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  1. next time try to sort out your wall of text, its hard reading through that bulk of words once we have seasons and with that monsters changing over the course of a map it will be similar, approaching winter we should have some hefty mobs out in the world that was discussed before and alot people agreed that having world bosses that are just massive stat machines would be a good addition to introduce, adding lots to the gameplay thats why we have the whole time based skill system, no? so we dont have to spend ages just grinding for skills your crow wil
  2. panning? like free look? this was discussed before and many people pointed out that it would make harvesting alot safer
  3. we can do without a pet class for now, me atleast
  4. what exactly is the purpose of levitate? ignoring ground effects like in divinity? i dont think we have many of those in crowfall
  5. i dont see that fitting the theme at all to be honest..., we have stealth as well as "levitation" on the assasin already life steal should be in correlation with our hunger mechanic
  6. trust me even the people that complain the most still want crowfall to succeed, they wouldnt be here otherwise
  7. thats normal in about every game, remember that the minority is always the loudest in the forums, the people that are satissfied with the progress dont have much reason to write in the first place its not a bad thing that people are "complaining", the game is still missing alot and criticism as well as improvement is always needed at first its hard to swallow all the "negativity", either get used to it or browse some other parts of this forum where you can join/create topics that tackle other things
  8. they said from the get-go that frostweaver would be last...
  9. The heavy door opens with a distant creaking and a man enters the tavern. Thin as a rake yet tall, greasy hair and heavy framed glasses jump to the eye, he is wearing beige pants with a brown leather vest, a white shirt can be seen unter the vest. A small bag is hanging around his shoulders and a pair expensive looking leather shoes wrap around his feet. A single drop of sweet is rolling down his cheek as he looks around the filled room, his gaze wanders over various faces. Immediately after he starts approaching the counter while adjusting his glasses and waits for the barke
  10. make or break will be the experience when "everything" is finally in and we see a real campaign
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