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  1. I never bought the animation cancelling as a 'skill' argument since a lot of it tends to be done by macro anyway (at least in other games). From a game play point of view, I think it takes away from the back and forth cadence of a fight. Again, if you're unable to react to what your opponent is doing and how he is attacking you, that takes away from the 'skill' of fighting. Everything just turns into some kind of Mortal Combat button mash. To me there's also the dev side of it. If long, drawn out animations can just be cancelled, then I'd question why we aren't having snappier, quicker animations in the first place.
  2. Totally agree. Folks leaving characters logged in all day and night should show this is a needed feature. And frankly one that is important to the economy of this game. Not much point in taking the time, energy and resources to craft if you have to be online when people buy your stuff.
  3. I honestly can't remember ever being involved in a game in beta where people continuously complained about mechanics designed to bring gamers together. I don't agree with this concept that smaller guilds can't find a home in this game. Especially a smaller guild comprised of really skillful players. Yes, maybe you won't be successful holding down forts or compete for the top spots in a campaign. But that doesn't mean you can't have FUN if you choose to play that way. Basically - embrace your choices and set your own goals. In WAR, SWG and WoW I lead guilds that were smaller than our rivals on the faction with fewer members. We couldn't go toe to toe with other guilds and beat them just by brute force. We had to be smarter. More agile. And everybody needed to know how to move together as a cohesive unit. From what I've seen such a guild could be successful in this game. And an alliance of guilds with similar thinking could also be very successful. You won't be running into the teeth of a massive blob, but that's part of knowing your strengths and weaknesses as a unit.
  4. Or that its a reasonable expectation that players work with other players in an MMO. Silly I know.
  5. @ZYBAK - Created a new version of that tier list. Some better, more consistent icons (based on the archetype). Also includes both the class and the archetype name to help newer players figure out what to try and where to find them. Icons are also color-coded based on role (melee, ranged, healer, hybrid). The example below is from @galvia and based on Group PvP https://tiermaker.com/create/crowfall-group-pvp-tier-list-587266
  6. Thanks - that video needs more views! Added it to my signature to hopefully spread the word a bit.
  7. Gotcha. Didn't notice you added something up by the Tier List logo. Carry on 😉 Anybody have a list of the sub-classes and how they align to the main classes? If I saw this and wanted to roll a Titan, I have no idea what main class specs into that. And of course the actual game gives you NO information what-so-ever.
  8. 1 - I do think they need some kind of catch-up mechanic. One I keep thinking about is being able to run one-time quests that unlock up to 25 percent of the passive training since the game went live. Let's those newer players not feel like they're hopefully behind. And the quests could be things like "kill 5 Stoneborn" or "participate in a fort siege" or "chop down 10 trees." Some effort required but nothing too incredibly crazy. The trick, though, is going to be not punishing players who have been in it for the long haul. You don't want newer players to feel left out, but you also can't negate the time and effort long term players have put into the game. IMO the campaigns already help with this tremendously with import/export limits and campaigns that begin and end. But at some level you need to let people login and feel like they're advancing their character. That's a staple of MMOs and what separates them from games like League of Legends. Take that away, or make things more disposable and I think you'll see players stop logging in. 2 - Not sure of Albion's model, but I think the EKs play into this. Unlike games like ESO, there aren't a limited number of spots (except for in campaigns) for vendors. Anybody can login and drop a vendor in their EK. What I think you're going to see is players who concentrate on crafting banding together to create 'malls.' This is what happened in SWG and it was incredible. Competing malls differentiated themselves by price, quality of goods and how much of a 'one-stop-shop' they are. Yes, players will actually need to interact with each other. Folks will spam general but that tends to not be effective and just gets them blocked by everybody. Folks will be much better off advertising here in the forums. And a 'Marketplace' chat channel would be great - letting folks spam their items and malls in a place where people can drop in when they're looking for something. It can also be used to help facilitate trades. But the key here is building relationships between players as they buy and sell goods. Versus the AH model where most people don't even pay attention to the name of the person they're buying from. It's all about the item and the price. With that said, there's a place for an AH for the low level goods. Put maybe a 1,000 gold limit on the AH so it doesn't compete with the vendors, but lets folks find those items they'll be buying a ton of (potions, food, tools) quickly and easily. 3 - Do we have details on the VIP program? To me the key is a) it isn't Pay To Win in any way shape or form, only offering either some convenience features or aesthetic upgrades. Mounts, pets, houses, other EK items, armor/weapon skins, costumes, that kind of stuff.
  9. Crazy to see a name from back in the day. I played on Corbantis and we spoke a couple of times during the Pre-CU and CU eras. Best of luck with the new gig!
  10. Congrats! You aren't by any chance the Tiggs from SWG are you?
  11. I'd love to see them do a definitive, two minutes 'mission' video. Here's who we are. Here's what we envision this game being. Here's why you should play it. As folks here have pointed out, the current teasers trailers out there don't really spell that out. You need to read between the lines a bit, and I think its resulting in some generally displeased players who are taking that ambiguity and creating a game in their heads that doesn't match reality.
  12. I was going to say this earlier. The shame of it is he's got some good points in that first post. They just doesn't make them effectively and their buried under a lot of 'I want the game tailored to my playstyle' malarkey. Good points more effectively written as constructive criticism: EKs are currently shallow. Public EKs with vendors shouldn't only be available when their owner is logged in. They should always be available. Many of the classes still need a lot of work. There are very few choices available as part of the PvP meta. Where's the mix of campaigns going on at the same time with different rule sets? Where's the risk v. reward in campaigns? UI needs to improve compared to other modern MMOs.
  13. The meaningless character portraits are a great example of this kind of thinking. The same of it is I think the toolbar is nice. And some customization of the chat would make it a really nice looking and easy to use feature. And it does look like they're adding hovers in over buffs/debuffs (even if they literally just say "." now). But there are some options that should have been built into the game from day one that are MMO staples. UI scale sliders. Movable and resizable frames. A mini-map or at least something that lets folks more easily navigate like waypoints.
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