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  1. Hmmmm I'm just gonna leave this here: D'Orion
  2. Normally you can train skills now, but they released a patch yesterday to get ready for the playtest tomorrow. Just a few more hours... Then you can explore everything!
  3. Jatari

    F2A reward

    Don't know a game that does this. You've some suggestions for a reward?
  4. Hey Welcome! At the moment you can't do anything. Just wait until the next playtest to get started.
  5. I've the same problem as you... In Chrome and in Firefox
  6. HTTPS is not implemented like it's supposed to be: http://prnt.sc/eezdeb Maybe an easy fix: forward http to https. Then users don't see the error 500 anymore. I can't post any images in a reply anymore. Thanks for everything! The new forums just look AWESOME!
  7. Maybe an easy fix: forward http to https. Then users don't see the error 500 anymore. Edit: Needs a review to: http://prntscr.com/eezdeb
  8. You're right. But it's just some personal taste and I think that if you know everything it this version, you'll find it in the next! But we've to wait now....
  9. I don't understand your post. Why is upgrading bad? Like always; it's just some personal taste. You find it bad, person X finds it good etc... If the problems are fixed, then upgrade.
  10. Ooh thanks man! This is just what I needed. This little picture makes my day
  11. Hi guys Does someone know if there is a wallpaper of the tree on the loading screen? I really like to have that image as my desktopimage. Thanks in advance!
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