Make it so that forts go on cd for a few turns after capping and keeps only give points immediately after a successful defense. This makes defense definitively more valuable than offense. Coupled with an ability to actually defend, I think this would make a big difference. I also think the risk/reward of crafting in a fort makes it not worth it, which eliminates a fort's logistical value. Maybe make it so you can craft out of a local bank inside a fort? I know ganking in base is supposed to be this huge use case you guys want to enable but considering that allowing it is just moving people into keeps and beachheads with no apparent benefit, maybe it's not that good?
  7. They've confirmed this is the case- the big driver of new vessels is (A) seeking higher-quality vessels for more stats and (B) trying out different builds (as changing talents & disciplines requires making a new character). Once you have a build and vessel quality you're satisfied with, there's no reason for you to ever make a new one if you don't want to.
  8. Given that we know from this video that discipline crafting is on the way, and from the patch notes that mounts are on the way, where are crafting factories at? Still coming? Hoping for 6.0? Cut? How will they work in the 3-faction ruleset?
  9. In terms of making 1-30 matter, I'd say wipe vessel levels on import and make it so you can jump ahead somewhat in your skills. Maybe not offer the entire skill tree, but a few highlight skills, set one to 3 pips at levels 10, 20, and 30. If your real skill advancement overtakes the pip you added, oh well, you wasted those levels. Getting 3 pips in a few key desirable skills during the early days (or add some extra combat abilities later on) would make a big difference in my life, and the effect would be temporary, limited to that vessel in that campaign.
  10. Make the damage you inflict on an enemy's equipment on death grant XP in line with the sacrifice value of that durability. So instead of doing fight club, you could just throw the armor in the fire.
  11. OTOH in EVE everyone crafts everything and merchants are abstracted behind corporations instead of players living out personal fantasies....
  12. I mean I make a lot of EVE comparisons on this forum, but it's for a reason, and they almost certainly apply here. Cheap stealthy scouts to check the other side of a gate is a thing. And in eve, you have unbreakable stealth until you move after zoning in somewhere and that will probably apply here. This does go to say, though, @thomasblair - the labor-basis of EVE's economy is not skill rarity, it's logistics. I didn't think that was an option in crowfall because I didn't think there was the same system of gankable chokepoints that EVE has, but if crowfall has a similar system, diversifying the resources geographically to require a lot of logistics and then nerfing the poorly made socks out of training times is a viable option and ~ maybe worth considering ~
  13. I hope every gathering profession gets something like the deer hearts you described. I'd hate for us to have a system that's ostensibly about allowing us to progress while other players are offline, but gatherers are encouraged to feed their materials to an offline crafter instead of sacrificing them. Additionally, the more I think about it, the more uncertain I am that making us run back to the temple to swap vessels is all that good for the game. The end result is that nobody swaps vessels all that often and then this system becomes more or less meaningless. Walking an in-inventory vessel to your beachhead, and then walking an in-inventory vessel (with disciplines!) back is just about the easiest way to lose a few dozen hours of labor that I can think of, and the benefit of doing so is really questionable so people just won't do it. The idea of having multiple vessels prepped for different purposes is a pipe dream under this system. Let us swap at a dragon statue with a long cast time. Maybe have the vessel take a durability hit when we do.
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