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  1. 50 hours to take a ToL? pass.
  2. I don't think bashing Raph Koster for his opinion on a game is fair. Raph usually gets down to the core of game development without really judging the gameplay like the rest of us do. It's always interesting to read his opinions, because he looks beyond the gameplay and to things at a deeper level. He doesn't review games. He has his niche and he's great at it. Community involvement can be strangled as well. I'm not touching on this game, but I've seen communities completely sterilize their forums to where no one bothers to participate on them. I generally avoid those forums because you'r
  3. A few discrepancies I noticed in this one. The carebear filter was actually in place before the forums ever became open. "Those people left or just don't bother posting" <---- Not bother posting? Ha. As for leaving, you should never be happy about losing population. But they didn't leave over the forums - which should worry you more.
  4. 2016 isn't an option? Used to be.
  5. So the feedback came from a discord that moderates harder than the forums, narrowing the feedback?
  6. Gatherers and crafters are separate in several MMOs. Just creates another market.
  7. I'm just looking forward to Crowfall getting most Anticipated MMO 2019.
  8. Year 3 of claiming Pre-alpha on a game that was supposed to hard launch a year ago? ha.
  9. Time to be in one guild a day. Who wants to be first?
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