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  1. In an effort to make sure we do not fall behind, we have added two new wiki contributors! We would like to introduce Skinny and Defnoboy. They are avid gamers that have been long time friends and members of our gaming community. Their abilities to contemplate and debate the smallest game details will be put to good use. We will continue to add contributors as need to keep the wiki as current as possible.
  2. Sounds great. http://crowfallwiki.com/images/100100crowfallwiki.png
  3. Any old time associates can hit me up for the new teamspeak/contact info.
  4. Ratchet


    Still wishing sbemu would have open sourced years ago. They would have been so much further along.
  5. Good ideas. Until we get more content we will add quotes where ever relevant. I was thinking about setting a DevTracker, but the one from http://www.crowscall.com/ is pretty nice. So I linked it on the left side nav bar.
  6. Characters Leech/Toolbox/Illegalbeagle Guilds Undying/Legion/House of deathGrab Remember a lot of good fights with UDL,HoE, and HotF
  7. I would like to announce a little project some friends and I have been working on. The Crowfall Wiki crowfallwiki.com We will do our best to keep everything accurate and up to date as more information is released. We will link to other useful fan sites and keep the front page setup as a good starting point for locating Crowfall information. Feel free to comment back here or through the forum Messenger with any questions or suggestions.
  8. Ratchet


    Dota 2 and Rust (before hackers took over, great grief potential on rust)
  9. Wait did they hire Mindworm back?
  10. I agree in theory having code do less and players do more is good. But, in the original shadowbane, that just didn't work. It rewarded and encouraged zergs when the engine/bugs could not handle zergs. Zergs killed small guild/group pvp and politics. Adding mines was a step in the right direction, but not enough. I played on most the servers at one point and most of them did get a bit stale. So the resets of test definitely made for good times, and if you didn't spend some time there you probably missed out.
  11. Played on Mourning after Carnage was shutdown.
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