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  1. I know this sounds stupid, but I honestly believe one of the biggest problems with the game right now is how long the map takes to open. It also needs to not deactivate autorun when it opens. Navigating the world is 10x worse than it has to be because checking I'm going in the right direction (something I do compulsively in other MMOs) stops my movement for 5-10s easy.
  2. Couple things: - This game is insanely unfun solo. It's not just about getting ganked. I WISH I'd get ganked. The game is just insanely slow paced. - As a result, I feel like linking up with players is something that should be facilitated better than it is. I'm not talking about a groupfinder, but there's no worldwide faction-only chat, so players are not always forthcoming about where they are when you're trying to find the party. This is something that ought to exist. Lastly, what's the best way to rapidly get a mount? Skinning pigs without training was VERY slow, and I couldn't find any players selling saddles or anything.
  3. Right clicked a crafted small campfire in my inventory- it disappeared and nothing else happened.
  4. Couple issues I've been having but haven't reported, sorry if they already have been but sometimes these things slip through the cracks: - Tree F zones are not centered on the tree, which makes finding the right place to stand really tough, sometimes I just can't harvest a tree if it's a really big one because I can't find a spot to stand. - Monsters and animals tend to teleport after death when I stand on them. - Sometimes monsters vanish really fast after death, before I can loot them
  5. Make it so that forts go on cd for a few turns after capping and keeps only give points immediately after a successful defense. This makes defense definitively more valuable than offense. Coupled with an ability to actually defend, I think this would make a big difference. I also think the risk/reward of crafting in a fort makes it not worth it, which eliminates a fort's logistical value. Maybe make it so you can craft out of a local bank inside a fort? I know ganking in base is supposed to be this huge use case you guys want to enable but considering that allowing it is just moving people into keeps and beachheads with no apparent benefit, maybe it's not that good?
  6. During the siege yesterday chaos destroyed the bane trees around their keep. The bane tree area is a nonsense zone where clicking attack too much will cause your character to fly around and get jammed up on the tree. I hated it.
  7. - On the screen where you can select "kingdom" or "campaign" tabs, the kingdom and campaign logos and text block mouse clicks from hitting the tab behind them - Kingdom select UI bug: https://imgur.com/SGYdKlq - Create kingdom is showing as a campaign with 270/500 players - When clicking "browse kingdoms" my character appears behind the character select UI before it's moved offscreen and it looks weird - Z no longer toggles trays as confessor. U is very inconvenient to hit. - Confessor starts with call flame but not on their hotbar - Scroll wheel on talents screen doesn't affect zoom - Don't give me a logout timer in EK unless pvp is on - I spawned into my EK in harvest tray with both an axe and weapon equipped. My harvest pip UI showed up (correct) but to the right of it several combat pip UI's showed up layered on top of each other. They disappeared when I dodged forward.
  8. Eh, I suspect that death durability loss will get cranked up once factories and repair are in- remember that they were only reduced due to complaint that it made testing untenable. If they go back to where they were at the beginning of Big World 1, then gear will work very much like it does in New World at the moment where people stick around for a couple deaths and then try to swap their gear out, but breaking gear is pretty common as people overstay their welcome or forget to or just get caught at a supply cache.
  9. Well, and repair is a thing so it'd be smaller because it'd be the max durability damage amortized over the durability, lol. So maybe just on equipment break.
  10. Want to reiterate my desire to get the sacrifice value in XP of the durability damage I do when I kill another player. Or at least when I break their equipment.
  11. They've confirmed this is the case- the big driver of new vessels is (A) seeking higher-quality vessels for more stats and (B) trying out different builds (as changing talents & disciplines requires making a new character). Once you have a build and vessel quality you're satisfied with, there's no reason for you to ever make a new one if you don't want to.
  12. Given that we know from this video that discipline crafting is on the way, and from the patch notes that mounts are on the way, where are crafting factories at? Still coming? Hoping for 6.0? Cut? How will they work in the 3-faction ruleset?
  13. In terms of making 1-30 matter, I'd say wipe vessel levels on import and make it so you can jump ahead somewhat in your skills. Maybe not offer the entire skill tree, but a few highlight skills, set one to 3 pips at levels 10, 20, and 30. If your real skill advancement overtakes the pip you added, oh well, you wasted those levels. Getting 3 pips in a few key desirable skills during the early days (or add some extra combat abilities later on) would make a big difference in my life, and the effect would be temporary, limited to that vessel in that campaign.
  14. Make the damage you inflict on an enemy's equipment on death grant XP in line with the sacrifice value of that durability. So instead of doing fight club, you could just throw the armor in the fire.
  15. OTOH in EVE everyone crafts everything and merchants are abstracted behind corporations instead of players living out personal fantasies....
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