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  1. yeah, player run shops were a big thing in UO. Glad to see that they are coming for Crowfall aswell. It all these things besides just pvp that made UO so great and a lot of people also seeking in Crowfall.
  2. meh not sure if a simple pvp loop is enough for a full-fledged MMO ("there is no sand in the sandbox") Darkfall did the same and failed horribly...
  3. I would say at the end of 2018. I don't think they can keep developing forever.
  4. so if Crowfall would make VIP mandatory for everyone then Crowfall wouldn't be p2w anymore? Do I understand this correct?
  5. I think a lot of people who grew older and saw their favorite sandbox mmos being closed because it didn't made enough money.
  6. well, I'm not a youtuber but your video seems well made and deserves some views. But I got a bit bored, maybe its because the content is directed at Crowfall newbies. I added your video to the sidebar of my wiki... maybe it will get you 5-10 views
  7. why do people keep pushing this thread? just let it die...
  8. yeah, its pre-alpha and the new player experience is pretty bad and won't be improved until right before the game gets released. But I agree that the HUD looks a bit too cluttered and is confusing for any new player.
  9. I'm sure someone will make one when the game gets closer to release. For some reason, there is a surprisingly large amount of developers in the CF community.
  10. that recipe sheet gonna be helpful for a lot of people. nice work so far
  11. the game is at least 6 months away if not longer.
  12. sounds interesting but it also sounds like it would complicate things more.
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