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  1. I literally cannot contain my excitement. This is what we've been waiting for. Some have been waiting for a week, some for a month, and some, who joined in the early beginning, a really long time. I am so anxious and I hope that all of you guys are too.
  2. I absolutely love the theme. It has an amazing feel of epicness, gloom and doom.
  3. to your team and afterwords both teams share a special
  4. but I currently have no way of knowing that, so
  5. Female and male centaurs should look really similar, except, the males could be a little bigger than the females.
  6. You did drop a mountain of information on us and we are indeed very grateful for it! And good job on the Hell Cat, guys!
  7. She's an assassin. She's isn't supposed to be noble or honest. Her kind have their ways and their reasons to act that way. And, Jesus Christ, it's a game character.
  8. An assassin. Holy mother of yes. And now we can see a bit of custimzation in her character.
  9. If PermaDeath could only be allowed on certain Campaigns, that would actually make the game more interesting for experienced players. It doesn't have to exist in every single Campaign. Only a few.
  10. The Campaign FAQ section is a wonderful thing. I understood a lot more and got quite a few of my questions answered. And about making people stay in the same Campaign... I think the best way to ensure this, is to tie a character to a certain Campaing. Want to change Campaigns? Make a new character!
  11. I would glady fund this project. It's a yes from me.
  12. She might actually be an assassin of some kind.
  13. At least now we know that this class has wings. The female version, at least.
  14. World reset is one of the most fabulous ideas I have heard of.

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