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  1. You have to understand also the chain cc is ridiculous and you can't retaliate after being chained then blinded when getting close there is just no way to fight back that 2v1 with the current servers lag. I know it's just alpha, but it seems a lot of people are abusing this combo.
  2. We all had to deal with it confessor and druid in the server grouping up because they know how stupid the cc they have together and how simple it is to do it. What my question is whether they will rework them or make longer cd on their cc or escape abilities because its ridiculous how easy it is for them to escape and heal and at same time just keep doing tons of damage to you if you are alone.
  3. I have never joined a guild before, but for this game I think I will be better off in one because of all the crafting, and I really like exploring new weapons and figuring out which type of damage will be better in a meta. In-game my name will be GhostBoyFu if anyone wants to play or contact me either email me (ghostboyfu@gmail.com) or find me in game or ask me in this thread if it's a teamspeak/discord type of group.
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