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  1. Eve Online - years of content, well polished, super boring PvP that either comes to small scale frigate vs frigate if you want it quick, or hours of gate camping or coordinating wars with other corps if you want group based PvP Mortal Online - game seems dead/empty anytime I try it The most fun I had in open PVP games were private servers for Ultima Online/Shadowbane/SWG that probably still exist somewhere
  2. It doesn't matter, you keep insisting that you made shadowbane into something it weren't supposed to be so Crowfall should also allow you to do it, your argument is simply wrong.
  3. your whole rant is about that the game "isn't single player friendly", we know, that's why we backed it.
  4. Some points that might cover that subject: 1. games are meant to entertain and help you pass time 2. modern mmos got us used to high quality of UI and gameplay, but low quality of content by producing mindless loops of infinite grind of AI mobs and quests that are all the same (while holding you by the hand with questmarks on the map), behave all the same etc with increasing number next to "iLvl" or whatever is it that depicts your progress in the grind 3. because of mmos are all identical, players quickly get bored, searching for something new When players reach Crowfall, suddenly there's no hand-holding where you can just follow a questline and keep increasing your level/iLvL or any other clear indicator of progress so you have to make your own content, by interacting with other players like a human, rather than through groupfinders, which isn't something people are used to. Personally, I believe that players that like pvp in a fantasy setting without the grind went into MOBA's which focus on pvp without the grinds. Players that just want to pass time keep searching for new experiences but Crowfall is neither a themepark (that's why there are so many 'small guilds...' topic), nor a MOBA where you can immedietly jump into pvp (thats why some players want Hungerdome).
  5. If you think about it, you already have the tools to do FvF through alliances. If all the players in this thread (and others) would gather under one banner, you'd have no problems in dregs Similar issue was faced by players in EVE, there some players just wanted small scale pvp without large scale ops and camping gates for hours, so they made the content themselves by starting RED vs BLUE alliance war that is about FFA pvp up to this day.
  6. did it work for you on the starter world? I tried it there and it didn't work, I'll double check today
  7. Eve online and Guld wars 2 players wouldn't agree.
  8. As for Mortal, it suffers the same fate, meaning that it is quite demanding to play as it doesn't hold your hand, resulting in very low populations and its up to players and content creators to hook and reel new players into the game. I strongly disagree, if the devs lets you "create your own stories" this means that there is a quest storyline for you to follow, nothing more, it's just marketing BS for casuals that like questing and gathering mounts while being held by the hand Eve online recently changed their design philosophy, going towards PvE and casual solo player more and more, unfortunately I don't know if it was a good thing or not for the game assuming that sheer player numbers don't necessairly mean its better, just more accessible. You are missing the idea behind the game here I think, it's the combat itself and "they had more people then we did, so we called some more people down from discord and forums and we drove them away" kind of situations that make your stories, not some stupid questline made of 10's of "kill X of Y" and "talk to Z" separated by cutscenes to watch.
  9. Historically, lands and thrones weren't conquered by "whoevers single soldier had most kills" Also part of the designed gameplay is to try to counter the zerg by creating a counter-zerg, this is also displayed very well in EVE where there are numerous alliances of different-sized corporations fighting for assets (and having fun doing the politics too). If you are outnumbered, being able to hit 100 players wouldn't make a difference, but the calculations would make your fps go to 0 in every fight. These arguments come down to the fact that you don't want to play in a larger constrct. Ok, the solution to this would be to make the campaigns larger so smaller groups can fight for some content on the outskirts as well, EVE online does it very well, but the map there is gigantic and hardcoded at the same time. It would be enough just to add leaderboards to the gods reach campaigns so guilds/players could see some scores. Not really, you can only have 1-2 on and the buffs they give are really below food/skill buffs anyway. Also, there's a limit of items you can take into more serious campaigns, so these badges will always be less valuable than a good harvesting tool for example. Impossible to implement, how do you define a "zerg" programatically? They are there, you can find those spider canyons in gods reach (havent played dregs yet, but then in dregs we go back to the zerg argument) I agree, less servers but bigger maps would give more incentive for players to take part One value of positiong is to avoid a zerg if you are a small group, this again comes to the fact that you want to play as your 5 man group only and you expect the developers to change the game design to fit your specific usecase.
  10. The answer to that is that Crowfall isn't designed around single player, also you don't need to gather all this, you can make yourself usefull otherwise to the economy end exchange gold for these The idea behind caravans was that you escort the pigs to be able to earn bigger amount of resources (risk vs reward way) by turning them in, from what I was told by other players (and tested myself) currently the "common" block u get from pigs can't be refined into resources, only deposited in forts/keeps to be used for building.
  11. After following the project for 5 years but not actively testing, I'd like to share my experience after first weekend of actual gameplay (only on a starter world) Lets start with the NPE: + the questline is smooth, with minor UX stuff to polish, works well to let the player get more comfortable with their characters, I've enjoyed it - players are confused regarding when they get to pvp as they enter the game, I'd add a loading screen info about that - players are confused where to go to pvp and what's the difference between zones, which is not explained clearily on the map (even if quests or wiki explain these, nobody reads those, myself included but it's easy to add some descriptions to the UI stating that this is a PVP zone, node levels X - Y or something like that on hover on the map) - each player could be given one use of the "respec" pedestal per character (at least the first character on the account) to be able to fix the character after he went through the tutorial and didn't like something but now he understands the game better The UI - Come on, "developer build" on the loading screen? This might be a "small thing" for the developers, but it's a hughe "nope, we're still in beta, we're just calling it a release" kind of information - There's no advantage of the map being 3d if it makes my client stutter every time im using `m` or `tab`. It's either because there are so many elements to display or its because the request for the current map state is stopping the client from rendering the map immedieatly. IMHO the map view has to be optimised or rewritten to open without blocking the client. A 2d map that's cached on the client and only updated with with the new data after it's already rendered would be fine, I can wait a sec for the map to update, but it's annoying when it stops my client from responding for a second. - If I were to make the choice, I'd make the vault a tab-based inventory rather than a list (see Path of Exile) or follow the Eve system of scrollable list of icons(which might not work because in Eve everything has the same size of an icon) rather than a list of text items, visual feedback is much easier to comprehend and makes it easier to browse than a list of text elements. At the very least please add more filters (I'd suggest checkboxes on the top of the list rather than tabs so we can select several at a time) - at least let us change the order of chat tabs either in the UI itself or the settings +++++ being able to drop items onto players without trading The gameplay I've enjoyed the gameplay for a day, but since capturing content on the starter world is meaningless, it quickly gets boring for the players because we get narrowed down to either grinding wartribes, grinding resources, or grinding whatever is on the hotspot. At the very least it would be fun if there was an actual leaderboard for each day/week + if I could see my killstats, capture status, caravan stats in the starter campaign to give me some positive feedback as I just start to play the game. The hotspots are a great idea and work very well, unfortunately many people are either clueless in the "initial pvp zone" or scarce in the "sky" zone so not many fight for the hotzones because most of active guild probably went for dregs already. This is not the caused by a design flaw IMHO buy simply because low population numbers, if we'd get more ppl (or less servers) we'd have more incentive to go out due to safer spots being too crow-ded. Lack of an auction house (although a limited one might make sense for hooking new players) or a group finder made me interact with players to trade and exchange resources, start groups for bosses etc so that aspect is very nice, if only the chat UI had better UX. Overall Overall I think we have something to work with, but we need to work on the basics first, fix your UI, improve the UX, ensure basic functionalities like chat, vault, map are up to date with current standarts, make sure my client isn't blocked while opening the map (so I can close immediatly before it renders in case of pvp), later we can talk about game design which can't be enjoyed without proper interface for the game. My favourite feature of the game right now is the "lego system" as it will enable us to test new map designs and feature which makes me excited the most. The weekend ends so I'm taking a break, keeping my fingers crossed for the future and, for the love of Gaia, remove that "developer build" from the loading screens.
  12. I wouldn't mind an auction house per a campaign - per faction where items would be non-exportable after buying, at least in the starter worlds to make it easier to "hook" new player by allowing them to replace equipment and trade their resources easily to progress and at the same time let them try economy by for example crafting stuff like kebabs to sell them to gatherers
  13. GW2 is a theme park game though where you don't need to interact with other players it goes step further than wow-like games by making levelling super fast and easy in addition to group finders etc. Crowfall is supposed to be something else completely, I keep seeing people in chat asking for an auction house, or "what to do now"
  14. the good news is that levelling to 30 is really fast even without the NPE as the levelling is supposed to be a form of a tutorial and isn't a antual game loop feature also, you got a free lv 25 boost that could work
  15. this could work as a form of "guild events" where the guildmaster starts it and there's a minigame for the guild to take part in, works very nicely in Guild Wars 2, doesn't fit the current guild system here in Crowfall as there isn't infrastructure for any guild specific activities other then the ability to chat as a guild
  16. I agree the map needs improvements (lets start with making sure the client doesn't stagger each time we open the map) As for the grinding and looting, the comes down to the fact that the game isn't meant to be played solo, you should find a guild, or event just a second person so you can farm motherloads for stone/metals and go to hotzones to get more skinning resources. As for group loot, its enough to just talk to the members about sharing stuff at the end or agree to have one person loot and someone else skin for example. People got used to party finder and loot order in WoW, now some whine that there's no player interaction anymore because its all about queues between multiple realms
  17. "Developer build" on loading screens - that doesn't look reassuring that we play a version intended for a release "seed of life quest" - the tree sapling spawned above ground and when I plated the tree I was stuck in it until it despawned In the quest "Intermediate Tools" the steps are: buy harvesting disc equip harvesting disc go to tool trainer craft tool In my playthrough though what I did was: buy disc equip disc buy a crafting disc replace the harvesting disc with a crafting disc expected outcome: - quest state goes back to "equip harvesting disc" actual outcome: - quest stays at "talk to tool maker npc" - tool maker npc is inactive (not even a greyed out icon over him) since I don't have a harvesting disc equipped This is probably a rare situation, but will confuse some players into thinking stuff is bugged before they realize. 4. making a runetool hammer (the advanced one) suggests it will make a pickaxe rather than a hammer 5. the ring we get during NPE, after equipping, get a "can not equip" state and goes red in the socket, this might be confusing for players (especially the red mask on the equipped item as it suggests its not working properly)
  18. Try disabling shadows, that did it for me. Also, check your GPU usage, the case might be that the game is botlenecked by cpu (threrefore cant draw oftenen enough) therefore its a code optimisation problem rathen than hardware
  19. Following the May Q&A, what do You think about how Guild Wars does faction warfare in WvWvW? Personally, I like the idea of gathering points per tick based on how much property you own in the land and I believe it might fit Crowfall's campaigns too, so we wouldn't race for property at the last day of the campaign but rather have an incentive to take away stuff from other factions. With such mechanics either the faction with most points wins the campaign or, for example, Balance wins if neither faction is in the lead by more that XY% One thing that would differ in Crowfall would be the time it takes between ticks, instead of minutes it could be "X hours" so players would have time to take advantage of crafting stations etc. instead of it being a constant bloodbath each few minutes. Another thing might be caravans (similar to dolyaks) going between forts you own, either adding points to a fort that can be spent by the guild that captured it or for example or gradually upgrading the structure by spawning more guards, upgrading walls wood > stone one by one and/or maybe adding defensive siege machines if its conquered and supplied for long enough. What are Your thoughts on this? cc @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair
  20. I'm working on a project where I would like to use the same fonts that are in crowfall's UI to make the page look "familiar". Does anyone "see" or "know" what fonts are used in the UI/inventory/character sheet? cc @perfectdork maybe you?
  21. A usual use case for using the skill tree is applying time bank, which goes like: - click node - click "time bank" - click "apply time" - click "done" to go back - click "cancel" to close widget Improvements that could be made here: 1. Imagine when I want to add time to several nodes and each time I have to go "done" -> "cancel" and because there is an animation when I click "done" it takes a while to close the widget. Proposal: Make "RMB" close the currently open widget/modal/dialog(whatever you call the component internally) for a skill node 2. When I run out of time bank when increasing a skill, but I want to train it to next level, I have to click "done", and "confirm" to start training the node (again with an animation when clicking "done") Proposal: Change the "apply time" button to "train" when I run out of time bank to allow me to enable training the skill when I run out of time bank P.S. Percentages of completion of a given tree don't update properly, so we have to reopen whole skill training view to see proper "%" of completion on trees so that new trees are unlocked.
  22. Remember that this stuff doesn't have to come from the fact you have a weak GPU/CPU (just look at your usage while playing), but from fact that for example stuff that happens in the background doesn't happen smoothly enough. For example, when you use a skill, there might be calculations happening that take so much time, that they don't leave enough time for the cpu to render all the frames within a second. Other stuff can be that since we in europe have higher latency, it takes longer for the game to send/receive the data from the server, which may also force the game to wait for some communication with the server to end before rendering your frames. My guess is that folks in the USA might have higher average FPS than us europeans due to what I just described. To describe it more "graphically": - lets assume I have 100 ping to game server and 300 ping to chat server - lets assume that game loop goes like this: 1) update player's position on the server 2) get other player's positions 2) update chat 3) draw frame In this case, if 1 and 2 would be separate requests to the server, it would take 200 milliseconds to do 1 and 2. Then, another 300 milliseconds to send and receive chat data. This already takes half a second, so the game might not have time to draw the expected 60 frames and your average fps drops simply because the game doesn't work fast enough independently of your hardware. This obviously depends on the architecture of the game, I guess chat and game stuff happen simultaneously but still, this might be how it works. Maybe we can run a poll to see if fps is connected with latency.
  23. stremaing as cleric @https://www.twitch.tv/cozmoplays
  24. Damn, you would also hate Eve Online (opposite to thousands of players playing it) This is again similar to eve: you wear only what you can afford lose, I doubt everyone will be eager to run in the most complex/expensive gear all the time. My impression is that you are thinking like a solo player trying to "do something" in game rather than join a guild. I guess that a player dropping loot/resources and/or opening road to capturing an objective will be enough motivation for groups of players to go out hunting in "fleets". My guess is that will also immidietly be EK's turned into skirmish arenas outside of Campaigns.
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