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  1. Noticeable updates?

    Thanks for the quick updates. Flying seems fun, animation could use some work though.
  2. Noticeable updates?

    I rarely check in anymore because I have mostly given up on this game. I mean the top thread in general discussions is "Is Crowfall Fundamentally Boring" and the answer to that soft ball of a question is YES. Like the title says, anything change that gives you hope?
  3. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    Life is hard.....
  4. Hunger System a bit out of place?

    Tommy Wiseau is that you?
  5. My gripes with the faction based system

    I imagine it will be a poor game experience because they never properly designed the game to play well in the Dregs ruleset. For the Dregs campaign to work the way I wanted it to, they would have to completely remake 100% of heal abilities, 100% of ranged abilities, 50% of other abilities, add full friendly fire for both heals and damage, and then completely redo the aiming system (would need to be comparable to a FPS). So once they put another year of work into this game, they might be able to deliver a "hard core" dregs rule set.
  6. A question for those that play this game a lot.

    To be fair. The forum is a better game than Crowfall.
  7. Gathering is not real content

    I just hope ACE notices these threads. You guys can all tell this man he is wrong and to go away, but his opinion is valid. I know this isn't the final game, but if it is even remotely similar; the time spent gathering to doing other activities is way too high. This game feels like a chore. I don't mind harvesting or gathering, but quit games when I feel like I am spending too much time doing so. Crowfall screams at me right out the gate that I am spending too much time doing meaningless tasks. It is that constant reminder that what I am doing is not fun. Throw a few ganks in the mix and you got a player that will log off and never return.
  8. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    But this goes back to my point. The campaign will be won by the largest guild and that was easily predicted so there is no ability to brag. No ability to brag by any player base, group base or guild base ruins competetive PVP games. Even if you are a humble person on video games, you still want to win. When your victory is only achieved by having more members than everyone else it turns into a very shallow victory. How many campaigns can you lie to yourself that you deserved it? How many campaigns can smaller guilds keep joining knowing they have no chance at beating the larger guilds? I used to think Chaos/Order/Balance was a stupid campaign mode. The more and more I realize the largest guild will win every campaign, the more I see the need for this campaign mode.
  9. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    I get what you are saying and think there is a valid point here, but the bigger issue is even if you replace passive training with active training, we have a boring skill progression system. This is the underlying problem in my opinion. Every game that has had a low power curve of leveling ruins the entire point of leveling or progressing. Think of all those games that you level up and your get more HP and health and maybe a few stats auto level, but you don't actively level your character. You don't even care when you level because you don't feel any different. Sure the numbers have changed, but everything you do and the way you play the game stays the same. This is the big problem we have in Crowfall. This slow power progression gives me no incentive to log in to the game. I am also not even excited about training skills because I don't feel any different. I am also time locked to achieving certain progression unlocks which means i have to wait X days to get this ability. Even if I play 24 hours in a day, I still have to wait X days to play the game. The passive system is a small part of the problem, the greater part is the underlying progression system. Passive leveling would be acceptable of the underlying progression was better. I disagree which is easy to do when you attempt to speak for a giant group of gamers. The best part of WoW PVP is Arena and BGs. If I get to speak for the entire group, I would say we Sandbox MMOPvP Players hate low skill ceilings. PVPers like to flex their epeen and to do so there has to be a high skill ceiling or there is nothing to flex because fights are determined by group composition and character abilities. Skill didn't win the fight, the outcome of the fight was easily predicted before the fight even started. How am I supposed to flex my epeen or my guilds epeen in Crowfall? You look stupid when you brag about winning a fight that was 10 v 5. This will be the majority of fights in Crowfall. Outnumbered fights where the Zerg always wins.
  10. How will tanks play the role of "tank" in Crowfall?

    I think there are some good ideas here. Right now the glass cannon of confessor doesn't feel like one because you dash away the moment you are caught. Due to the high mobility skills of this game that EVERY class has it isn't often that you are "caught". Traditional casting glass cannon roles can put out great damage, but if someone makes it to you, you know you're dead. This could be changed easily by mechanics. Make it so tanks have an ability that blocks dash abilities for 5 seconds or so. This would actually allow tanks to lock down a player. The knight chain pull should do this in my opinion or their dash move. If I chain pull someone, prevent them from immediately just dashing off. The ability to dash off after being pulled by a chain makes it almost useless. This would make it so the tank's role is to "lock down players" allowing their teamates to focus on them. You could also give tank's abilities that increase damage to that player or lower that players mitigations or reduce players healing received by x%. All these would help promote the tank's into a support type class that actually benefits their teammates.
  11. I think the solution is making crafting easier, not adding more durability or decreasing durability loss on death. Death should be harsh, otherwise it is not feared. I get bored of most single player games, because you die and respawn and nothing bad ever happened to you. You are a god that does not fear death. Then there is Dark Souls. Although you know you will die a lot in a game like Dark Souls, you still fear death because you lose something of value. 10% durability loss is very little for a death. Think of top tier gear that took a long time to harvest and craft. Do you want that player to have that gear forever? I personally don't and think it should break rather quickly. The big fix is the lowest tier of gear, needs to be easy to craft. I should be able to get a basic set of gear in 5-10 minutes of harvesting/crafting. Any longer then that and people will quit this game the first time they play. Most people don't want to hit nodes for more than 5-10 minutes when they first start a game. The current phase of testing that has everyone log in naked and spend an hour (if you aren't ganked, longer if you are) harvesting/crafting will not work for player retention.
  12. A comment on customer service.

    I consider myself a harsh critic. That being said, the customer support I have received from ACE (Gordon) has been above and beyond.
  13. The frostweaver is all I care about and I think you are right . I am really interested to see what they do on a base class kit for a new class. This class kit could be a sign of things to come, for better or worse.
  14. ACE Q&A for January - Official Discussion Thread

    You engaged me, sorry to waste your time.....
  15. ACE Q&A for January - Official Discussion Thread

    Classes don't feel unique. Everyone has CC, iFrame immunity, DPS, access to most of the same discplines which are often repeat skills of class/race skills. Class Design - Not Polish. Aiming is poor. It is too easy to land shots and not easy enough to define who you are attempting to shoot at. Aiming Design - Polish can help, but if you continue reading you will see I disagree with their aiming design. Low skill ceiling - This is basically undeniable. What we have in Crowfall is considered a very low skill ceiling for most players. You don't feel like you have gotten any better playing a class. You can't grow, your starting ability is too close to your end game 5 months in ability. Skill Ceiling Design- Polish doesn't really play into this. Unless you are allowing Polish to be this giant collect all umbrella, which is just lying to yourself. Fail at making ranged classes - Playing an archer doesn't feel like an archer, raycasts are not the right way to create projectiles. It is a crap version of archery. Play Rust (same game engine) and shoot a bow, it should feel like this. Shooting spells feels lame. You don't feel like a mage because your fireball won't shoot if your reticle isn't over the enemy. You shoot a giant fireball nuke and it magically poofs in 10-15 feet. This dependence on raycasts and not physics based spells takes us away from "mage immersion" as I will call it. I feel like I can only be a mage in the right scenario and that isn't what being a mage is about. Design - They haven't made any indication that they will be adding physics based projectiles. Knight - This class is useless UNLESS you want to guard your castle gate all day long. This class does OK in choke points and sucks everywhere else. Class Design - The class has already been remade once and it made it worse (stamine knight). No full Friendly Fire (even among guilds/groups) - This encourages zerg play. It also helps low skill players and hurts high skill players. (If you respond to this post saying there is full FF, you don't understand what I am referring to). Friendly Fire Design - Nothing to do with Polish. Templar - Honestly, just boring to play. You play it, tell me how I am wrong. Class Design - Polish could mildly help. Healers - Low skill ceiling on healing abilities. Too many abilities do not require targeting and instant heal an entire group. Healer Design - Polish could again mildly help. Again, you are welcome to disagree with my opinion. But I am complaining about the design, not the polish. Why you keep trying to say I am complaining about polish is beyond me. I can understand if you look at polish as a catch all of "well everything can be changed, so it isn't done. What I am talking about is design decisions they chose to implement. Yeah they could always change design, but this is the design that currently is in the game. Also, if you think everything is a place holder, please stop giving your money to ACE. Any company who builds this much content as a "place holder" is wasting valuable development time.