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  1. Doomshadow

    Cleric builds

    @mandalore I am very new to clerics. Do you put all your leveling points in Spirit for healing or any into Int, or all into Int? Thanks for the post, very informative!
  2. How have you been able to get into Test? I hit "Browse Campaigns" and it says 16 people are online. I click Enter and it never moves. I've been trying to get into Test for a week or so. It either says it's in Maintenance Period, which I understand, but when it does allow me into the lobby to advance training, I can't get in to actually test 5.8.5
  3. And Nephilim, And a true Scout
  4. I tried logging in this morning( I wanted to see the Aracroix!!!) and it showed 2/1350 online, but when I clicked Enter, the screen never moved. i tried this multiple times.
  5. I noticed that under the chat tab for "Me" you get a message saying "Inventory is full", However it still sounds like you are picking up the resource drops. I think it would make it clearer, faster, to not be able to pick up the item, or get a pop up message or alert. I rarely go into the chat under the "Me" tab, so I looked and found about 20 or more consecutive messages saying my inventory was full. Nothing game-changing, but I think it would be a nice QoL issue. Keep up the great work!
  6. I noticed that when approaching towers and outposts, some show up as diamonds on your direction bar, and some don't.
  7. I have been testing since December 2016. It would be very cool to see a compilation of screenshots or videos showing the progress from each of the major milestones. I think if ArtCraft could put that together,, maybe people frustrated with what they think is slow development(including myself at times!) will see how far the game has actually come.
  8. Since I lost my level, leaderboard capture points, inventory and upgraded weapons and armor on Test, does that force me to lose the 3+ hours spent towards the 4 hours to achieve the reward for playing on Test, @jtoddcoleman and @thomasblair?
  9. Actually, you have to switch to combat, then go back to Harvesting and your pips will now be visible. Same issues as many others-I spent 3+ hours crafting on Test and I log in tonight and all the armor and weapons are GONE. My points for taking outposts are GONE. My levels are GONE. Very disappointed.
  10. I always thought it interesting, how you have to train into BOTH ore and stone to get the 3% buff. With passive training taking so long (remember this is supposedly THREE TIMES faster what it will be like at launch) , it seems like they could place this better and allow you to train it in one or the other.
  11. But how do you get a SM crafting table if you can only put a basic crafting station into your EK? I am trying to make the tables to put into my EK.
  12. I noticed with a lot of towers, if you don't approach the ladder from a specific side, it will port you several meters away from the tower.
  13. So I logged into Test. I applied the Stonemason disc while in a fort we controlled. I went to the stonemasonry crafting table and all it would allow me to make is Stonemasonry components. I wish I knew how to do a screen shot to submit but i don't-sorry.
  14. I keep getting booted. First I was in the starting area, and randomly got kicked out to the lobby. This happened a couple times. Then I played for a while and was going to the beachhead, when I got disconnected again. Then, each of the next 5 times trying to get back in, it would get to loading terrain, and then kick me back to the lobby.
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