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  1. combo system is nice and all but is this Mortal Kombat? I mean if thats the vision they have... i'll be completely disappointed.... i just dont understand how they had Shadowbane which was so successfull and all they would need to do is making a MMO based off that... but all Crowfall looks like is Darkfall 2.0 which i might add did not do very well.... I mean all you need to do is take Shadowbane and take World of Warcraft... the two most successfull MMO's ... they were succesfull for variety of reasons...
  2. I don't know if the Devs do read this but Crowfall just feels rather bland.. the combat system just feels lacking... like others said here... everyone will just be using the same thing for the same result... I'm mean these are the creators of Shadowbane.. you had one of the best combat systems... instead of reinventing the wheel why not just make that combat system better?? For people who want first person mode, make them use the current system and for those who want the traditional system well you have Shadowbane... probably one of the best MMO's of its time and just create something better off that...
  3. vinny

    Druid Spells

    i wonder when they will let us know more about each class
  4. vinny

    Druid Spells

    yes this is the love of the druid!!
  5. vinny

    Druid Spells

    All I want the druid to have is the Earthquake spell from Shadowbane, god I loved that spell to death =D I hope they bring some spells back, crossing my fingers
  6. You link looks amazing! What game is that from? That is a dream design aswell.... mmmmmmm
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