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  1. Normally, ACE would have announced the livestream about a week in advance and normally it happens on the first Tuesday or Thursday of the month. Is there still a Q & A coming in October, but it just hasn't been announced yet? Thanks!
  2. Going through the Moon Temple, the nameplates to the NPCs disappeared. The current solution that I know of, changing resolution, did not fix this. The quest marker was also gone or invisible.
  3. I went to use a premade level 25 Frostweaver Archmage, and after the customizations, clicking "Confrim" does nothing. I stay on the same screen.
  4. There is a glitched world chest on Gramboor in T13 at 2404,41,1572. A bugged weapons chest at T13 2378, 36, 1507. A bugged armor "dresser" at S13 2289, 26,1584. Basically, every loot drop at the Gryphon camp is bugged.
  5. In Gramborr, S14 coordinates 2346,21,1692 there is a bug world chest.
  6. I just want to put out positive vibes. This is the first game launch I have ever been a part of. It's the first game I backed pre-release. I would've been a KS'er had I known about it, but didn't learn of the game until 2016. If I didn't feel they were moving in the right direction, I wouldn't post. I just want to wish everyone at ACE good luck! I am nervous and excited and I am sure it's one tenth of what all of you are feeling. Thank you for taking the risk on this project. I truly hope it finds its niche and continues to grow stronger for many years to come. Good luck!!
  7. Bone Broth says it should be a drink and show as a Wined buff, but it is acting as a Dined buff. I was logged into my skinner, and I was using skinning potion, Bone Broth and the mushroom food (can't remember the name of it) that you can loot from bookshelves that gives 5% Critical Harvest. I ate the Bone Broth first, then the mushroom food, and it over wrote the Bone Broth buff and all I had was a 15 minute Dined buff. I double checked under Details and I was missing the benefit. After the 15 minutes wore off, I took another Bone Broth and it showed as Dined.
  8. Try winterblades.net/craftingcombinations. It's not updated to 6.53 but it's very close. The most recent patch notes list other changes.
  9. Great guide! It goes very well with Altybear's guide. I would add that for skinning, there are general locations for animals to be found currently. Wolves are most likely to be found around mountains where there are stone motherlodes. You can also find a lot of auroch here, though they are fairly common throughout the world. Cats are found primarily in canyons that have high concentrations of ore and stone. A lot of muskhog are also found in these canyons. Spiders can sometimes be found in these, but now also have their own ruined town locations. covered in cobwebs. Bears are primarily found in large named forests. The forests also have a tendency for a large concentration of elk. Muskhog, elk and auroch are the most common animals to be found randomly spread across the map. The animals that appear as red(aggressive) will have mature versions that can drop necromancy additives. These are spiders, bears, cats and wolves. Generally the yellow matures(auroch, muskhog and elk) don't tend to drop the additives.
  10. Wow that mount is awesome! it might be the coolest out of all the Hunger mounts!
  11. There is a war tribe encampment on Graskull called Larius, which is a level 30-31 encampment(which actually has some 32s). Some of the non-elites drop as little as 20 gold. On a Campaign World? I know you talked about making some changes to Infected so people won't farm there, but there should never be a place on a campaign word that drops that little gold.
  12. Two animals currently drop flexible hide-cats and gryphons. Generally the best places to find cats is in the canyons, or large crevices on the maps. These tend to be where ore and sometimes stone can be found in large quantities. It's also where you would likely find the ore caravan pigs. So look for the canyons on each of the world maps because they are the place to find cats. Gryphons, on the other hand, seem to be much rarer. They are much newer to the game, only added a couple patches ago. If they are in a zone, they are on a small hill/mountain that is unmarked, so you have to really search for it. At the base of it, it has an abandoned encampment with a lot of dead bodies. These are much fewer in abundance. Sometimes they will only have 2-4 spawn at a time, In a canyon you can find many more cats. Cats, and I think gryphons, also drop necromancy additives. I hope that helps! The spawn area(for gryphons) also only tends to be in Skypoint in Infected and Dregs.
  13. The simple arrows you used to be able to buy from a vendor in the GR temple used to stack to 5000 I believe. Now, when you create simple arrows which have slightly higher damage (34 vs 24) and you can specify what type of arrow you want-they only stack to 500? Even the ones from the vendor seem to have a 500 limits. Obviously hte best solution is to have a quiver, but the interim solution seems a step backwards.
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