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  1. Original Post was updated to make Guild Information Current
  2. Bear1968

    Conan Exile

    After putting in an almost embarrassing amount of hours into Age of Conan, picking up Conan Exiles was almost mandatory for me I played it a while today and it did have many issues but I think it is way to early to be throwing it under the bus. Believe it or not I was getting Flashbacks back to The Secret World in Alpha but Funcom did dial that one in pretty well! I am sure they will iron everything out soon. I used to play 1 MMO and 1 Shooter but in the last few years the Shooter has been replaced by a Survival game and I am getting a bit burned out with H1Z1 so I really hope the best for Conan Exiles.
  3. There are a few options. It depends on whether you want to rent a Site from someone like Guildlaunch or Enjin, use a free site from one of those mentioned providers with limited features and advertisements or run your own from a webserver. Guildlaunch and Enjin are both very good Guild/Clan site providers for rented and free sites. Both have built in Forums and many other features. If you are looking for an easy CMS to use EQdkp Plus is very easy to set up and has just about every feature you ask for with the exception of a forum. A phpBB Forum can be easily installed and EQdkp Plus is set up to bridge with it as well as a few more forums. If you are looking into setting up your own you can check out the link in my sig. We use EQdkp Plus with a phpBB forum.
  4. Hey Peeps! I thought I would stop in and say hello! Everyone calls me Bear, I have been slumming around in DbD Gaming for going on 14 years now. I am kinda in between MMOs right now and looking for one to commit to and when I say commit, I mean it! I have logged over 7k Hours in Age of Conan and 4k in Rift Proof Lately I have been Playing the Chinese version of Revelation Online and in all honesty I am extremely excited to play something new that is NOT an Asian MMO and Crowfall looks like it may fit the bill! Oh well, I guess I will see you in game and I will be lurking around the Forum!
  5. Sure! Go to https://en.gravatar.com/ register then set up the Avatar you want there. Go to Crowfall Community/My Control Panel/Settings/Profile Settings/Photo then Select "Use Gravitar"
  6. About DbD Gaming was formed in 2002 to provide a relaxed online gaming atmosphere and has had Clans / Guilds in some of the most popular MMOs, Shooters and Survival Games. DbD Gaming was built on the principal that Gaming should be relaxing and fun and not a Full-Time Job ran by Elite Cliques. We encourage members to play at YOUR OWN PACE and participate only as much as you feel comfortable doing. As far as rules go we have found that Pub Rules work the best. Treat others the way you wish to be treated, keep religious and political views to yourself and just have fun! What We Offer We have a core membership of extremely friendly and helpful Veteran Gamers that have been with us for years. We also have a dedicated server where we run our Web Site, Forum and a 512 Slot Teamspeak 3 Server. Who are We Looking For? Whether you spend every waking moment in game or you are limited to playing just a few hours a week that's fine with us! It does not matter if your personal Focus is PvP, Crafting or Dungeon Crawling, there is a place for you here! How Do I Join? With the current State of Crowfall, the best thing you could do is go to DbD Gaming and familiarize yourself with us. You are more than welcome to participate in our Forum discussions as well as join us in some of the other Games we are active in while waiting for Crowfall!
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