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    gaming, star wars; competitional swimming; wind and kitesurfing
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  1. pls speak english or dutch some language everyone can read
  2. thats not a bad idea at all i can make up from people on youtube that is very annoying to keep running out of ammo and have to open up inventory in order to take new ammo
  3. laughin coffin... might be something for u... mebbe u even recognise it
  4. just backed crowfall

  5. usually a solo player killer/explorer when in party loyal to the end
  6. hey guys, just pledged with bronze pack im hyped for this game and cant wait to get started.. definitely going for a archer type of character. see u all in game i hope greetz darth-rayman ( lord of the sith, qonquerer of balmorra, champion of the eternal throne.)
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