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  1. I told you man... Fedora toting White Knights inc.
  2. We get naked and make sacrifices to The Great Old One. Have you read "Neonomicon" by Alan Moore? lol
  3. Yeah, he's alive. You'll be seeing a few more recognizable faces here soon.
  4. A thousand year Elven Reich - That's edgy. <3
  5. Nope. Only bane we ever won was when we convinced a nation member we were defending his Tree of Life from enemies, only to burn it down ourselves. It was just a visual bug.
  6. Yeh breh. Glad to be done with it after all this time.
  7. The same could be said for you, guy. Just started using these forums the other day.
  8. Scholars by day, Deviants by night. Scholars in the light, Deviants at night. Like a cancer we metastasize; open, festering, sores edging on rupture, vile pus infecting your dying worlds. Like a hammer in a world of nails we set out to dominate our enemies, leaving nothing behind but rotting, defiled carcasses: an offering to the crows. Outsiders, loners, and miscreants, we come together to bring these worlds to their knees. Dead rodents, weaponized plagues, our war-machine feels no pity or remorse. Understanding fully that those who sleep with both eyes open will be the Kings and King Makers... We are the Callgirls of Cthulhu. stell'bsnan'gha, hlirgh! ia! ia! fhtagn Cthulhu! Recruiting people who are active currently within the Pre-Alpha tests. We are a disparate group of friends and allies from many different games coming together to create a fun atmosphere and a force to be reckoned with. We seek PvPers, crafters, gatherers, theorycrafters, drifters, scum, and general riff raff who are looking to be reborn without past stigma, who are interested in self-improvement, and don't have fragile egos. We are a brotherhood, and brothers can be harsh, for your benefit, and the greater good. A strong supply chain wins battles, a prosperous economy wins wars. Crafters and gatherers of Callgirls of Cthulhu are core components of our long-term strategy and we support our crown jewels with offensive and defensive combat brigades, convoys, research, and software. Click the Banner above to view our website, as well as check out our discord. Will you pledge your life in blood?
  9. Guild criteria: Region: NA, Time doesn't really matter. I'm usually active from 5EST-2AM or so though. Atmosphere: Really doesn't matter. If you act like a gripe in voice coms I'll call you on your poorly made socks. Casual/Hardcore?: I'm a hardcore player that will settle for a casual atmosphere depending on how much I like the people in the guild. Size: Competitive Size, not sure what that is for CF yet as I'm sure most of us aren't sure as to how it will play out. Play-Style: Personally I'm hardcore player. I want to bathe in the blood of my enemies and salt their fields as we pillage their towns and assault their women. I personally want to be a killer and a crafter in this game. Making intricate weapons of destruction. Commitment: If you dedicate your time to me and playing with me, I will dedicate myself to the cause of your guild. Miscellaneous: Poop butts. Experience: Smite, LoL, Dota. Darkfall Most modern FPS games. Chivalry WoW EVE Forums Shadowbane Tera Albion Voice-Chat services: Discord, TS, Ventrilo, and Mumble. I refuse to use that skype trash to talk to a group of 3 people in a game. lol.
  10. I'm a simple man, I already gave information about what I'm looking for. lol. Will use said sticky, thanks.
  11. Tester looking for a guild to roll with. Highly interested in finding a guild to PK with and learning how to craft in this game.
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