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  1. I am not a guild leader either, but support@crowfall.com is super helpful and very quick to respond.
  2. Pancakes are good, but eggs>pancakes.
  3. Pressing M for World Map has caused 2 Connection Lost game kicks so far.
  4. When you have a resource stack converted from a caravan, it cannot be combined with the same resource that was gathered from harvesting. So, if i use 20 of my 200 stack of ore, I can't add 20 harvested ore to my remaining 180. This obviously causes inventory problems in an already extremely limited banking system. Also, what is up with the Raw Milk drop from Aurochs?? It's drop rate seems pitiful. On two accounts, with targeted farming of aurochs, I have TWO raw milks. Someone mentioned they now only drop from mature aurochs, which I don't honestly know. They are also the most expensive item on the food vendor. How about either, increasing the drop rate, or adding it to the loot table for war tribes, like other food you added(potatoes, carrots, water, etc). Thanks and stay safe!
  5. I always played the music. Still sounds awesome all these years later! Sounds of N'Koth Waste-has to be my favorite. loved all of them though.
  6. Just ate a +5% Critical harvest food and drank Premium Roasted Coffee for the -10 stamina, but my screen is only showing the dined buff, not the wined buff. Also, many Aracroix mobs are almost untargetable for looting. The hit box for the F key to pop is really small, or badly placed or something.
  7. @Pann I thought when these were introduced these were going to be almost a weekly thing? ( I thought I read somewhere or saw on a Live stream, that these would continue even after the 5.110 release). I definitely understand with all the craziness happening in the world today that the schedule of these may have changed dramatically. I know they started off weekly then jumped around due to different circumstances (collision with Q&As, working from home). Going forward will these be on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis? Or will they be more random? Thanks in advance, I appreciate all the hard work you do and the situation everyone is in that may be affecting the release of these diaries.
  8. My only guess is when they put them in the game, the wood was for player's making bandages. "Is that a log in your pocket?" "yes, yes it is."
  9. This is because the latest patch, 5.110 just released about a week ago, and it is only on God's Reach(the newbie, non-pvp leveling area) at the moment. Only about 10-15% of the patch (per ACE) has been released and that is mainly the leveling experience. The Dregs-Guild vs Guild pvp-is close to being released, but that is why the campaign worlds are down. When the rest of 5.110 is in a playable condition, they will release that on Test and we will have access to an active campaign. Welcome to Crowfall!
  10. I was hired for a full time job starting 3-16. On 3-15, they put a hiring freeze in place. Since late February, I have been delivering for goPuff, basically a drugstore delivery service(food/beverage, OTC meds, etc). Trying to hang in there! Wishing good health and good fortune to my fellow Crows!
  11. I think the most difficult part of the account level training is basically forcing one style on all 6 (or 9) character slots. In PVP, I primarily play ranged dps or healers. if I go the support line, then any non-support/healer classes will not be optimized. If I want a bow ranger, then I have to train great ranged skills which most other classes get no benefit of. I already picked up a second account, because I actually consider myself more harvester/crafter (even though I do love pvp). My main account is Combat/Exploration and my secondary is Harvesting/Exploration. However because I really like crafting, so I am agonizing at picking up a third account so I can do a second crafting specialization. When I played WoW I had one account but had pretty much all of the professions covered. I definitely understand the game is meant to be very interdependent, but it seems at times it is too limiting to my play style.
  12. As a harvest and crafter, the drop rate on raw milk from aurochs is way too low. I have killed well over 50 aurochs on all levels of GR and i have only ever looted 2 of them. Plus, the vendor charges 100g for ONE, so it costs 1000g to make Fresh Butter, one of the ingredients in Sumptuous Pot Pie. The drop rate either needs to be increased, or the price needs to be dropped.
  13. After harvesting a golden apple, most if not all apples for a period of time will look like golden apples, but without the sound effects, even though they are normal apples. Also, on my duelist, I used Saltpeter Rounds from more than 20 yards(level 3 Guinecean) and he keeps popping up and out of the ground and back in repeatedly.
  14. I have been in the guild about 9 months. A great group of people!
  15. Doomshadow


    Welcome to Crowfall! Probably the best place to get started is to go under the Community tab and search Guilds. Most of them show location and area of focus, like NA/PVP/Crafting/Mercenary etc. I would look to guilds that best match your play style. This should give you a pretty good feel for basic info. The guild I am in is recruiting, Transcendence. I am not an officer, though. We have some great mature people. Whoever you join, welcome to the game and have fun! See you on the battlefield!
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