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  1. http://i.imgur.com/NTTaJRl.gifv
  2. Spellblade class?

    there were many weapons "teased" (bow, scepter, Kusarigama,..) and since we havent heard anything for ages alot of things seem possible at this point
  3. i think so too, we will have to be patient for a little longer
  4. Spellblade class?

    for all we know frostweaver could have some battle-mage aesthetics or something, nothing confirmed tho
  5. Next Archtype !

  6. oh and i thought it was because you are riding out these 2 week forum bans the mods are slapping around like mad :^)
  7. The only thing this game needs....

    wrooooooooong what this game really needs is some slutty moonelf armor
  8. EU Servers

    i feel like that is an understatement, depending on what games you have played before 130ms can be brutal
  9. Nova spell - Sin

    craft yourself the focus orb, last time i checked it was located under blacksmithing-weapons
  10. CC Problem

    we need more types of CC (i think we currently have only 3?) with different DR's, for all the balancing of CC i'd like to see every class released so its easier to look at he whole picture first before gutting one class in CC/diversity
  11. Roleplay Aspect of the Game.

    theres not much lore yet, not sure if i would call it gorgeous but thats up to definition i guess emotes are not necessarily needed but convenient as hell, if you want a big RP community you need some easy to access stuff because 95% of the playerbase is lazy
  12. Siege is too easy

    as soon as we get thralls, crafting stations and trading we will have a 'reason'
  13. New Player =)

    Look around. They will all betray you. Flee screaming into the black forest.
  14. undeads are cool no doubt, hail sylvanas, but they are always OP in the lore so that can be a problem