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  1. Is the combat still simplistic and have a low skill ceiling? Is the Frostweaver still a thing of rumors? Not willing to read updates anymore. Feel free to ignore me if you have a problem with this. Would appreciate if anyone wants to answer the above questions. Thanks.
  2. This should get more attention. There is so much truth to this short statement.
  3. I have been waiting for this damn class since I heard about this damn game. Where the hell is it, why won't you show us anything? Honestly I am not even excited about this game anymore, I just need you to release the Frostweaver so I can move on or get a glimpse of hope. Since you are taking so damn long on this one I am going to analyze the power set under a fine microscope. If you fail to deliver new and exciting skills and a kit that seems unique and truly fun, I will have lost all interest in this game. Don't blow it, you hold something back for this long and people expect someth
  4. Combat is terrible. The top thread is and has been is the game fundamentally boring and it has 20 pages. I can assure you most of those pages are not filled with "No" answers to the question is the game fundamentally boring. This game does boil down to combat. Even ACE said it themselves. Remember the huge delays where they revamped the combat system. And the continued delay cause combat still sucks. To say combat isn't the most important concept in this game is to say "I don't understand what Crowfall set out to do". This game needs to play like a competitive shooter. It needs to dr
  5. Thanks for the quick updates. Flying seems fun, animation could use some work though.
  6. I rarely check in anymore because I have mostly given up on this game. I mean the top thread in general discussions is "Is Crowfall Fundamentally Boring" and the answer to that soft ball of a question is YES. Like the title says, anything change that gives you hope?
  7. I imagine it will be a poor game experience because they never properly designed the game to play well in the Dregs ruleset. For the Dregs campaign to work the way I wanted it to, they would have to completely remake 100% of heal abilities, 100% of ranged abilities, 50% of other abilities, add full friendly fire for both heals and damage, and then completely redo the aiming system (would need to be comparable to a FPS). So once they put another year of work into this game, they might be able to deliver a "hard core" dregs rule set.
  8. I just hope ACE notices these threads. You guys can all tell this man he is wrong and to go away, but his opinion is valid. I know this isn't the final game, but if it is even remotely similar; the time spent gathering to doing other activities is way too high. This game feels like a chore. I don't mind harvesting or gathering, but quit games when I feel like I am spending too much time doing so. Crowfall screams at me right out the gate that I am spending too much time doing meaningless tasks. It is that constant reminder that what I am doing is not fun. Throw a few ganks in the mix
  9. But this goes back to my point. The campaign will be won by the largest guild and that was easily predicted so there is no ability to brag. No ability to brag by any player base, group base or guild base ruins competetive PVP games. Even if you are a humble person on video games, you still want to win. When your victory is only achieved by having more members than everyone else it turns into a very shallow victory. How many campaigns can you lie to yourself that you deserved it? How many campaigns can smaller guilds keep joining knowing they have no chance at beating the larger guilds? I
  10. I get what you are saying and think there is a valid point here, but the bigger issue is even if you replace passive training with active training, we have a boring skill progression system. This is the underlying problem in my opinion. Every game that has had a low power curve of leveling ruins the entire point of leveling or progressing. Think of all those games that you level up and your get more HP and health and maybe a few stats auto level, but you don't actively level your character. You don't even care when you level because you don't feel any different. Sure the numbers have chan
  11. I think there are some good ideas here. Right now the glass cannon of confessor doesn't feel like one because you dash away the moment you are caught. Due to the high mobility skills of this game that EVERY class has it isn't often that you are "caught". Traditional casting glass cannon roles can put out great damage, but if someone makes it to you, you know you're dead. This could be changed easily by mechanics. Make it so tanks have an ability that blocks dash abilities for 5 seconds or so. This would actually allow tanks to lock down a player. The knight chain pull should do this in my
  12. I think the solution is making crafting easier, not adding more durability or decreasing durability loss on death. Death should be harsh, otherwise it is not feared. I get bored of most single player games, because you die and respawn and nothing bad ever happened to you. You are a god that does not fear death. Then there is Dark Souls. Although you know you will die a lot in a game like Dark Souls, you still fear death because you lose something of value. 10% durability loss is very little for a death. Think of top tier gear that took a long time to harvest and craft. Do you want th
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