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  1. Seems a lot of the posts here recently (since KickStarter started) have been about limiting game mechanics. Look guys. The games that this game was formed from and took inspiration from is a PLAYER driven game/games. If you want mechanics to limit, protect, or aid with anything I would suggest you go back to playing whatever cookie cutter BS that is it you have been playing. The reason this game is being made the way it is, is because there is a rather large community of ppl who don't want their hands to held. They don't want a "antigreifing" mechanic. We want friendly fire.
  2. Yes, neked. Some of the campaigns will require you to NOT bring gear in, like the Shadow.
  3. Whoa whoa! We don't use that kinda language here. /crotchgrab
  4. I don't think it is a bad idea, all I'm saying is "great ideas" like these have killed games, like these. Just saying. *EDIT* And I agree with chancellor ^
  5. We have had this conversation before. Pages worth. *EDIT* And I shouldn't have to explain it. Look around a bit and im sure you will find more then enuff ammo for a no.
  6. No to fast travel. None. Zip. Zero. Zilch.
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