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  1. Incoming changes to Rules of Conduct

    So the feedback came from a discord that moderates harder than the forums, narrowing the feedback?
  2. Disappointed in the direction

    Gatherers and crafters are separate in several MMOs. Just creates another market.
  3. I'm just looking forward to Crowfall getting most Anticipated MMO 2019.
  4. Crowfall should feel like Overwatch

    Year 3 of claiming Pre-alpha on a game that was supposed to hard launch a year ago? ha.
  5. so dwarf priests can be a thing? imagine that.
  6. Guild field added to forum profile page

    Time to be in one guild a day. Who wants to be first?
  7. just shove a credit card underneath the edge of the left mouse button, right where it meets the scroll wheel. hands free.
  8. Can we all just agree...

    My condolences for your experience at double losses.
  9. Can we all just agree...

    the best one is getting a made-up word added to the filter.
  10. A contemplation for all SB veterans

    Giving one poster the power to kill entire threads is just as bad as locking a thread due to laziness to police it.
  11. Macrochanges to affect microengagements. yawn
  12. Greetings from BenWP

    Mortuary? Impossible. It's Pre-Genesis.
  13. Heed the Call:

    I endorse this guild. Do I have enough posts?
  14. Shadowbane 2.0

    ah forumbane
  15. Looked like good news, until you read all the replies lol.