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  1. For the record, I don't know anything about Ranger yet, but I'm down for a 5v5 Ranger Royale as well next weekend, in a different state for the holidays.
  2. Sorry to say I'm not going to be joining in on all the reindeer games this time. One warning was enough for me, and arguing with a child is pretty much the definition of futile. That said, our members have documented,reported, and seen a number of bugs we first discovered successfully fixed. We are here to accomplish the true purpose of the Alpha phase by assisting in the testing of this game, and if you cared about this game half as much as Forumbane, it'd likely be that one of you fine folks running your mouth constantly would have discovered the bug earlier, and it could have been fixed
  3. We're thug as hell son, strapped up with warning points and 9s and whatever else they say these days.
  4. No offense taken Tinnis, Uya went ahead and threw up another one from before he even had access to the Flies of Doom. By the way, we need to sit down and talk about Ranger sometime, I wish to learn senpai!
  5. Because if you didn't already apply yesterday, you're doing it wrong.
  6. Nerf Ranger. Clearly overpowered. Just look at those spikes!
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