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  1. Hi all, i signed up and got a gold package. I did this at the end of the last test, but was able to login and create a character. i now try and launch the game (this morning) and i push the launch button but nothing happens. I have added the game folder to AVG white list and the firewall exception, but no luck any help would be greatly appreciated. i have also tried to launch off the exe file in the test folder but with no success. Thanks
  2. Hi i have an LG ultra wide monitor and when i launch into the game i cant seem to adjust the screen size to fit it all in? is there a settings area that will allow me to change this please? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I just signed up and bought a founders pack and i am trolling though the forums trying to get a handle on this game. So as an intended confessor i would guess that my crafting should lean towards leather Armour? so when i go to the crows i can re-equip with little hassle? Do you lose the mats collected in your bag and your tools when you die? What other professions should i go for ? please Thanks
  4. Thank you everyone for answering me quires
  5. Hi all, can anybody tell me how bag space and storage is handled in the game?
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