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  1. Gee, I don't know....maybe hold themselves accountable to the promise they made people who they took money from and made it possible for them to make their game? This whole discussion went off the rails a while ago anyway. Not matter how many times I mention it we keep coming back but I'll say it one last time and then bow out. I don't think that leveling should be killed off entirely, it just needs to be iterated on so that it doesn't feel like i'm playing a PvE game for an arbitrary number of hours before I get to play the PvP game I invested in.
  2. That is literally what they sold when they asked people for money though....
  3. I won't disagree that the game needs a money sink.
  4. The tryhard is strong with this one
  5. Right, you can't manage to put together a cohesive argument....quick, better deflect!
  6. So first you say that if you're not part of the biggest guilds that exist today you might as well not join one and now you are trying to trivialize their numbers? Pick one.
  7. Sounds like poorly made socksty design. You shouldn't be required to join one of two mega-guilds in order to play the game.
  8. You can do whatever mental gymnastics you need to, but the statement is there in literal black and white. Nobody is arguing that this isn't an improvement over whatever you played before....in fact at no time has anyone mentioned going back to older systems except for the people defending the current iteration of leveling as they try and demonstrate that somehow I and those who agree with me want to literally take the game backwards. This feedback is on what I'm playing today, it has nothing to do with anything before 5.8.
  9. Except ACE literally said they did not want that to be part of the game and part of the reason people gave them money was for that reason. It is %100 black and white, there's no other way to interpret it when they literally stated it themselves (as shown in earlier quotes in this thread). Now, this system isn't set in stone...but as of today, the leveling system directly contradicts part of their initial design principles. That is a fact. And again, I don't necessarily want it to go away entirely....but it's broken as is. The current implementation perfectly demonstrates why they wanted to avoid it.
  10. Problem is it's more like being a mechanic with NO tools. Doesn't matter how good or bad you are if it's not physically possible to do the job. Druid getting heals at level 20 is a pretty good example of this.
  11. Exactly. The leveling system in its current iteration is vertical and exponential increase in power....the exact opposite of their "mission statement"
  12. I mean, i've popped in for things but never played more than an hour before 5.8, so I would consider myself a new player. I'm definitely complaining about it.
  13. Because I'm looking at this from a brand new player's perspective, as we all should. If we want people to play the game with, they have to actually be able to participate.
  14. Nobody is going to run out there with just their LMB and do anything of any consequence, ESPECIALLY when you join a campaign in progress. Keep that in mind too, not everyone is going to be there from the very first second the campaign starts. You can't solo gank anyone when most have a huge head-start on you. Again though, this is why straight vertical leveling wasn't supposed to be a thing according to ACE. Too many things to balance around it and they said they wanted a relatively flat power curve, this ain't it.
  15. Sounds like you have the same mindset as myself and several others. The bottom line is PvE should not be required for PvP in a PvP game. Edit: A word
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