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  1. Druid - Looking for some basic advice

    Some time ago all numbers were divide by 10. Maybe this video is from the time before the numbers were divided.
  2. I generally like your idea but the system as it is now is not as bad as you seem to think. You forget that for most equipment ( weapon, armor) you need several steps to craft them. As you said only looking at one special crafting process a master craftsman will have no great advantage. But let's look at the process after crafting the firt blueprints. If you nedd two more crafting steps to create an weapon and only sell the best a master craftsmen will be caple to sell 1% of the good he crafted. One the other hand a not master craftsmen who has only half the chance of sucess for each stage can only sell 0,25% of the goods he produced. To sell the same amount he would have to begin with 4 times as many blueprints and therefore would need for times the resources of a professional crafter.