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  1. I was in GR yesterday creating a new character and I saw all the new players. I said Good afternoon and Hello a few times in general chat and no one responded. In fact no one said anything in the entire couple of hours I was there. Did I miss how General Chat works or something? Were there complaints? I always try and help new players. I am not an encyclopedia on the game, but if it's something I don't know I refer to better resources.
  2. Is it just me, or in Test, I can't purchase the harvesting toolkits, only the crafting toolkits? I have Miner and Quarryman(green) applied, but the harvesting toolkits are not even listed as options to buy.
  3. When you enter the game and create your first character, I definitely recommend following the New Player Experience quests. They are very easy and helpful. They will get you up to about 15-17 with the game basics. Once you hit Infected, there are more informational quests right in the tomb where you spawn, that are also helpful. I would also utilize several resources that provide a lot of information, such as crusaderw.com and https://murderinc.guildtag.com/wiki which are pretty up to date, considering how many changes have happened recently. I would check out some YT videos and also try the C
  4. Is there a list somewhere, either provided by ACE or by a number crunching player, that can list all of the crafting recipes for each Profession that has a chance to proc a discipline rune? For example, I just learned a couple days ago that a Rune crafter could potentially get a disc from crafting Intermediate tools. I would've never guessed this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. @lordon11 Welcome! I would definitely watch the Crowfall livestream from earlier today, because they announced a huge change to the game in regards to passive training! I think most people overall will consider it a positive, but it has yet to be implemented for us to test, so we'll see. Go to the guild section and look for guilds that are recruiting, because overall, they are the best and quickest knowledge base to the game. Enjoy and bring some friends!
  6. My main crafter is a Rune crafter, and I did not have your success rate, Blair. I probably made 30 tools before I got 3, The next problem was that I used one to make a green rune crafting disc(which is not even equippable on a white vessel), instead of combining all three. I have to say, my biggest complaint is the lack of explanation on a lot of the changes that go into, especially the major patches. Is the process explained anywhere in patch notes, that you now need a minimum of a blue disc on even a white vessel to equip the toolbelts? I consider myself and avid follower. I watch every live
  7. SB was the third computer game I ever played, and the first MMORPG. Honestly, I bought Shadowbane after I played The Elder Scrolls-Morrowind and thought it was a similar single player game-I didn't even know what MMORPG was! However, I eventually learned the game, joined a guild, and got an opportunity to create my own sub-guild and build a city all the way to the highest rank of 7. To this day, the city building of SB has been some of the most fun I have ever had in MMOs. I definitely want some form of city building that SB had put into CF. However, if we do city building with lots of i
  8. Any time I hear "Turkey Drop" I automatically think of the WKRP in Cincinnati episode. I was laughing so hard i was crying! @ACE-Tiggsare there any pictures of the Mountain Citadel? Or, especially for newer members, can you post pictures of each fort, so they know what they are getting?
  9. I am having the issue. Mine just sits there at 100% but has a red Pause button and will not complete so I can open the game.
  10. @McTan Wow there are some really goof ideas in here. I love the idea of pushing the envelope on the cards. Why can't there be cards for harvesting and gathering, as well as pvp? I am also torn about Keep placement and cookie cutter keeps. The most useless Major is definitely Stonemason. I thought it would be very important for in-game as they had previously mentioned the ability to create structures and add-ons for keeps and the quality of materials would make a difference. I understand where the developers are coming from-if a guild loses a keep that they put a ton of time into building
  11. In the Exploration Basics tree, basically on the bottom right of the computer screen, gives a skill to reduce Pathfinding by 1 second when fully trained. isn't this inordinately more advantageous for the 10 second dodge ability? Maybe it should be changed to a flat 10% cooldown reduction to even it among all players. Also, I still believe Seasoned Mushrooms should be added back in the game so runecrafters can start getting rough soul gems. Lastly. I looted the Fort in Vbfelht by the Trik Runegate twice, and each time it had a Shadow Rune in it.
  12. So I looted a Chest in Fort of Princess Lena in Vlfbeht and it gave me a Shadow Campaign Rune. Also, on my other account I am training into Runecrafting and I have the RC major equipped. Does it seem logical that a RC cannot make an intermediate knife or axe without the minimum 1 point in Survival? I can understand not being able to equip them without the point, but not being able to make them--as a Rune Crafter...
  13. I was on a HE Assassin and for some reason I got stuck in fast walk mode. It was not walk mode, which was even slower. It was like being in stealth mode, but stealth wasn't trained yet. Also, for the second character, I could not do any more quests after the ring completion with Sophey Dax. She told me to talk to Captain Varra, but then I had another window to talk to SD. I did( I didn't read the text) and when I went to Captain Varra, he no longer had the book above his head, and my Quest Book has 0 open quests.
  14. Was it intentional to remove Seasoned Mushrooms recipe, which gives the Soul Gem buff? Or was it accidentally removed like Red Wine and Pot Pies were a few patches ago, and then put back in?
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