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  1. What you should be arguing is that the developers are old farts in the MMO industry and their level of motivation and drive to work has greatly diminished since their time starting out! That is the argument i would be making. They are old and dilly fart around the office working at a snail's pace. As opposite to 15-20 years ago when they had drive, motivation, and higher levels of testosterone, except for Dogget! He rocks!
  2. Let me get this straight, the developers just released a video of them cussing a lot and slapping each other, but if i want to write the word poorly made socks in a forum post it gets censored to : poorly made socks Oh the hypocrisy is pretty funny!
  3. I really hope they implement an in game chat filter that can be turned off! Otherwise its total horse poorly made socks!
  4. I am so glad the staff is down to earth and use profanity as normal human beings do. With this being said, i use profanity a lot too and anticipate using it in game chat and the forum and expect to not receive any type of reprimand for the cussing as the game developers themselves have released a video of constant cuss words and it would be hypocritical of them to discipline me for cussing in chat while they themselves do it.. I am glad i can now be my normal self and not have to censor my chat. AND WOW THE CHAT IS CENSORED! THATS custard HYPOCRITICAL OF THEM!
  5. Please stay committed to a cruel and punishing world of PVP and hardcoreish elements. You will have a ton of people cry and then you will change it to become more care bear thinking it will appeal to a larger audience thus generating more revenue for you. In actuality, it will kill the game completely.
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