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  1. Thanks for inviting us to the "large" scale battle this weekend. It was alot of fun, and something we should do again!
  2. I cant play on the EU server anymore. When i hit F to release crow, i start falling thru the ground. Happens after relog aswell. Happend to a friend of mine aswell. Playing on another server works fine tho.
  3. Haha yeah, sometimes it's really hard to find people to fight. But i just keep running around the map and eventually i find someone! Destrin and Jjohnsin, Thanks! Im going to try to make a new short movie after every weekend, so we can see how the game changes aswell.
  4. Hi everyone! Video from this weeks testing! Had alot of fun group fights and some really interesting 1vX. The group fights will be in another movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rg_fKjsT2g
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