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  1. they said from the get-go that frostweaver would be last...
  2. The Crow Flies (Tavern RP, All Welcome)

    The heavy door opens with a distant creaking and a man enters the tavern. Thin as a rake yet tall, greasy hair and heavy framed glasses jump to the eye, he is wearing beige pants with a brown leather vest, a white shirt can be seen unter the vest. A small bag is hanging around his shoulders and a pair expensive looking leather shoes wrap around his feet. A single drop of sweet is rolling down his cheek as he looks around the filled room, his gaze wanders over various faces. Immediately after he starts approaching the counter while adjusting his glasses and waits for the barkeeper to give him his attention, the fingers on his left hand taping on the wood. The man on the other side, busy cleaning a mug with a patchy white piece of cloth, squints and nods. Thin fingers that previously hammered on the counter gesture him to lean over, a quick question being whispered into the receivers ear. The barkeeper squints again and raises his hand after a moment, gesturing towards a round table in one corner of the room where a handful of rowdy men are loudly playing and drinking. The man nods and slides a piece of copper over, already on the move towards the round table in question. He clears his throat and, with his index finger poking the massive shoulder of one of the drinking men, speaks with scratchy tongue: "Good evening gentlemen, am i right assuming Geik is partaking in this...meeting?" All heads gathered around the table are turning at the same time, eyeing the thin as a rake, yet tall men.
  3. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    make or break will be the experience when "everything" is finally in and we see a real campaign
  4. No news?

  5. Frostweaver

    i think they have said numerous times that they will release all the classes from the kickstarter (minues the reworked ones, of course), game will be in development for quite some time anyways so they are not necessarily in a hurry
  6. good start, been waiting for those
  7. Launch Year Poll

    2019 is realistic i´d say, but things like this are always hard to judge without being involved in the development
  8. isnt this what they have planned with thralls as well? the way i understood is that you can assign a thrall(NPC) a task (eg: sell these iron bars for that amount of currency)
  9. introduction

    do u know de wey? e: welcome to the game
  10. RIP Frostweaver

    ? please elaborate
  11. so much this, alot of people play/will play crowfall because of the social aspect, ACE meddling with that will mess it up for lots of folk
  12. RIP Frostweaver

  13. where is my mage assassin?

    where is my moon elf frostweaver?