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  1. As a Nethari Fanatic main, the two disciplines used make this class unplayable. I use Lazarus' Discipline & Master of Focus, without these 2 this class has no sustain. Also remove fervor skill if you add master of focus, the resource shield gives this build the sustain to survive. Using the fervor skill on a fanatic is suicide.
  2. I just fought a player who just pressed alt + p and recalled to safety and laughed about it in general chat. Why are there no combat timers on alt + p? "Why didn't you just stun him" Because I have never fought anyone that was cowardly enough to alt + p in my face to know this even exists.
  3. Changing timers on Sieges and making them more spread out would also help merge EU and NA servers to get a larger population on NA for more population for better testing. EU Sieges could be attended by NA early bird players. A lot of players complain about the EU server and I think the EU server is kind of troll, most people just go there to exploit resources / rewards. Can we all agree that server is a joke and should just be merged? I understand some people want 20 ping, but we can't all have nice things. I am not saying there shouldn't be an EU campaign when the game goes persistent.
  4. I really don't want to be offensive and name call but this is the exact logic of a carebear. You are denying people who arent in mega zergs from open world content in an open world game and telling them to go to an instance to get fights. This will kill the game's population and you are an example of who the devs should NOT be listening to unless they want to follow a direction of a non-PvP game that has some PvP elements like World of Warcraft. Part of a "Throne War" should be keeping your "Throne" secure without invulnerable guards. You shouldn't be allowed to hide in the open wor
  5. Not all changes are good for the genre. The current population of this game is not a PvP focused population, they are a point and objective based population that shuns PvP. I think the launch population will attract a lot more PvPers like myself who enjoy combat instead of point collection and ACE should start thinking about appealing more to who they advertise to.
  6. To not be AFK in a PvP game is a bad idea? It's a great idea, you just don't like PvP.
  7. Boost small scale PvP, boost the relevance of small guilds. Allow keeps to be raided. They should not be a house-hiding refuge during non siege times. Not only should the guards be killable, there should be a hole in the wall just like the current "bug" with castles. There should be a non guinea/fae entry point and it should be someone's job to watch it. Afking in a keep does nothing for the game, it makes new players that are uninterested in zerg guilds have further incentive to quit the game. Less content that reminds you of house hiding in other games. Get rid of keep hiding in
  8. PvP would be much more meaningful with stats that are meant for nothing other than gloating. A killboard showing gear the player is wearing or armor/damage numbers, color of vessel, players in party, etc would be awesome. https://albiononline.com/en/killboard/kill/200497447 In Albion we were able to pull from the API and do fun stuff like this: https://app.sigmacomputing.com/embed/2Fb3n6osB7MZ0psRKGqR6?name=Parallel This information was amazing as it helped us recruit. We could analyze a players habits and playstyle, etc. If certain players had access to some API
  9. This is a beautiful story that is well written and a warming perspective from the top player in Crowfall.
  10. You scrimmed us until we won 10 times in a row, then you had us banned from Zerobie's EK Erad.
  11. On the contrary, you didn't deserve a good response. I read what you wrote and I saw sources that usually you would make fun of. Most people say don't look at CrusaderW's stuff because it's poor information but it's the only information out there. Now that it benefits you to use him as an example you use it, in your internal circles I doubt you think it's good information. CrowBattles has taken place 1 time to my knowledge, some of the organizers told players it would be postponed if 6.4 went live. 6.4 went live, we were all playing the game the community hyped on us and you are all on te
  12. No one took the castle because of what I view as a massive "Non Aggression Pact" which most of the game seems to abide by. This is a PvP game. We took the castle and general chat erupted in insults/hostility. Someone posted on the forum how toxic taking the castle was and how this hurts the game. The castle ended up creating a massive siege that would not have taken place unless we took the castle. PvP last night would have been organized, NAP-friendly PvP. Sun/Moon have never reached out and said "hey Unparalleled guys, you should come scrimmage with us". When we see you guys fighting, we com
  13. Wait, so playing the game and claiming a castle is now toxic? Vending to other players is toxic? You are the toxicity. Reevaluate your words and thank me for creating content on a Saturday night.
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