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  1. There are many great points by all of the posters about the potential for playing solo in CF. This game is an interesting mix of specialization and interdependence. You can harvest most anything in the game, besides Mother Lode Ore and Stone nodes, and at some point they might put in skinning and lumber mother lodes as well-they require a minimum of two players(and the more the better). If you train in Exploration and Crafting, you will end up specializing in 1 harvestable and 1 craft. However, all high end crafting requires interdependence with at least one other crafting discipline. You can purchase multiple accounts to cover more disciplines, or you will need to find markets and/or join a guild. I think you can be primarily a solo player for a lot of content while in a guild. Especially if you are up front with your play style, you can probably find a good match. Guilds will definitely need crafters and harvesters because of the amount of specialization needed to get the best resources and craft the best items. @Arkade made a good point-you can wait for a beta invite and try it for free before you invest in the game. One important thing to take note of, is the skill training is slow, and at launch may be up to 3x slower than right now, so it will take many months to years to finish a skill tree.
  2. There are some good new player and leveling guides that are fairly recent (last month of so) on YouTube that would be very helpful as well. FilthyRobot has a very good one if I remember correctly. As Arkade mentioned, a helpful guild that welcomes new players is very important. Also, there should be a complete wipe in either February or March when patch 5.110 arrives. I would still start playing to get the basics down before it releases.
  3. The first link is good intro to Crowfall. it was made a few weeks ago. Now, there is a major patch 5.110 coming in February some time, which will be a complete wipe. I would still recoomend playing until the wipe to get the basics down. The next one is a beginner's guide to basic crafting and other things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRmSFOfKf7Q This shows crafting intermediate weapons and armor. There are more advanced crafting guides on YouTube.
  4. I go back to my Shadowbane days. They had some of the coolest non-traditional races in the game! Aracroix(obviously a War Tribe in CF), Shade(an undead), Nephilim(a demon-type character), Vampire, and Irekei. If they come out with a desert biome after launch, I hope they come up with a version of an Irekei war tribe. I think any of these would be pretty cool races to try after launch.
  5. @timetopat I would go on YouTube and look under Crowfall Beginners Guide. The most recent patch is 5.100. I think FilthyRobot has a pretty good one. Begause it's pre-alpha, there are not a lot of tutorials and it hasn't been updated in quite a while. Watching a video or two will save you a LOT of time. Second, I would go to the guild page and look under Guild Recruitment. You can find guilds that offer your preferred play style and find ones that are recruiting. A helpful guild will shorten the learning curve tremendously. Welcome to Crowfall!
  6. I know this will probably change very soon, but at the bottom of the article you describe how to train in the crafting trees. Do you train the all the way through in that order(1 then 3 then 2) or do you switch to the next switch branches once you have hit the next point tier? So once you complete the 15k point training in one branch do you switch to the next branch and do it's 15k training, or do you stay and go to the higher point training in the same branch? Very nice guide for a fellow gatherer/crafter(still like the pvp though!). Excellent information!
  7. I like aspects of all three major areas: gathering, crafting and PvP. I feel I am primarily a gatherer/crafter, but I do love pvp(though I consider myself average at best-I am a support player). I also like the teamwork element. I play a lot solo currently, since I am part of a small, inactive guild. The progression within the game, when you can harvest higher rank nodes, or create better and better items always feels great. I am very excited for the upcoming patch to broaden the game scope and create more and deeper game loops. As a former player of Shadowbane, I am really excited to see the city building system.
  8. Yes, the pre-existing locked locations is my guess from the little that's been said. I hope there is more freedom as well. The city building of SB was definitely one of my favorite aspects of the game-placing of buildings and barracks and walls, ranking up the assets, watching the city grow. I am definitely hoping for the best!
  9. If, as I understand it, that guilds can capture pre-existing keeps and forts and build them up(city building), there is a finite number of locations available to capture. Shadowbane allowed any size guild that worked hard enough to be able to plant a Tree of Life and stake their own claim on the world. That was one of my favorite parts of SB-planting a ToL and building up my city. My biggest concern is that if there are a finite number of preset locations for cities, then smaller independent guilds will be left out of a huge part of the game loop that was so intrinsic to Shadowbane. I am quite sure on a live stream it was mentioned that the locations are static-you can't place your own Trees of Life. Is that a correct assumption? If so, would it be a goal of the design team post launch to get closer to the free placement city building that we in SB? I am very excited for all the additions coming in 5.110. I eagerly await a chance to try out everything in the pipeline. I just have a fear that one of y favorite parts of the game will be limited to large guilds only.
  10. This next campaign is only three weeks(a little less). I am wondering if based on what they said they need to do still(finish up -internal test, polish) then send to Test server-wondering if there may be two more campaigns before it hits Test, or Live?
  11. I just saw a YouTube video on New World and it sounds like they changed the game a lot very recently. Forced PVP and survival elements have been removed. You can now turn on and off pvp in the open world function. You can now totally avoid pvp. There are now quest givers, 3 different factions, AI mobs that you can join others to kill. This sounds like it was all confirmed by Scott Lane who is the executive producer. Below is the link to the YouTube video. There are still a lot of PVP elements. It's no longer a full sandbox-it is primarily housing that is sandbox, supposedly. I haven't followed New World very closely so I will others that follow it more closely comment on this.
  12. Wow, good catch! That is really awesome! SV is a freaking great show. I do agree Bachman was the best character on it though, tied with Martin Starr's character.
  13. Small suggestion. When harvesting/looting and you are out of inventory space, I think the loot should not disappear like it currently does. Either a flying text or warning should appear, something like You can't pick up the item, or Out of Inventory space, and the item should stay on the ground. Right now, it disappears and I think most players would assume it went into their inventory. Unless you are quick, you won't notice the message under the Me tab that the item can't be added. Plus, the item just disappears from the world instead of giving you a second chance to remove something less valuable from your inventory and pick up the item.
  14. I know this is a small one, but in the Chaos temple, on the vendors near the crafting stations, there is no blue tin, which I use in runecrafting tools. It has all rarities but blue.
  15. When you right click a tool to add to an open slot on your Survival tray, it automatically fills 1, instead of the next open slot on the tray.
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