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  1. I would be interested in testing tonight if anyone wants to team up.
  2. I was reading the FAQ and came across this interesting subject that i was wondering how it was going to be handled in game in addition i wanted to see how everyone else may have wanted this to be implemented. Below will be the link to the FAQ and i was wondering in regards to #11. https://www.crowfall.com/en/faq/campaign/ If anyone does not wish to read the FAQ i will do a quick summary (If you did read you can skip this part). The campaign will be split into 4 phases. Phase 1: Spring - Beginning. Lots of resources. Phase 2: Summer - Hunger starts to set in. Resources becoming scarce. Enemies becoming harder. Phase 3: Fall - Hunger really starting to set in. Resources are heavily contested. Enemies even stronger. Phase 4: Winter - Hunger is in full affect. Resources are heavily contested or gone. Enemies very strong. End of Campaign. So my question is this: First, does this still plan on being put into the game (I love this idea). Second, if it is going to be in the game what will determine when each phase takes place (Include how you would want it to be). Mainly i was wondering if this was going to be set intervals during the campaign (Example). The campaign will last 1 month. Phase 1 will be week 1, phase 2 will be week 2 etc. Or will it be based on number of resources allowed for a campaign (Example). Phase one will allow the quarry to hold 10 million blocks of stone. Phase 2 will set in once 5 million blocks are left on quarry, phase 3 will be 3 million, phase 4 will be 1 million (millions may be off, just throwing numbers out). I am currently in the middle of both and want to know what everyone else thinks and bring some pros and cons to the conservation. From point A is see where timed could be used and when another phase hits the rate of stuff spawning goes down by x%. Point B i can see because it would make certain areas very PvP heavy in order to keep your guild/alliance well geared for sieges. If you have any other ideas on how you want it to be implemented feel free to add.
  3. More and more I read about this game, in more I get excited. Have to keep in mind though is a lot of this is new and uncharted waters so some stuff may be in game while others things will not. I really hope the "history" part will be in though. I do agree that of every world was just another world with no landmarks may not feel as cool. but adding in certain landmarks that form over time would be awesome.
  4. Achiever 53%, Explorer 40%, Killer 73%, Social 33%
  5. yup I agree. Community will be big on this front. Devs can't watch everything and usually don't have a ton of sit down and play time. Stuff like this will probably be left to us. Game will be healthy enough to where the general population of the game will want to to stay fair and not want people get ahead in terms of cheating. multiple accounts I don't mind at all due to fact if they want to fork out the money for it go ahead because it more money for ACE to give us better stuff. Based on combat in this also looks like boxing won't be any problem. All I can say is this. If you see someone botting or suspect someone botting do your part as a community member to report it and help the game stay fun and fair.
  6. put an app in yesterday . Hoping to hear back from you guys.
  7. My understanding was you get your own EK that u can either have public or closed. With that said most will probably use that as their storage. And if storage gets to be a problem I'm sure most will invest something into their land so they can store more. Side note I like the chest idea that u can place in the world. Remember in H1z1 me and a few friends would do this and was always fun to see if it was there or not the next day. In addition also added the fun of when we found where someone was storing their stuff and when we saw them leave/log out we quickly ran down grabbed what was valuable and took off. Another mechanic that added another layer of fun.
  8. Same. Started happening around 7 or 8est roughly.
  9. Make it so you have to be in the vessel to for it improve because yea that would be stupid.
  10. EQ1 had a feature when necros could drag dead bodies around. Boom theres your meta.
  11. This statement hurts my head because im thinking to much. Grab a vessel that has 4 vessels but that vessel has 3 and that 3 had 5. Oh dear God make it stop!!! Anyways yea this is a thing that will be needed to be looked at for a bit to see how it works the best. Best way i can think of it would be you have a Crow inventory and a Vessel Inventory. Crow inventory maybe cant hold certain items like weps/armor but knowledge/blueprints? idk. Another way you could potentially stop it would be by once the vessel is slain its dead. Unless someone completes a ritual or a calling to bring that vessel back to life and then you can equip it. So Person 1 and Person 2 fight. Person 2 looses and dies. Person 1 loots the body and you can be allowed to inspect the the vessel. Either Person 2 "Crows or Flies' (idk) over and hops back in X mins. Person 1 may also decide that the vessel was not working out for their play style and says screw it i want another and leaves it behind. Person 2 may inspect the vessel and say oh thats better than what i got. Person rushes back to town/graveyard and does a ritual where they can summon the vessel back and use it for them self. Idk im spit balling here trying to think of ideas because the first statement i made makes it sound stupid and someday someone is gonna hit the motherload.
  12. Game is not coming out next week. it's ALPHA. things can and will change. You have the right to throw feedback but don't be like OMG the guy/team who made this sucks and ahold never have another job in the gaming industry. Say you don't like it and giving suggestions on how to better improve it.I haven't been here for long but the Devs at ACE seem like they actually take feedback seriously and try to improve it they think it's better overall for the community and not the 1%.
  13. well what I first said and I will say it again. the project had NEVER been done before so was a difficult and challenging task. It is doable BUT not doable with the team they had. Dave won't come back imo cause he working in AR/VR so that's out. and again I've said it once and I'll say it again. with them being owned by Nova the chances we see another EQ game is unlikely because Nova is a company where they want a quick profit and then move on. they are more concerned about the return they will get from the investment than making the next great MMO. So. The EQ rights need to be sold to a well known company if we want the "Holy Grails" if not and we wait for them to startup and build community and fund raise then by time they make it they will have competition cause they already announced the "holy grails" like 3 hrs ago so they are way behind.
  14. Caiss


    So in a sense Squad42 is ur elite death squad. How big do you plan on having the guild? idk if the game will have a set limit on how many you can have but are you looking a a small/med/large guild. Either way i like the sound of your guild.
  15. Caiss


    Plan on gearing/Maxing out a quick as possible or want to progress through at a normal/above normal pace?
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