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  1. Removing instant sneak doesn't fix the plethora of rogues sitting around at disc drops, vorg, running zones that can't attack eachother unless they bring a scout. That was just a flawed concept, and it needed fixing. Sorry but "bringing a scout" should not be the only way to properly engage in the smallscale/solo elements of this game. And yes, there are various awful/clunky workarounds (coming out of stealth to let your enemy get the jump on you/bait him, using ground target AoEs, and so on) - but those are just that; ineffective, awful, clunky workarounds.
  2. Can still get GM stealth if you really want it. I think they're just less invincible in small scale. Scouts and thieves are no longer the only things seen in smallscale, and non-scout rogues can actually fight eachother in smallscale now rather than stay in stealth forever - I don't think that's a bad thing?
  3. Based on the game mechanics, action combat and the pace of combat we've had, adding in friendly fire in a basic form would be disastrous and make so many abilities and group compositions worthless/extremely difficult to use. I really don't think friendly fire adds that much to the game - it will make the game 100x more complicated to balance. So I'm hoping they skip it!
  4. In regards to a location, should we specify for what type location or a generic name that might be applied to all types? Eg "Blah Blah Forest" - would this be inappropriate because it may be potentially applied to a non forest?
  5. Bit of a random question, but will the Disciplines themselves ingame be getting a more robust tooltip alluding to their lore or capabilities beyond the more 'technical' aspect of the power descriptions? EG, " Using ancient secrets and techniques developed long ago and preserved by the Holy Church, Undead Hunters can seek out and track undead creatures, protect themselves from their blighted touch, and bless their weapons with the power to kill even the dead. "
  6. Apologies for stealing the thunder! I'd echo your sentiments - opening up this large customisation is very much so a major feature. I'm sure people will be much more able to create the fantasy of their own character and feel like it is just that - their own. That's a very hard thing to get right in MMOs.
  7. don't look at me like that cw, you're making me blush
  8. http://massivelyop.com/2017/05/16/crowfall-is-shifting-away-from-race-bound-class-archetypes/
  9. Our group has also had major concerns with this. When we took a break and kept up to date via videos, it was just absurd viewing health bars flow upward despite incoming damage pressure. In our more practical experience it's less firehose healing and more "waterfall" healing from our (admittedly sparser than some here) experiences. At least there was some form of targeting and timing with other MMO firehose healing systems.
  10. I think you caught me mid editing! My bad, you may wish to check above, particularly the last two paragraphs. That should clear up the intent. What I'm saying isn't that current combos = entirely bad. It's that... well, read the last paragraph for that. They don't serve a function in some cases ( since we've established that unique or long animations can serve the same interactivity element) because their use cases can be erratic and the cool or unique part of the ability becomes super de-emphasised or doesn't feel as good as a result.
  11. If I am casting an ability, and as such an animation is showing on my character that is unique to that ability and it has 2s cast time, people around me have up to 2 seconds to notice my animation that is telegraphing my intent, and react accordingly. (stun/move/dodge/blah) If I am in attack chain 1 of a 3 combo chain, and the third combo is the "big deal", and it takes 2 seconds to get from combo 1 to combo 3, then people around me have up to 2 seconds to notice my animations of the previous two combos, which are telegraphing my intent, and react accordingly. (stun/move/dodge/blah) Is
  12. I appreciate that ideal. It's of course a way to produce an interative combat system. However.... Can't an animation show me that? I can see, for example, in Shadowbane when someone was casting an important spell. This gave me time to get out of the way, to stun them, to displace, etc. Why do so many of the unique and cool effects need to be buried in generic chains that (sometimes) don't otherwise connect to the "idea" of the final ability? When I want to use an specific effect it produces the scenario where I have to go through a bunch of stuff I don't care about. That reduces the feeling of
  13. Huh? They specifically stated they were taking example from TERA & WILDSTAR combat. Surely then, that invites comparison to the games it takes inspiration from?
  14. The "combos" in Crowfall aren't actually really combos, since they are all the same ability they are in fact not "combinations" of anything - they're attack/skill chains like in GW2, for eg. You might say semantics, but... I always found it really weird they were called combos. It invites the thoughts of something much more highly complex/intriguing than basic attack chains, so is a little bit of a let down due to expectations. Some of them feel rewarding (last I played) but others felt very underwhelming, esp. due to the anim locks. By the time you get to the combo that you actually wante
  15. For me it's mostly because of being busy with other things in life right now in terms of participation. But I'm not really all that enthused about testing anything currently. However, honestly it's not that attractive. Combat is incredibly.. just static and boring right now. It's far, far, far too slow with far, far, far too little movement. It just wasn't what I had expected. I hope it will improve, but honestly, what I consider to be the problems seem like real structural/foundational design decisions; the pace of movement being awfully slow, the lack of movement abilities, the flow of c
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