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  1. They really do need to add a death tool tip to the game. The first time a character dies, just like a lot of the other tool tips currently in the game.
  2. Very helpful, thank you! I am assuming by drinking multiple Bon Tippers the risk reduction doesn't stack?
  3. This is a rare quality, crafted drink. in it's description it says "...increases your Experiment Difficulty Modifier by 15 for your next crafting experiment." Two questions-1) is that a penalty, basically saying you're drunk and making it harder to craft, and 2) Does the effect only last for one crafting experiment? Thanks in advance!
  4. So I know most crafting stations in a Keep get a Thrall benefit when you interact with it. However, since Thralls are not in the game, in my passive training, I have not trained the Thrall section, figuring currently it's a waste of points. Is my assumption correct, or do you actually get better crafting results training the Thrall portion of the passive training? Thanks for any help on this.
  5. Playing tonight I had multiple instance of crashing during combat. I do have an older computer and GPU, but my performance was actually better pre-5.90. There were also multiple instances tonight where the sound of the game shuts down for multiple seconds and then comes back up.
  6. I can't access the Temple Brazier for sacrificing. Holding F doesn't open it
  7. On Saturday night/Sunday morning, on US East, I came across 2 Hunger Crystals that could not be taken down. They were at 1779,12493 amd 1761,12426. Also, I REALLY struggle going from Newbie island to the faction temple. Currently, I have been stuck in Preparing Terrain for over 8 minutes trying to get there. Yesterday, I had to open and close the game 3-4 times before I could actually get in. This sometimes happens between worlds as well. Also, the first time I did log in, you ported me into War Tribe boss and I immediately died. I have a feeling on the attempt I am making, you will do it to me again.
  8. I have not been able to load the game since getting home from work last night, Friday 5-24.1) I click Run As Administrator.2) I click Yes when it says, do you want this device to make changes to your computer. Last night, I would at get to the log-in page.3) Once I entered my login info, I would get the blue Windows Wheel of Death(as I like to call it). It would literally run for 10-15 minutes and never load the game. The night before and previous nights, it might take a minute or tow, but I could log into the game. (I could use both Test and Live servers). This morning, once i got to step 2) the program times out. "Timeout waiting for window to load." I finally have a long weekend-4.5 days off-and I can't freaking play the game. Any assistance would be really helpful.
  9. At one point, I believe they even had some Cartography built into the gameplay. I don't think it was in there very long, but I am sure I remember it.
  10. Weak Spots seem off to me. I wish I had video. It seems like they disappear much quicker than before, but occasionally they will last the re normal 2 seconds(approximately) or so. Sometimes it looks like it hits, but it registers the same damage as a normal swing.
  11. I was in the Order Temple and not a single crafting station was usable. I hit F and I couldn't interact with any of the crafting stations. Someone already mentioned the fog on the map, and the inventory on the right side of the SB hanging over the edge. Sometimes with a large reroll, you only get 1 or 2 rerolls no matter how many pips are on the item, whereas with a small reroll, I always seem to get the intended three. For example, on a sturdy unmarked runestone, I got the results of Successful, Successful, Successful, Amazing, and I think Moderate. I did a large reroll and I only got one, which turned one pip to an Amazing. If I had used small, it would have rerolled the 3 Successful pips.
  12. Am I correct that passive training on Test was slowed to the now minimum speed of 1pt/10 seconds, compared currently to the Live training speed of 3pts/10 seconds? THAT would be kind of important for Patch Notes, wouldn't it? NOT looking forward to the next full wipe....
  13. Another thing the developers discussed, quite a long time ago, is that, after the game launches, there will be a catch up mechanic available, like a research book. Honestly I can't remember the whole concept. You will be able to purchase training, which should help. There are more experienced posters that could go into this a lot better than myself.
  14. My guess is the Test server is offline. It used to say down for maintenance period, but I got the smae message as you. If it's down for maintenance, you usually can't log into anything-campaign, GR, or EKs.
  15. The last time they talked about outposts and towers on a live stream. I believe they said the range was too far, so they reduced it to like 15m aggro and like 50m for overall range. This patch they literally put it back almost exactly to where it was prior to the last patch. Being a leather wearer that relies on stealth, it is much harder to solo cap the outposts and towers.
  16. It IS the first iteration of God's Reach. They will make changes. You played WoW for years. It had non PvP zones, or your could turn PvP off in certain areas. The complexity of this game will not best be described in a few videos. I think they did a pretty decent job on the ones available, but even those won't be finalized and more polished until the game is very close to release. To quote the Packers' Aaron Rodgers(even though I am a Pats fan!) "R-E-L-A-X".
  17. Would you potentially bring in other races from SB? Like Shade, Nephilim , Irekei and Vampires? Is there potential that some of the new races for War Tribes will be playable races after launch?
  18. Doomshadow

    Cleric builds

    @mandalore I am very new to clerics. Do you put all your leveling points in Spirit for healing or any into Int, or all into Int? Thanks for the post, very informative!
  19. I noticed that under the chat tab for "Me" you get a message saying "Inventory is full", However it still sounds like you are picking up the resource drops. I think it would make it clearer, faster, to not be able to pick up the item, or get a pop up message or alert. I rarely go into the chat under the "Me" tab, so I looked and found about 20 or more consecutive messages saying my inventory was full. Nothing game-changing, but I think it would be a nice QoL issue. Keep up the great work!
  20. I have been testing since December 2016. It would be very cool to see a compilation of screenshots or videos showing the progress from each of the major milestones. I think if ArtCraft could put that together,, maybe people frustrated with what they think is slow development(including myself at times!) will see how far the game has actually come.
  21. I always thought it interesting, how you have to train into BOTH ore and stone to get the 3% buff. With passive training taking so long (remember this is supposedly THREE TIMES faster what it will be like at launch) , it seems like they could place this better and allow you to train it in one or the other.
  22. Jambalaya or Gumbo are my recommendations for next recipe!
  23. I think this could be pretty easy. In the individual rankings, can you put the player(Doomshadow) at the top instead of having to scroll through potentially hundreds of other players, to see what your individual contribution is? Or have your character separated from the scroll, this way it will be easier to compare to others. (And yes, I know, the more you contribute, the less you will have to scroll!)
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