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  1. The Manor and Villa used to have slots but in some patch must have got borked.
  2. Quite a while ago, in my EK, there were spots to connect crafting stations in my Villas and Manors. They are not there now; only in Cottages and the Fort.
  3. You might consider the Old Timers Guild (OTG). We are in the process of switching forums from https://forum.oldtimersguild.com/ to https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/ . We will have an organized presence in Crowfall. Some members are in already, but the guild has yet to be set up in Crowfall. OTG’s motto is: Laid Back, Not Too Serious, No Drama, All About The Fun
  4. At the moment, for xs, s, m, l, xl, Estate is 1,1,0,0,0 Shire is 5,3,2,1,0. A crafting station is s, A cottage is m, A Villa and a Manor are l. A Manor has slots for 6 crafting stations, a Villa has slots for 3 crafting stations, a Cottage has 1 slot for a crafting station. ... all I know for now.
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