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  1. I keep getting booted. First I was in the starting area, and randomly got kicked out to the lobby. This happened a couple times. Then I played for a while and was going to the beachhead, when I got disconnected again. Then, each of the next 5 times trying to get back in, it would get to loading terrain, and then kick me back to the lobby.
  2. I know they said on Twitch that the Global Alert, or whatever you want to call it, is not working correctly, so that I believe should alert everyone in the zone that a fort or outpost is under attack. I believe the map is also supposed to highlight what is being attacked but it is also not working correctly.
  3. What type of wipe it this? I logged in this morning to move all of my bankable stuff to my SB, bot OF COURSE servers were down so it sounds like I will lose everything--again. I don't get home from work in time before you will drop a new campaign.
  4. Jambalaya or Gumbo are my recommendations for next recipe!
  5. I think this could be pretty easy. In the individual rankings, can you put the player(Doomshadow) at the top instead of having to scroll through potentially hundreds of other players, to see what your individual contribution is? Or have your character separated from the scroll, this way it will be easier to compare to others. (And yes, I know, the more you contribute, the less you will have to scroll!)
  6. It's free. They are as anti-PTW as ArtCraft is that I've seen. There is an under 10 minute youtube video on it by the developers that explains it far better than I can. I would never endorse or suggest something PTW.
  7. Not really sure. I know that this is technically separate from the MMORPG, but they will introoduce new elements of the MMORPG into this for testing purposes. This game/beta gives them pvp and other data to help build the MMORPG, but there is a youtube video where the beta is introduced that says that this will stand on it's own at least for the time being. Playing the beta can also earn skins and things towards the MMORPG.
  8. Technically, Ashes of Creation is in pre-Alpha for KS backers, but they are releasing Apocalypse sort of as a game itself but also to test for the MMORPG. "This arena of castle sieges, battle royale, and horde helps us test key systems and infrastructure during the development of our MMORPG. We cannot wait to see you in game! ❤️" Open Beta starts December 18th. I have been following this game since a month or two after KS(a little too late lol). Anyone else been following this/interested in it's development? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJdPEoJx5Zs
  9. At the bottom of the home page where you have Green Box for "Download The Client", it takes you to a page that shows "Early Access Live Environment" and "Test Environment". Download from Test Environment.
  10. Maybe I missed it, but is there any breakdown of what causes and how many "victory" points you get for certain actions? Like killing an enemy player, winning/surviving a siege, taking forts/camps/towers? I think we should have a breakdown we can access(if we don't already, that I might have missed) and it would be nice it they were color-coded and were in the flying(combat) text. For example, if you captured a tower, you would see text saying +10 points. I appreciate any feedback!
  11. I had spent 14 talent points on the beach head. When I went to the brazier to sacrifice items and I gained a level, the spent points became unspent. I tried removing items into my inventory and relogging, but they remained unspent. First time since testing that that happened to me.
  12. I noticed that most of the critical hits when harvesting and hitting a weak spot did not show damage amount. It was also sporadic if you used the 5 pip power. I get 88 basic damage per swing. Occasionally with 5 pips, it would show hitting for 127 on one or each of the next two swings. Many times it wouldn't show it on either. When I had the 5 pips and hit a weak spot, it never showed the amount of damage. Also, I am not sure if this is a bug, but when I was out of the campaign(Tyrant closed the test down), it showed my rank in the character selection as rank 1, even though I made it to rank 11. Overall, it feels awesome! The graphics look great, the new music is very cool, I like the talent system so far-very impressed, ArtCraft!!
  13. First time logging in(Alpha 2) and went to my EK and no sound. I logged out and back in and still no sound. When I logged back in, I had a pick in my hand and when I targeted ore, it would not strike. I had to switch to another tool and go back before it would hit the ore. I had to completely restart my computer and I got sound. I had sound n my computer, just not in the game-but it's good now!
  14. I didn't know Alpha 2 was split between Kickstarter Alpha 2 and non-KS Alpha 2-sigh...
  15. Wow, so helpful! Now, I hope they go back to giving people 6 character slots instead of 3!
  16. I occasionally run the Test server even thought it says down for maintenance, and it does occasional updates to the server. The most recent update, I noticed has music different from the login of the Live server. Is that new going forward? It actually sounds pretty awesome! I know they did some music stuff on updates in October so I don't know if that had already been played/mentioned.
  17. I also hope that, at some point it will show BEFORE you enter a campaign, things like: number of days left in the campaign(if the campaign is a set duration) and which season it is currently in, and how many days left in that season. I also think it should list what the bonuses/minuses are for each season in the campaign.
  18. From what I have read and the way the article sounds, I believe it's coming in December some time. We have about another week in this campaign, so my guess is they will launch one more campaign in 5.7. So yes, it might be a good time to get started in 5.7 so you will have the basics down for 5.8. When the next campaign starts, there SHOULD be at least some uptick in server pop.
  19. Is that a Confessor skill?
  20. Is 5.8 yet to be a confirmed wipe of training/banks, etc?
  21. I don't know if this would b easy technologically or not, but I think it would be helpful to add some information on the screen you click on before you enter the Campaign Server. It currently shows the Campaign End Date, I think it would be helpful to add the current season it is in and the time left in the current season. It would also be nice to show the seasonal affects on harvesting. Thanks!
  22. EVERYONE is born right handed. Only the GIFTED overcome it! (Natural left-hander here!)
  23. Just a couple of ideas that I think would help, and possibly be pretty easy to implement. One, is for Sacrifice System XP. If you are sacrificing something that puts you over the level limit, I think the excess points should be applied to the next level. It would be nice not to waste points in the sacrifice system. Two, could higher ranked mobs be worth more XP? I have only killed up to rank 3 or 4 mobs, but so far they seem to be worth 50xp. Maybe those do increase in higher mobs I am not aware, but it seems higher risk(harder to kill mobs) should be worth a little more XP. Three, items you place on your Survival tray should show the quantity where available, like apples, food and bandages. None of these are revolutionary and I think(not being a programmer) they would be pretty easy to implement? I love the progress in 5.6 and am excited for 5.7. Keep up the great work, ACE!
  24. I still hope after release they can put in Aracroix, Shade and Nephilim from SB. I don't know if those would involve copyright issues. SB had the best diversity for races of the games I have played.
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