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  1. Archers have too much range, too much sustain and do too much damage. Something needs to change.
  2. Please introduce a hellgate or arena. 5v5 or 6v6 combat is extremely important as it teaches fundamental combat to players which encourages player retention. If players understand the game and are not just getting ganked they will be more likely to continue playing and invest long term. New players do not have the best settings to learn all of their cooldown rotations and group dynamics. Sky Point has a lot of zergs or only some 5v5s. 5v5/6v6 composes a zerg, if players are not good in a group together, how can they be good as a zerg? To test popularity of 5v5, please make the ability to enable PvP on a specific tile in an EK. This would allow players to create public arena EKs that could be more easily managed. Making an entire EK PvP makes the process of training new players that much harder as they get ganked. There is no where for them to come into the game and learn without joining a mega guild and those guilds do not often duel. Players like myself want to make public EKs that have 24/7 dueling arenas for players to practice without a 3rd party. I understand you can make an entire EK PvP enabled, I know I am saying this again. When we had full EK PvP enabled people were just getting ganked on the public EKs. Private EKs are not easy for new players to find.
  3. Pretty sure I know a ponytail when I see one.
  4. No offense or anything but the amount of posts you have on this forum means you probably do not even PvP bud. You need every possible barrier to entry for new players to compete on your level because you have 6+ years invested in the beta. We are talking about expanding the game beyond playing with the same 12 nerds, which is a goal of yours but history has proven the opinions on this forum have successfully repelled a good deal of people from this game.
  5. You're still taking away from the topic, which is what all the other pro-zerg arguments are doing. None of you seem to understand that a zerg is built around 5-6 man parties. How are these parties going to practice outside of zergs? Zergs teach bad manners in this game for the micro actions in macro warfare, that is all I am saying. I see a bunch of "MOVE HERE PRESS BUTTON". I do not see the complex fights in Crowfall that I see at the lowest tiers of zerg warfare in Albion. New players won't just go to EKs to do this, some will and they are a minority.
  6. If the game has 5% of the success that these guys are heralding, we will have a zone lock war just like in Albion. So yeah, handshake fights should be a thing dude. We did 5v5 for territories in Albion by using ZvZ to launch. That was some of the best open world combat I ever saw.
  7. "Im here for fights that are about comp, gear, numbers, tactics, called targets, being able to press my buttons right is part of it but not all of it." - I doubt you will get this part of the equation without a way of obtaining 5v5 combat outside of an EK. An EK is an instance. Players go to EKs to get these fights, why can't it just be part of the game.
  8. Full circle. If you want to see those kinds of numbers this game will need to add 5v5. If not, the game will be boring and inactive and 5 man guilds will win campaigns. Yes, without 5v5 I am sure we will do the above.
  9. You are talking to guy who won a campaign with a ~5 man guild. In your own definition I am superior to you at this game. The view from the top gets pretty lonely so I am looking for 5v5 content because I LOVE the mechanics of this game. I think 5v5 content would actually make better zerg warfare, as it will teach everyone how to play so much better. It would make me want to take small guilds and beat zergs over and over because people would know every possible cool down from training in 5's.
  10. Again, more Non PvP talk coming out of that Non PvPing mouth. Nothing personal, bro. We all love you. I just think of you a Non PvP, non-competitive type player and you try to steer the direction of a conversation towards Non PvP. This probably isn't the thread for you. I am in a discord with a bunch of PvP players, we read your post and we're all like what is this guy even saying? It's either you are oblivious or you are being political. I think you are oblivious. I am just trying to defend you and I am saying you're from the World of Warcraft genre of gaming, you expect a digital theme park with no challenge. I understand. You are getting old, but this game isn't about old people or non pvpers. A lot of us want some PvP outside of the zerg window.
  11. Your definition of this game is World of Warcraft. Go play World of Warcraft. It's a non PvP game, much like how most of your views are directed.
  12. Most people are already in 1 big alliance of friends from alpha/beta. They fight in friendly ways. A lot of these guys are going to team up on any new emerging threats. Look at how the entire game will team up on people like Valeria or Spectre Legion, it's ridiculous how much hand holding happens against new alliances. I can only imagine history will keep repeating itself.
  13. Without some kind of 5v5 arena this game will continue to be filled with people who aren’t very good at the game. End game content is usually PvP in a PvP mmo but with a game filled with very little competition aside from creating a large alliance then most people will get bored and quit in a few months.
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