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  1. So put up the info you base your accusatory statement on, or shut up - especially on the hostility. Referencing a random persons report with no decree from ACE is invalid. Attacking people that are having a discussion (which by the way you could simply have had a grown up conversation about your dislike vs. attacking people) is not the answer pal. I'd suggest apologizing and starting your argument over based on factual knowledge, and carry it out with some common decency.
  2. Naw, they only lose the worst of the unfounded complainers. Now people with legitimate issues with the class (balance, play sytle, etc) those we want to keep as it's constructive criticism. But, complainers just to complain for the sake of complaining and trying to tear others joy down...ya we can do without those guys. Ta ta!
  3. Come one, come all! Come bash some people with a Maul!
  4. excited!!! *claps giddily*
  5. Well said and Here here! I'm honestly baffled at those who rage over the game when they get killed...its a fully PvP realized game. The quicker people realize this the better as they will be less bitter and possibly contribute more to the game. I've been ganked by solo, groups, duo's countless times sometimes with extreme valuables on my person and others not so, but in the end you get up - brush yourself off and get back into the pits like a true PvP'er!!!!!!
  6. I gotta give you guys all huge Kudos, this was a great read and everyone did it cordially and with constructive criticism......this community is one of the reasons I'm invested in the game. I really like a lot of the suggestions and clarifications on the skills, of which I agree with a few. And....Duelist for life yo!
  8. Welcome new guys! Good to see some new faces. Enjoy the testing and hit us up if ever you want some group rompage!
  9. Welcome to the game Newblood, feel free to ask for help if ever you need it.
  10. I can see that your first experience was frustrating. Its unfortunate, but you'll have to realize that getting ganked is part of the game in its current state as there really isn't much else for the player base to do besides pvp each other. Now is this an excuse to just mow down unarmed and unladen noobs who are just trying to get their first pickax, of course not. As some have said, most will kill you and then check your corpse. Lots of us do this but no one is being "toxic" as you say by killing you and checking your gear. A lot of the time when I kill someone that is quite clearly a noo
  11. Welcome aboard, almost everyone in this community is awesome. Have you got your issues fixed yet? If not let us know where you stand and we can help if possible.
  12. Hey All, play tests are coming up! If you want to be part of a small yet specialized guild come give us a try! Streaming all this weekend as well!
  13. Hope you all had an awesome Holiday! Happy new year Crowfall!
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