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  1. I was in my EK and harvested a Golden Apple. Then next several apples that fell looked like golden apples, but were basic apples. Also after going into stealth on my duelist, when emerging from stealth the rocks and dust from emergence continued for a significant amount of time. Also, chat seems to be bugged.There were many times, when I tried to type something in General Zone, Guild or Group chat that after the first word, it would close the chat window. This would go on for several minutes.
  2. Transcendence is recruiting! I am not an officer though. Whoever you choose, I hope you have fun and enjoy all aspects of the game!
  3. Is there any harm in listing the patch notes since there is going to be SO much to digest? No one gets an unfair advantage with that, do they?
  4. Hey Crows! Every year, for the past seven years, I have been shaving my head for childhood cancer research, raising money for St. Baldrick's. I have been lucky enough to raise over $11,000 lifetime! This year, my goal is $2,000 and I am just under $1,300 raised so far. I wish I thought of asking back in January or early to mid-February, before this difficult time, but nothing I can do about it now! It can't hurt to ask, right? If anyone is feeling generous, you can click on the link to my web page to donate directly. St. Baldrick's is the largest private fundraiser for childhood cancer research, having donated over $200 million to all types of research grants. Everyone, stay safe and (and good luck finding TP lol) and I hope to see you in 5.110! https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/jpk1105
  5. Sorry to hear that. Good luck to you!
  6. I now have more time to test 5.110 when the patch is released! (Because my new full time job that was going to start this past Monday was indefinitely postponed due to the outbreak!) Glass half-...full?
  7. @Iczer-One No. It will say build 5.11, but unfortunately you won't be able to log in. They couldn't release it yesterday because it didn't meet their standards. They are working from home due to coronavirus, so I have no idea if they could release it this weekend. You can download it but it won't go any further.
  8. @Pann Is there no Dev Diary today? i know there was none last week because of the Q&A, but will there be one this week?
  9. Self-diagnosed-I definitely have it. I think another symptom is conspiracy theories. Today is Saturday. it's the seventh day of the week. If you add up the numbers in the 5.110 patch, it's(wait, let me check my math...) SEVEN! BOOM! Oh, by the way, today is March SEVENTH! Today MUST be the day!! (Please please please please please!) P.S. What does it say about my life that I am this anxious for a PATCH on a Test Server?! Sheesh!
  10. It refers to the types of bugs in 5.110 they are in house testing. Blockers are the worst bugs, blocking it from from going on public test, critical is not quite as bad, but still pretty bad(especially for someone new experiencing the game). The poll is should they put it on Test as it stands currently, knowing how bad some of the bugs are, or wait a bit until the biggest bugs are fixed.
  11. My full time job doesn't start until March 16th so I am hoping that this patch releases before I have to work 9:30-6 EST M-F. Man, real life is gonna suck! Come on, CF! Let's do this! Knowing my luck, being Alpha 2, they will only open it up to Alpha 1 or some higher rank first...sigh.
  12. Yes. They are getting rid of the Survival tray, and when you approach a harvest resource, such as a tree, if you have that type of tool in your inventory, the game will automatically use the right tool for the resource. Both of these changes will be happening in 5.110, which should come out in the next couple weeks(fingers crossed).
  13. Will the Thralls be randomly placed, or will they have a set location, like Shadowbane did? On the one hand, having a set location is nice, but it definitely favors larger, better equipped guilds who can camp and defend certain spawn locations. Random spawn points I think will give more guilds a chance. However, you could give Thralls a better chance of spawning in certain places, just not guaranteed. For example, having the crafting Thralls have a higher potential to spawn in some of the deserted towns in the worlds would be pretty cool.
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