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  1. Actually that's one of the most exciting aspects of a PvP/GvG game. And one that makes the ability to track and reveal (scouts) most valuable. In SB most casters going alone face problems (oops, mana poison backstab, stun, pim-pam-pum, dead), they need a escort. Some classes can get a track (early warning) but those who can't must rely on allies or their own deadly skills. However I must say I'm not happy with SB way-too-simple and all-powerful track system and I hope this game improves that. IRL tracking allows you to see evidence of other's passage not that they are in a huge radius, with name, class and nation affiliation. So I'd make track more realistic: toons leaving actual tracks (only visible for certain experts, who could maybe discern race and other physical traits but not full identity) and not the wide area radar it is now. That way semi-hiding is more of a realistic possibility for all, assuming you were smart enough to dissimulate your tracks before heading to your final destination.
  2. Kill everyone (after lowbie island, if such thing exists and surely excluding some safeholds, which would allow trade and other "civil" activities). If there's some "let live", it should come from players being ashamed to behave as bullies (some will others will not) or from guild protection or from skills or from diplomacy/player-implemented rules. A large world anyhow should offer opportunities to everyone to be alone somewhere while they hone their skills. But beware if you are not alone and whoever is around wants to harm you. I'm used to a world where you are not even safe in your own city 100%. Sometimes even your own guildmates go too far, more usually enemies raid... the nation must be prepared to collectively face such threats (guards help) or cower in shame in safehold. I like it that way.
  3. That'd be a bit owerpowered and all in one, don't you think? The closest thing I can conceive would be (in SB) warlocks, who can cast and fight (but usually cast) or assassins (rogue-mages, locks are warrior-mages). They are still a bit too much in several worlds and IMO these mixed classes should have a penalty of some sort because it's rare the person even in a fantasy world that has so much time to learn so many things and do them all effectively. So it'd be overpowered and unrealistic. In PvP there must be a balance, otherwise everyone would do the same and be the same all-powerful and boring being that you so sadly envision. There must be limitations and balance.
  4. I'm European and would like to do things at European time frames and not North American ones, which are typically 6-10 hours later and makes you stay awake till dawn. So several servers based on time-zones please.
  5. LOL, try SB. It has some issues and macroing is possibly one of them, but otherwise it's just great. Basically people macro for two reasons: 1. Go around the nuisance of grinding or farming gold to buy gear, etc. That is a job and not enjoyable play, so people macros. Get rid of repetitive work and people will mostly not feel the need to macro. Obviously SB did not go far enough in its revolutionary achievements, so there was still some room to macro for leveling/farming, which are things accessory to the real game. 2. Use more than one toon (character) at the same time, typically a healer in macro while you do something else with another toon (fighting for example). Or a druid farming while you are in your scout watching the surroundings. I think this kind of macroing and multi-boxing is not good thing, so game design should either look to avoid its need or just enforce the fact that if you need two toons, you need also two active players behind them. I'm saying no to macro/multi-boxing but also not to the need for it (at least mostly not). So no need for grinding (either for levels or gold) and you get rid of all the "good" reasons for macroing.
  6. isul


    An easy leveling, as in SB (one of its greatest achievements), is acceptable. A grinding game is just not for me anymore: been there, done that, then found SB and got spoiled forever. As I just mentioned in another thread, I'd like however to see some difference in achieving physical skills (should be easy, at least the basics) and achieving magical skills, which should be IMO quite harder, so magic is not the center of the game, but rather a somewhat prized complement in a more "realistic" combat design, in which melee and ranged fighters make the bulk of the job.
  7. I'd like classless but obviously when designing the system the devs will have some basic notions that approximate the usual class system. So, following the usual 4-basic classes template, I'd like to find a system in which "physical" disciplines (warrior and rogue style skills) are easier to achive than "magic" ones (most healer and all mage skills). That these ones would require to invest much more carefully and/or require a harder to achieve top level. So wizzies and priests (or similar) would be less common than warriors and rogues, unlike in most games, just because they are significantly harder to consolidate in an efficient form. Something that make casters/healers only achievable for hardcore players (paying out obviously but not exaggeratedly so) and make armies mostly made up of melee fighters and ranged support, with just a few healers and even less mages. Food for thought anyhow.
  8. If an MMO came from Anime, I would not even bother checking it most probably. You'd have to sell it very well for me to go beyond the rejection of the first impression.
  9. I'm more interested in the playability but, for whatever is worth and doable, I favor looks customization, so people don't look all the same. It'd be a plus but not central to the game.
  10. I personally prefer "regionalism", give important role to geography, nerph magic in general possibly (make magic somewhat exceptional rather than the norm). Many PvP games allow for extra fast travel on magical pretexts and while I reckon it may be convenient for smaller sized "missions", otherwise you just allow for any army to jump across the world and make geography much less important (and maybe control of those gates/chokepoints too important). So at the very least make teleportation something allowable for individuals and never groups and give it a long cooldown and/or mana cost, so can't be repeated over and over. Also I'd advocate for terrain advantages to certain classes, races or specialities, as happens (mutatis mutandi) in real life. Mountain, swamp, desert, plains or jungle fight should not be just the same. In some terrains certain tactics or classes should have advantage. Say you have horses, those would be great in plains or even rolling hills but totally a burden in the mountains or the swamp. Say you have a race that is desert specialist, or mountain or subarctic... they should have some clear advantage in their niche. Geography should matter and force certain diversity and localization.
  11. Why do we have to unite along ethnic lines? That is the racist thing in fact. I understand that this may be useful re. language but it is otherwise pointless and, in my experience (SB) harmful for healthy multi-lateral competition. In actual SB today (both SBemu and Magicbane) there is one Chinese+Korean (+ now some westerners it seems) mega-zerg that basically just conquers everything. Magicbane has been pushed to near-extinction by this dynamics and SBemu is threatened by the same sad destiny, just because the CN-KR bloc won't ever split nor fight "intestinely" at all. Worse: when you happen to talk to some of them, they seem to believe that SB is "my little farm", from memory: "I love this game, it's very good, but I don't like the PvP. The good thing is being with friends and farm..." (CN macro farmer at Oblivion). What?! Anyways, I do not think that IP-baning is probably needed if there are regional slice servers. It's plausible to think that most of those pesky CN will prefer to play in their own local time server and maybe eventually learn to fight among them instead of racistly bullying the rest out of the best game ever. However I would indeed appreciate an Euro-African time zones server and not need to be awake at 4 am for banes every other day, regardless of IP baning or not.
  12. Can't read everything but what I read was at some points very funny. I come from SB (although I decided to change my alias) and I'm perplex as for the "merge" with W101 ppl as everyone else. However, respect: I'm sure that some of those "carebears" can kick ass like anyone, so facts will tell in due time. I would however encourage W101 ppl to try SB: we bite less than we bark and may give them a taste of what to expect: endless hours of banes (sieges with plenty of PvP) and all the PvP/GvG you want (and even more), a merciless environment with very few safeholds, a very large seamless (no instances) world, a huge array of character (toon) development options and then the much needed skills (reflexes and knowledge) to effectively employ those toons in the real fight. I look forward to see what comes out of here but my expectations are something like SB to the Nth power, so I'm ready to play to crush, what else?
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