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  1. Wow, good catch! That is really awesome! SV is a freaking great show. I do agree Bachman was the best character on it though, tied with Martin Starr's character.
  2. Small suggestion. When harvesting/looting and you are out of inventory space, I think the loot should not disappear like it currently does. Either a flying text or warning should appear, something like You can't pick up the item, or Out of Inventory space, and the item should stay on the ground. Right now, it disappears and I think most players would assume it went into their inventory. Unless you are quick, you won't notice the message under the Me tab that the item can't be added. Plus, the item just disappears from the world instead of giving you a second chance to remove something less valuable from your inventory and pick up the item.
  3. I know this is a small one, but in the Chaos temple, on the vendors near the crafting stations, there is no blue tin, which I use in runecrafting tools. It has all rarities but blue.
  4. When you right click a tool to add to an open slot on your Survival tray, it automatically fills 1, instead of the next open slot on the tray.
  5. When you loot a mob, or do anything to bring up the character screen, you used to be able to move, like hit W, and the character info would automatically disappear. Now you have to active hit Escape and it feels terrible. You have to do that after every mob. If I kill three spiders. I can't just loot all three bodies consecutively. feels very clunky.
  6. Thank you for the update. It is sometimes hard to find this information in responses to player posts. Is it possible to put this type of info(delay of Q&A and such) in the News and Announcements so it would be easier to find? Also, since this campaign ends in about 2 days. could we at least find out if there is going to be a break, or another campaign(short or otherwise) before 5.100 so we know iif there will be a complete item/character wipe after this weekend? Thanks in advance!
  7. @Pann I understand less news coming out, but what about the July Q&A? I understand nothing in the first week with the 1st Thursday being the Fourth, but another week with no Q&A? Are we going to have to wait until July 18th? Are we really supposed to consider War Stories as news items? Going by your own definition "The difference between them being that news items are geared more towards "big beats," juicy information with wide appeal to the masses while the blog posts will be information that's mostly of interest to the engaged player/tester community." Sorry, I don't consider War Stories news.
  8. Seriously, Since Pann advised on 6-20 the changes to frequency of updates, there really hasn't been one. On the 27th, there was an article about what type player you are "From Clubs to Spades" (is that really a Crowfall-specific update?) there has been nothing. I understand last week with July 4th. but it's 9PM EST on Thursday the 11th and there has been no July Q&A on Twitch or Youtube. Sorry, I am having withdrawal symptoms for a CF update.
  9. Thanks for the info. What's interesting is I have not competed on the EU server of any of the campaigns.
  10. Hi. For some reason, I have multiple badges for certain trials. I know I have 2 that give a 2 experimentation reduction, 2 for +2% final damage modifier, and 2 for +2% critical hit and critical healing. The extra 3 take up valuable spirit bank space. Can I delete one of each with potentially losing the other permanently? Thanks!
  11. Fell through the world at 3133,1,2815 on US East Server on Roetham outside of Keep at Kysander's Stand-2x. AND at 3131,1,2763.
  12. Was this post considered this week's News Update?
  13. They really do need to add a death tool tip to the game. The first time a character dies, just like a lot of the other tool tips currently in the game.
  14. Very helpful, thank you! I am assuming by drinking multiple Bon Tippers the risk reduction doesn't stack?
  15. This is a rare quality, crafted drink. in it's description it says "...increases your Experiment Difficulty Modifier by 15 for your next crafting experiment." Two questions-1) is that a penalty, basically saying you're drunk and making it harder to craft, and 2) Does the effect only last for one crafting experiment? Thanks in advance!
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