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  1. Yes. Their name is ACE and they are currently developing a game called Crowfall, you might be familiar with it. They actually anticipated doing it in under 3 according to their launch date on the Kickstarter.
  2. Will ACE Consider Tighter Hit Boxes?

    Thank you as always for your insightful information on quite honestly the best video game I have ever played and the one that leaves the biggest impact on me. My buddy and I used to get home from middle school and then loop this video constantly. Eventually we had to go back to school where we met up in our typing/computer class where we would loop this video the entire period. Watching that video today brings back the same feelings it inspired back then. The world we already loved in UO, in a 3D environment with a graphical overhaul and new content. This time we would be there at launch......
  3. Despite this post holding negative information, it is one of your best. This is what we wanted and we appreciate you addressing it. We all knew that dates were slipping and there was no mystery there. The mystery was, would you attempt to push out your product way too early or would you hold your project till it is in a more complete state. I think most of us here prefer the latter. We know Crowfall will fail if released early and we were hoping you were on the same page. Looks like you are and thanks again for the update.
  4. Mounts

    Thanks, thought I was making assumptions again.
  5. Mounts

    Blaire addressed my Mount question in the live stream quickly to say that Mounts are coming later and they are part of the caravan system. I also noticed there is a video that plays when you hit the homepage now that shows pack mounts transporting goods (nobody riding). Now I am wondering if mounts are ridable or just for transporting goods? Has this ever been confirmed anywhere, maybe I just assumed we could ride them.
  6. Run Speed

    This is definitely the case? I have been asking for normalized run speed for a while considering this is an open world PVP game and mobility is huge. I kept hearing that people wanted some classes to be slow and useless (Knight).
  7. Tomes P2W Model

    Tomes successfully fixed. P2W issue alleviated. Great job.
  8. Will ACE Consider Tighter Hit Boxes?

    We found him boys. Srathor and his terrible twitch skills are the reason we have giant hit boxes. Please pass me the tar and feathers.....
  9. Will ACE Consider Tighter Hit Boxes?

    Its true, but it does seem that ACE listens to feedback. So it is our time to speak up and hopefully get the game we wanted. Issues need to be addressed and it is on us as a community to bring them up. ACE has a ton on their plate with development and it is on us to raise our voices and point them in the right direction of a system or design that a majority of the testers don't like. I backed this game for the bare minimum to get into testing. I backed it because it seemed like they were finally making an MMORPG that I would be into and I still hope that is true. I don't think ACE owes me anything. They did however get me hyped about a concept I was ready to give up on. I don't want to give up on that dream. FFS I am still playing Ultima Online on UO Forever. How the hell did a game that came out in 97 develop a better crafting system, player economy, criminal system, PVP and an almost endless possibility of well balanced character types. Gordon I am still waiting for UO2 if you are listening. I died a little bit when that project was cancelled.
  10. Will ACE Consider Tighter Hit Boxes?

    I agree with this and it seems like we are indefinitely in Pre-Alpha. The 5.3 update set us back in a major way. I think the race/class split wasn't vital to the success of the game. Although I like it, I think the time would have been spent in better areas like just getting all the base Archetypes in the game. This game will fail quickly if the combat isn't good enough or there are missing pieces when it launches. Allowing people to choose the best race/class combo is meaningless if the combat isn't good.
  11. How will tanks play the role of "tank" in Crowfall?

    I think you have a good idea of what the tank should be. Too often I hear that tanks need to just absorb damage and be "tanky" and I personally think that has no business in Crowfall as it leads to a class that will be ignored and not played. I used to try to make the Knight viable with suggestions, but with the Classic Trinity concept of a tank and Blaire's Stam Knight concept, I realized no one wanted this to be a Knight I wanted to play. Right now we have a slow tank that can't force anyone to attack him. This leads to: Tanks can't kill anybody because they can easily run If I do chase someone down, I will run out of stamina when I catch him so I won't be able to use abilities. (Stam Knight) Tanks can't run from anyone There is no reason I should ever attack a tank unless he is the last target I will not bring a Tank in a roaming PVP group because he is too slow and the group will have to wait for him I will not bring a tank in a siege as other classes would provide more utility Tank will only be beneficial in odd situations - Like the defense of a tight corridor This situational play style isn't enough to promote playing a class. They become rarely useful. Try to think of realistic situations where you are happy your teammate is a Knight. The only one that comes to mind is when I am running from a losing battle. I can rest assured that the Knight is the easiest one for the enemy to pick off based on his slower movement speed. I really think the root of this problem is movement speed which should be equalized across the classes. The reason to not equalize the movement speeds would be an alternative movement system like mounts. Based on Blaire's answer to my "When Will Mounts be in the Game?" which was basically never or way after release, we need to address this now. Most fights will be around the map. This leads to the faster classes running away/chasing down the enemy and the slower classes getting outrun (dying or not finishing their kills). PVP roaming groups will be annoying. Joe plays a Knight so nobody wants him in the PVP roaming group. When you play with Joe you have to stop every 5 minutes to wait for Joe to catch up. If you are far from Joe and need help, you will have a hard time getting it cause Joe is slow. Anytime this roaming group encounters a fight where they have more numbers, Joe will play little to no part in the engagement. The enemy will try to run and only the fast classes will have a chance at taking out the retreating enemy. At best Joe might get to watch his teammates take out a couple enemies from afar. This is a PVP focused game. It is time to start developing it with an understanding that the focus is PVP and making better PVP combat is priority number 1.
  12. Honestly delete the streams and just give us the list you are reading. Thomas is pretty good at reading, but I prefer the sound of my own voice. You could then cut this stream in half and spend 30 minutes just answering questions. I believe everyone would prefer this.
  13. Please answer real questions during this Twitch stream. Here are a few. 1. When will mounts be in? Will you release this game without mounts in? 2. What is your most hardcore play style. Is it still dregs, and what are the current planned rules? 3. Do you plan to do anything with aiming? There is a lot of evidence to suggest no on likes the current implementation of targeting. 4. Do you have an estimated release date at this point? Are there any content requirements (like mounts) that you are waiting on before releasing? 5. What are you doing to fix the single player experience? Will there be a mandatory tutorial that will help hold players hands at the beginning of the game? 6. When will the Frostweaver be added? 7. Why is Crowfall better than Camelot Unchained and Ashes of Creation? Do you see yourself in the same place or are you trying to fill a different niche?
  14. Will ACE Consider Tighter Hit Boxes?

    You win the forums today....
  15. Will ACE Consider Tighter Hit Boxes?

    This is what I assumed we would be getting. I was clearly very wrong.