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    I run a website that sells geeky things. Check it out: www.geeksofsubstance.com. I'm also on way too many podcasts, play way too many games, and have a 15 year-old son. My Steam username is icywiz. Let's play!
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    Sarasota, FL
  1. I'm totally on board with backer's money going into game development instead of extra [insert technical term here for mice to run in wheels thereby making board possible]. Moderating boards is a huge drain on employee time and (from personal experience) morale. It's not as if they won't have lots of constructive feedback.
  2. Srsly, there must be a way to work Tyrant into the title. How about Executive Tyrant? Then we can call you E.T. and you can walk around eating Reese's Pieces all day.
  3. Hmmm...wonder which one YAR talkin' about. BTW, I'd pay cash money to keep a certain tester out of this beta. Methinks you know the hooligan of whom I speak. Made the testing boards impossible to, well, navigate.
  4. If you use Kickstarter, I won't send a penny. If you use another crowdfunding company, I'll consider it. Kickstarter is an unsavory and opportunistic operation, and I won't support them by supporting you. Potato salad, sexual assault tips, and a multi-millionaire who makes her daughter crowdsource summer camp while sending her sons with no problem. No way. What started as a way to raise money for legitimate needs has turned into a corporate monster with no ethics. Flame me if you want, everybody, I can take it.
  5. There are firms that are paid to alpha/beta test, right? If I'm wrong I'll own it. But if I'm right...isn't it a little odd to pay people to test it when there are people willing to pay to test it?
  6. I'm a Carebear, and I approve of this message. Hopefully that won't garner you any "Carebear by Association" points.
  7. Message Ironpoint if he doesn't reply soon...I'm pretty sure he has it and can give you an opinion.
  8. Please forgive the Noobear question... What was macroing in SB? My only knowledge of using macros is in word processing and WoW (to try to improve my hideous DPS in LFR before they squashed the button bloat). Thanks.
  9. I miss mikey. And how he's banned. Sad Carebear.
  10. Beacon, that was like a kiss from the Fonz. I'll be walking on clouds all day. Not sarcasm.
  11. I'm not going to read a Joystiq article that proves nothing. Any fool with delusions of adequacy can look up an article on the internet and claim it's about him or her. See, just like this. In this video, I'm the girl who won: http://youtu.be/AnuuqTbEzyQ You're too damn busy polishing that nose of yours to keep track who is proving you wrong on which lie. I never claimed to play SB. I'm saying you were never a blip on the radar in WoW PvP, and you never worked for Blizzard. TL;DR: W-2 or it didn't happen.
  12. Before I got to the "me and my guildies were so good we got hired by Blizzard" post, this post said "We could ask Flatley which WoW server he played on, but somehow I think he'd make time to look up which ones are PvP before he replies. :)" Now that I've seen the ever-expanding claims of working for Blizzard and making a living off being a pro gamer, I'm just going to ask if anyone can help me Photoshop some Riverdance shoes onto this picture...
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