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  1. @Yumx Thanks alot! Ill get started!
  2. Long story short. Backed it a 4-5 years ago, never really played the game. Hooked up my PC and here I am! Can someone give me a quick briefing on the three game modes and what the hell am I supposed to be doing? I played some of EK and I understand the farming end of it but not sure about the other game modes! Any help at all will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  3. martyr098


    Looking for a guild that is active and wouldnt mind helping a noob out! Played SB for years and finally hooked up the rig to play Crowfall! I also have discord and vent (if thats even still relevant) Thanks in advance!
  4. Backed this game YEARS ago. I often check in to see what is happening and how things are coming along. Was just wondering if there is a official date for the full game release. ALSO, I'm goin to fire up my PC for the first time in ages and load the game up. Is anyone recruiting or looking for new players? Thanks in advance!
  5. martyr098


    I backed this thing back in Feb of 15, been so long I have honestly kind of forgotten about it until now. Downloading the live client now and was just looking for some people to play with! Also, do we have an official release date yet? Thanks in advance!
  6. I haven't been following the game much since I "backed" it in January or February of last year. I paid 60 dollars and my confirmation email says it should be delivered by December 2016, is that still the target date? Also, in the package for 60 dollars was Beta 1, is there a date for that? Thanks everyone, ahead of time!
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