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  1. You are welcome mistmay i will send you an invite in the guild menu please accept it from there. see you in the guild!
  2. let me know when you accept the invitation
  3. You are welcome to join i will send you an invitation Best regards
  4. We are recruiting active players to join our community
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome we are here since the kickstarter as well. We look forward to the conquest games as well
  6. You are welcome! i will send you an invite click on https://crowfall.com/en/guild/ and you will see the invitation. Best regards
  7. We have a new Banner on top of this page. I hope you like it.
  8. We prefer balance and order as a second choice. you are welcome to join us. Best regards Atan
  9. Thank you for the wishes KDSProm, we wish your team good luck as well!
  10. Very good mechanics i hope those would get implemented! Please consider making the Wall building more dynamic right now it is a pain to get the city wall arround the hill so they could make reasonable shapes without losing land. I can provide screenshots if required
  11. Welcome to the guild Ainira, everyone who would like to join our guild please contact me or use the community>guild on the main crowfall.com page and search for the Aria Guild and apply there.
  12. There are many good guilds arround read what each of the guilds offer and see which one would fit your needs.
  13. ARIA "The Noble House" [EU] We are an international Guild with more then 20 years of MMO and sandbox gaming experience. Our goal is to create a Kingdom for all players to enjoy. An economic military and entertainment center in the Corwfall univese. Conquest, Crafting, Trading and Socializing are our main pillars of gameplay. We welcome hardcore as well as casual players and guilds to join our community. Our Goals: - establish a community with dedicated people which share the same goals and unite under the banners of the Aria Guild. - Build an open Kingdom where other Guilds, Traders Crafters Citizens and Visitors could enjoy, prosper and feel at home. - Conquer, Raid and Loot new Territories. - Guild and Kingdom Events We offer: - a place to call home to prosper and enjoy the game - pvp and call to arms events - crafting and gathering events - subguilds titles and land for our dedicated members and leaders - teamspeak (voice communication is required) - website and forum (under development) We are looking for: - dedicated players which share our goals and principles - pvp players for our military order. - crafters, traders and gatherers for our trading order Join us and become part of one of the leading Guilds and Kingdoms in the realm. Fight, Craft, Trade and prosper with us! Apply now! For Guilds: For Guilds which would like to take part of our Kingdom and would like to apply for land and titles and become part of the community please PM us with some more information about your goals and guild size. We would be glad to review your request.
  14. It is a good decision. We all would like to see a Crowfall as a great game fitting the players expectations and the up to date game standarts. Graphics, Gameplay, Environment everything is important for us players so we could dive into it and have a lot of fun conquering the world and building up our communities and kingdoms.
  15. It is a great feature. But still the options to hook the walls in different angles are not so many and also the difference in the terrain height makes serious issues building a nice looking castle and utilizing efficiently the space on the hill.
  16. I really hope the devs would make the wall stiching mechanisms much better and dynamic because otherwise the Castles in the kingdomes would look like be all bad squares and would not be able to fit into the environment. Since the Environment is diferent the walls should be able to be build and stick to each other along the terrain as the player sees fit. Currently as i build the walls the diagonale they are able to go do not fit the desiered angle to match the terrain and use the so valuable space for house building within the walls much more efficiently. The junktion between walls placed on higher and lower ground does not fit well as well. Building Castles should be an Art not a pain and disapointment of missing mechanics and building solutions. I know this is still a pre alfa but i just mention this topic as a hint to a field which requires some improvments. Best regards
  17. Hello, as i have been building the wall on a capital parcel i got a major problem with the city walls placing them on a diagonal to each other. We need a corner walls edged since the straight ones could be placed only on 90 Degree and we need corners which could fill the gaps on 100 - 160 Degree maybe walls with dynamic fitting to fill those gaps. i hope the devs would give a statement on this topic. Best regards
  18. will be there a white skin color option for the elk ?
  19. Is the EK Taxing system going to be implemented now? How would the Monarch tax the vassals?
  20. The Villa doesn't get loaded when the article opens. This is the error msg: The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.
  21. maybe there should be a few designs for those it would be a shame to see the same crafting station in every city.
  22. very good news the promised new testing ground would be announced next week. We cant wait to see the next step.
  23. are there going to be rectangle castle towers? Can we replace the round one for rectangle ones?
  24. So we cant see the difference right now and would we be able to swap one for an other as soon as the difference is known and would like to change it?
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