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  1. Hey hey! I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to do any testing at this stage. I might if I can get a premade group together- so I'll message you if I have some free time I'm east coast (Atlanta), but I'm flexible My wife won't be joining for testing- she's still knee deep in Wildstar at the moment and I don't think has the time to devote to two MMOs. We're looking at CF as a post "we've been raiding for two years solid" kind of change
  2. Hey all, been lurking for a while- but finally decided to commit given the holiday sale. I know TCO will have a few players in, so trying to see what's what. I'm typically a PvE player (Raid Leader for our Wildstar Chapter), but after two years of leading PvE raids, this looks like something very different that will be fun for my wife and I. So, I'll see you around the forums now that I can post
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