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  1. you said it yourself, a minigame system isn't twisting knobs because it would be an actual game inside the game, i don't come to games to feel like i'm clicking buttons or counting stats (even if that is what i'm doing in RL) but we're different people you want crafting to be a quick and painless process that you do occasionally after doing your main stuff, i want it to stand up as its own thing, i don't want it to be just some sideshow attraction that you do when you've done everything else, i want to be drawn in and entertained by it and that would require it to be more immersive and fun to do (for me at least). This would of course turn off people like you and to that i say, so what? the dev team has said before they don't want one person to be able to do everything anyway. and it sounds to me like you enjoy the rest of the game just fine. well i want to be a crafter, and it's very boring currently. if i wanted to watch a progress bar tick by after pressing some buttons i'd uninstall the game and reinstall it over and over again. i'd get that same level of enjoyment out of that that i do from the current crafting system. TBH i'm tired of games saying they want crafting to be a main activity up there with everything else in game and then going ahead and doing the same basic freaking crafting system that has been around forever just because it's the easiest thing to do.
  2. and i don't want to have to stare at a menu or use a spreadheet to exp one of the "pillars" of play. i want to be in the game moving my character around and interacting with the world as i craft something, not staring at a menu and twisting different knobs to see what generic piece of crap it shats out. PS, i come to games for fun, not for efficiency ergo , idc if the crafting system is less efficient so long as it's more immersive and fun to interact with. especially if they tout it as one of the "pillars" of their game.
  3. 1- don't worry, i'm not going to, also, how long does it really take to type out a few instructions and how many people really have to be taken away from other tasks to do that? 2- and i've called them out on their hogwash as well, if you can't learn the systems of the game in the game then that's hogwash. also, i don't care about excelling at a GAME but i guess that shows me how you play games. 3- true, i've never worked on a game before, have you? and if so can i see what pile of crap you made? again, how long does it take to type out some freaking instructions? also, it has been 5 years of development and beta is just around the corner according to them and the game runs like hot garbage. 4- when the hell did i ask them to hold my hand? i'm asking them to make crafting take place in world like the other 2 "pillars" of the game, which is a lot less hand holdy than clicking some freaking buttons. 5- Indie devs have released in this time-frame before while doing the some of the same stuff as crowfall, honestly not a lot of crowfall is original. There have been games with procedural maps before, there have been games that have been mmos before, and there have been games where 1000s of people can be on the same server fighting before. so they're not inventing anything overly new, at most they are combining aspects of previous mmos/games and creating a new game out of those concepts, therefore i'm not gonna cut them any slack on development time.
  4. there was a surivival game awhile back (i can't remember what it was called) where you dropped items on the floor in certain quantities and combinations, and those made different things, that's one way to do it. there are other things they could do as well, let's use blacksmithing as an example, you could mine coal and use it in the furnace to control the temp, different temps provide different stats and different metals have different stats depending on what temp it is, then when it comes to shaping your weapon(on an anvil) it could take the form of a rythm game where you time button presses. Runemaking, how about they make different runes that you combine together to form an effect, so let's say you walk up to a rune crafting table, instead of taking you into a menu it zooms in the on the table, the table has 5 slots. in those slots you can put different runic letters, each runic letter does something different and each slot makes it do something different as well, now suddenly you have to decipher an entirely new language and only some crafters will have access to certain runes because they are the only ones who have figured out that recipe. regardless of what they do, i just don't want to have to navigate yet ANOTHER menu to craft.
  5. 1- they should already be in the game, a tooltip box at the least(showing you what you can do and where you can go). 2- shouldn't have to go to an external source to learn about a game so...no. 3- judging by how the game looks, my graphics card SHOULD be able to run it, and beta is just around the corner so..where's the optimization? they have also had 5 years to make it run well, it doesn't. 4- and those stations open up into...a menu. 5- it has been 4-5 years of development, they should be nearing completion and the game currently sucks, sorry if that hurts your easily bruised feelings, i don't like this game (as it is now) you do, get over it. 6- every single thing i listed was constructive feedback (hidden behind a heaping load of contempt.) just in case you don't believe me here ya go, i used shorter sentences for you, not to mention numbered em. 1- (some) gathering sfx is unsynced from the animation. 2-the UI is horrible, it needs changing. 3- the map is hard to understand, needs changing. 4- small tutorials need to be a thing asap to show people what to do and where to go. (it has been 4-5 years and beta is just around the corner, do it.) 5- Performance is horrible on a computer that should be able to eat this game for breakfast. (optimize your damn game.) 6- Gathering AND Combat take place outside of menus, crafting should as well.(get creative and find a freaking solution, cause as it stands i will NEVER enjoy crafting.) 7- i don't like the art direction, sue me. it's dark and muted and boring. 8- i don't enjoy not being able to curse, it's a major part of my vocabulary ( i've gone to multiple sites to learn curse words cause it's fun) and they have taken that away from me (on the forum and i assume in game) 9- i paid 60$ for a founders pack because i thought the concept was cool, i'm now regretting spending those 60$. i truly hope this game becomes good, but i just don't think it will (judging by where they've gotten in 4-5 years.)
  6. i played on the live build, cause i assumed it would be more stable.
  7. Cause honestly everything feels horrible... gathering sucks, and for some reason when i hit rocks with a hammer the animation and the sfx isn't synced properly and it just makes me want to throw up. the UI is utter garbage and i'm not trying to be mean but it's really, really bad. And...WHO DESIGNED THE MAP!?! what even is this!? also, if you're not gonna have a tutorial at least have some tool tip boxes that pop up when you do stuff, ik there are some that do pop up but it's for mostly self-evident things, i'm talking EK tutorials/wth to even do, i need some freaking direction, i mean come on hold my hand for like 10 minutes and teach me what your game is about!!. and don't even get me started on performance...10-60 fps on a GTX 1080 16gb of ram and an I-7 something something something..come on now...ALSO WHY IS CRAFTING TAKING PLACE IN A MENU!? especially when the other two types of activity take place in world (i mean you're still hitting stuff whether you're gathering or combating but still, it's in world and not buried in a freaking menu.). i do understand that they have been working on backend stuff mostly, but i mean come on! it's what 4-5 years in development at this point and this is what we have? also the graphics kinda suck(subjective i know, but it's all just so drab and muted..ugh, i get that crowfall isn't taking place in a happy place/time but come on give me a LITTLE color, you can still be colorful while being serious, it's that dichotomy that makes stuff interesting.), and don't tell me all this stuff is placeholder, they've had 4-5 years to develop this stuff, people have done amazing things in that amount of time. ALSO DON"T %+@!$#?&*^ I N G CENSOR MY CURSING! i had to self edit my post so this stuff "poorly made dergs" didn't ruin my flow. S H I T isn't a bad word it's a bodily function!! TL:DR i'm not happy with my purchase and i expect better(especially in the time they've been given). I'll hold out hope that this turns out well but i'm not expecting anything from this game or developer anymore.
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