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  1. 5.6 in the scope folks. Ready for skills reset!
  2. I'm hoping the next patch brings in more players. Testing has kind of died off.
  3. I think that Cleric is limited to mail until they implement disciplines that allow them to wear plate.
  4. Same for me. Client won't update. I get "Failed to contact the alias service".
  5. Are our vendors going to be in campaigns or just the EK? I think initially the vendors in campaigns are going to be placed by developers to give us access to purchase intermediate gear and consumables.
  6. Winterblades, thanks for being so cool to us at Ascendance the other night. You guys are a class act!
  7. It's going to prompt more boar hunting for the coins. I wonder if they will accept leather for currency.....hmmmm.
  8. My browser is giving me a "Not secure" error because of the certificate. This probably needs to be addressed ASAP.
  9. I agree with @Jah. I think the point everyone is trying to make is, that the skill tree is only one variable here to be a successful crafter. Just because you sit idle for two weeks and train skills doesn't mean you are automatically good at crafting. The recipes are very complex. It requires experimentation, which requires resources, which require collecting them...etc. It's going to actually take in game experience to know the best way to get the best gear efficiently. Through trial and error. This is one of the things that I love about CF. There isn't a cookie cutter process to make things. It's actually going to be hard to do.
  10. Yeah I've seen as high as 13K ms. I wait until it calms down to go outside of the beachhead. When it's real bad I just go to the EK and farm basic stuff. They'll get it worked out I'm sure.
  11. The Adventure Parcels give it a bit of a PvE aspect that I think most players will enjoy. And Titan is right, it'll also bring some players to the same area and that means PvP!
  12. My condolences to family and friends. /salute
  13. I like that they are putting that much emphasis on the gathering aspect. It's good news for people that aren't huge PvP'ers.
  14. It might be a while before we have a full game to play, but one thing that helps is having the LG community to be part of until then (and beyond). Being able to strategize and theory craft with like minded individuals makes the wait so much more pleasant.
  15. There will be a mind boggling number of combinations. Fully customizable vessels is what will be the result. Nice!
  16. You can only link to one with a URL for the time being.
  17. Guild criteria: Region: NA Atmosphere: Adult. No squeakers and an understanding that we have work and family also. Casual/Hardcore?: A bit in between. I like to be able to craft advanced gear and have a combat advantage, but I also know the reality that I can't play the game like it's a full time job. Size: I would prefer a guild that's big enough to get stuff done but not so big I don't recognize half the names. Play-Style: I like to be able to switch between high DPS, tank and support characters. It makes me more versatile and gives me more situations as to where I'm effective. Commitment: I usually dedicate myself to one game. This looks like it might be worthy of all my gaming time. Miscellaneous: I'm very loyal. I rarely change guilds/clans at all during my time in a game. Experience: Counter Strike beta (when it was just a half-life mod) through CS:GO. Not much CS Source though. Yuck. WoW on and off for a few years. Runescape Tera Neverwinter Voice-Chat services: I can use anything. I think I currently have Discord, Teamspeak and Vent installed.
  18. If there are any Neverwinter players out there that want or need help, look me up. I use the same gamertag. I've been playing for a little while and will continue probably until CF servers stay online. If you want a pretty F2P game to hold you over until you can play Crowfall all the time, check it out. @CeejTheDestroyr
  19. Just waiting for the next playtest

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