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    Corrupted Essence is always looking for so mature players, we understand that real life takes priority, but we love to play.

    We need all classes and are trying to get as big of a guild as possible.

    Myself and the guild leader are Canadian, but we welcome all.

    Join us friend,

    Reply to this message, if you wish to join us and I will get the Guild leader to invite you.


    Once a guild invite is sent, it needs to be accepted on crowfall.com - Community tab/guild tab.

    Thank You

  2. Just brainstorming on the fly here but I guess the win conditions could be either the defending faction holding the poi's / forts for a certain period of time or holding all of the poi's. Players who loose on the horde side would still be rewarded with collected materials and so on, the same as the planned campaigns but maybe at a reduced rate so there is incentive still. If the horde prevails they get all resources collected by themselves and of course access to a reduced percentage of the materials and resources gathered by the defending factions which would be left in chests within the forts for example. It would be difficult to prevent people from fixing the campaign to tip in the hordes favour but I would say increased material drops for defending factions would be one way to give incentive to players not to rig the matches. I think it would best for the mode to allow a way to win for both sides and maybe even a draw if the campaign runs too long Ty for your post I was starting to think people forgot what a suggestion was in these forums and just wanted to intellectually stomp fellow fans of the title. I would love to here anymore questions you may have or even any ideas you have for this awesome game x GG x Merry Christmas to you and happy new year
  3. If your not going to read what I wrote don't bother commenting. This game has the mechanics for such a mode and even uses them for the planned campaigns so like I told the last elitist, get off ya high horse and chill out. If you wanna troll and moan at someone may I suggest you use reddit there are lots of your kind there The forums are here to promote community and I think you have forgotten that so consider this as an early Christmas present: Buying a more expensive package does not give you anymore entitlement than some who bought the cheapest package. Attacking random people in forums will not bring you happiness. Remember to take all ideas and suggestions with a pinch of salt. Life is too short. Comedy is for those of keen intellect or humorous demeanour. So do us all a favour and take yourself to someone who cares about your ego fuelled. nonsensical garbage. Consider this post over it is an old post anyways time to leave it be. x GG x
  4. I like to think everything is subject to change and there is pve content throughout crowfall already, otherwise you would not have a hunger bar, or mobs and they talked about higher ranking mobs defending poi. The idea is also viable in a pvp only enviroment whereby the players take the role of the "horde" (if they die) and the defending factions. But hey we are all entitled to our opinions, ideas and suggestions hence why you found this post in the suggestion section of the forum. x GG x
  5. Are we still going on about this....wow. Sorry I did not quote you that was not intentional; It's not all about you princess. "Salty"...loving the use of buzz words to trigger a response and in a strange way I suppose it worked so savour your victory ... >.> ....... I have not denied or defamed anyone who has not been constructive....and if anyone was to take a quick glance at any of your posts they can see a trend here..... a sort of pacifier out of the pram mentality when anyone tries to make a "suggestion" that does not sit with your own ideals on what this game should be. Though to give you some points, you could change to be a more positive, constructive, open minded, mature member of the community. You could. But you haven't yet. So to wrap this up nicely I will refer to my previous statement: ..........pssst take the hint to save yourself any further embarrassment....... With love and never any malice or ill feeling, x GG x -Not edited for too many "lols"-
  6. I have revised my idea due to comments and feedback through this forum and reddit and currently in the process of doing so again so your statement is false. We could sit here and talk over the semantics over what is constructive criticism and what is clearly a passive aggressive outburst derived from some deep, disturbing need to appear intellectually superior to all who disagree with you and your stiff, unimaginative ideas on a lore that is yet to be set in stone. However I digress ....why don't we all take a page from this lady's book and....... with love x GG x
  7. We are all entitled to our opinions but with all things in life it is about balance to neglect that is to tip the scale. This was only ever intended for inspiration and speculation, I do not really see how you have come to the conclusion that I am spear heading some sort of campaign. I can understand how people defend the things they love but when someone presents you an IDEA and just an idea accept it for what it is and don't take it to heart or for gospel. So come down from that high horse of yours and join us all in a more pleasant conversation with some real constructive criticism and an open mind. x GG x
  8. Lol nice troll tip of the hat to you sir x GG x
  9. I could understand your concern if my idea was presented in other way than an idea for the future, we all understand how early the game is in it's development. x GG x
  10. You are basing your assumptions on a broad overview of the crows and their factions not on individual basis of each character so my lore still stands. I think you'll find lore and mechanics are deeply intertwined in this game and factions siding with each other in one campaign and fighting against each other in the next is a change in mechanics and lore so that has been settled get over it. My IDEAS are based on an adaption of the current lore and direction they could take it, flexibility is key in the gaming industry something your clearly lack. Cannot you not imagine outside of what you have already read or must you be spoon fed your reality. Stop trying to throw intellectual tantrums when someone is trying to be creative. I advise you put on your big boy pants on and realise what this thread was intended for, to inspire and create a positive discussion around the game. It is in the suggestion criteria for gods sake, please leave this discussion for those who actually want to contribute.
  11. I feel that you having trouble grasping the concept of a flexible lore, the devs have already stated each campaign will have a multiple victory outcomes. Each campaign's lore alters slightly if you pay attention therefore the hunger calling out to creatures from distant lands would work just fine...I made no mention to gods / factions in the lore i wrote so it is free to interpretation maybe these heroes do not belong to any particular group and are free to act how they see fit. To them they are compelled to save the land for themselves to preserve it not ransack it of its resources for the sake of some selfish gods. xGGx
  12. Revised information: When a player dies they become one of the hungers troops and has to fight against their kin to destroy the objectives Dead players turn into minions of the horde and have to attack the objectives. The higher number of mobs/ horde players within the map the lower the amount of resources available and the world falls into chaos beginning to die. The lower the number of mobs / horde players within the map the higher the amount of resources available and the world finds order springing to life again. Or they could reach a certain wave level and save the outposts winning the campaign. Players who die could inhabit a different vessel where they have no access to gear but a new set of unique skills so there is no sense of of loss and players who are defending objectives have more of a chance of succeeding against the ever growing horde. These features would work well with the current format. Lemme know what you think x GG x
  13. I have taken on board everyone's opinion from here and reddit and with all your help I have come up with a revised version please let me know what you think x GG x
  14. Oh yes still very early days and from what I can see the title is defiantly on track with their original vision. Gotta love the ACE team for taking risks and revitalising a very stale genre. x GG x
  15. Well as much as I respect wanting to appeal to a niche market what ultimately establishs their success in this industry is sales and sales alone. I would hate to think such a talented team would lose out on an opportunity to continue their good work and evolve the mmorpg genre for the better because of excluding a huge part of the fan base for the genre. And what I have suggested could fit perfectly within their vision if the mechanics they are developing are implemented properly but hey this was just to spark conversation, inspire others x GG x
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