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  1. i think theres not enough colour to most classes, many spells feel really bland and empty i hope having more customisation (hair/face/maybe even body types in the future?) and skins/more variants of equipment will give your own character more depth, at the moment there are just clones of every character running around so its very hard to judge on a third note: its hard to attach yourself to your character when theres resets coming every once in a while, having permanent character progression upon "release" will change that i believe
  2. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    hey i like my virtual 30 cm hooligan
  3. not even close, im almost sure by now that frostweaver was a bamboozle all along
  4. Please, no advantage for $$$

    too bad we dont have a sub model, would solve all of these problems
  5. The Hunger Beckons

    i think it was already "stated" that they will have a better resistance against the winter (aka body warmth i think?) further than that i dont think they will introdues alot of ties or "eastereggs" to the lore, they havent done that with any other class afaik and i dont see them starting on the last class reveal, the frostweaver i do hope though that they will introduce those "eastereggs" later on in the game, building even more immersion
  6. if this would not have made it in sooner or later the game would be as good as dead, must have in todays time
  7. a class that can do both at the same time is always a nightmare to balance (we are talking about rock-paper-scissor balance), so i dont really want to see a mix of both in 1 skill tree one skill tree for meele with two for range sounds ok to me tho, lets see what they have planned for us
  8. Crowfall on XBox

    i think they have spoken/answered that before, it was something like "we want to finish the game for PC before we think about breaching into other systems"
  9. This class needs a fix ;)

    confessor is fine, the way you describe fessors "problems" makes it seems as if you did not dive too deep into all the mechanics
  10. Pre alpha cost questions

    too bad this isnt make a wish @op
  11. Non-Combat Class Fantasy.

    sounds great, im all for immersion etc as long as it does not feel like a chore doing it once a week or whatever
  12. im not sure how i feel about this, having a so called "mass guild" should not give a monetary advantage, even if thats not super relevant during campaigns the recruitement forums will see some activity now maybe theres even poaching drama incoming, which im down for