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  1. Thanks to those that messaged me I have a Guild now. See you all in game Guild criteria: Region: EU Atmosphere: Looking for a friendly ,laid back crowd that likes to get things done Casual/Hardcore?: Something right down the middle . Relaxed hardcore Size: Depends on the guild as numbers don't mean much if its not organised. Play-Style: I like diversity enjoy crafting but also enjoy PVP especially group PVP, Think I will have to do 2 accounts to get my fix! Commitment Will put in the time for the right game. But usually daily player 5+ hrs Miscellaneous: I enjoy some light RPGing so would like being in a RPG guild that doesn't mind me dipping in and out. Just started playing Alpha few days ago would like some folks to hang around with during testing and hopefully beyond. Experience: Wow where to start been doing this since original Everquest and played pretty much all triple A mmo's since and some less popular ones, spent years in Everquest,EQ2,Vanguard, SWG,GuildWars,WOW,Fallen Earth and AOC to name a few Was one of the top crafters on Vanguard and have experience in running a guild. Sadly no game has ever topped SWG, for all round fun and commitment that game was my life! . I HAVE lived on tatooine. .
  2. Ohh a blast from the past, was a member of KDS for a time back in SWG had been with MDU for most of SWG then moved to KDS with a couple of friends for a bit more pvping, good to see you guys are still around
  3. Hi all just pledged can't believe this one slipped under my MMO radar Anyways hope to be in game soon
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